The kitchen is closing early tonight

It’s a little before 6pm on Monday and I’m closing my kitchen for the day! On Monday nights, I’m trying to take the Sweat Box class offered at my gym at 7:30 pm. This makes for a bit of a strange eating schedule, but is so worth it – this class rocks! 😀

I typically eat breakfast before work, then a snack around 11, workout at noon, lunch after that, mid-afternoon snack and dinner later at night. On Mondays, it’s all out of whack. My mid-morning snack usually gets eliminated as I patiently wait for lunch (if I bring it to work, I often dig in around 11:30) and then dinner is super early so I can digest before class. Today I went home for lunch to assemble a crock pot dinner, so it was ready for me at 5:20 when I got home. I hope it digests quickly – I got some sweating to do soon 😉


A maple cranberry goat cheese filled muffin (say that 10 times fast 😉 ), 1/2 cup of 4% cottage cheese and a sweet ripe persimmon + coffee



[408 calories]


TJ’s whole grain flax seed wrap with Laughing Cow wedge, 2 turkey slices and red grapes + fresh cauliflower, baby carrots and a few extra grapes :)


[271 calories]

Wrap close-up… I love this combo! Sweet + savory = delish 😀


Today’s photo-set up


Hardcore, I know! 😆


A handful of raisins from this little box


[~42 calories]

Hershey’s chocolate snacksters (from a very old stash – still good though :) )


[100 calories, duh]


Star ingredient: grass fed beef chuck stew meat


I did a little research for crock pot recipes and found this one from Cooking Light for beef daube provencal. This recipe was featured on their “All Time Best Recipes.” Sounded promising :mrgreen: There was quite a bit of prep-work but then I could leave for work and it cooked itself. Perfect!


The beef was super tender. I liked this… I don’t know about the best recipe ever, but both Adam and I enjoyed it :)


Dessert – 3 squares of the dark chocolate bar filled pear caramel (from my xmas stocking 😀 )


+ a little pack of roasted almonds (I think you’ve seen enough pics of them, right? 😆 )

[dinner = ~600 calories, all together]

Total calories consumed today: ~ 1500

Time to kick some butt!!!! What’s your favorite crock pot recipe? Hook me up, peeps! 😎

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