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Reaching out for motivation

January 20th, 2010 · 25 Comments · dessert, salad, snacks

I had rough start to my morning today. I was super tired; I’m already feeling the effects of not having a real kitchen… making coffee on a side table by the couch, with no real room to move around, is not my idea of fun. I love leisurely catching up on my emails and blog comments in the morning while drinking my coffee, and this “new” set-up is adding stress to my morning routine.

Don’t worry, I’m not here to vent… there is a good ending to this story :mrgreen:

So I got up this morning and made the quickest thing I could think of – a Zen Bakery blueberry mango cranberry bran muffin + coffee

As I was eating the muffin, I realized it was going to do nothing for my hunger, so I added about 1/2 cup of nonfat yogurt + a smear of Barney Butter to my plate. Perfect! :)

[all together – 336 calories]


Clif mojo mountain mix bar – I love these!! (Just ordered 2 boxes of it on Amazon so you’ll be seeing them a lot)

[180 calories]

So this was supposed to be my pre-workout snack, but when the workout time came – the food was still sitting like a rock in my stomach. :( I was so upset. I haven’t been to the gym in 2 days. I felt gross and bloated and didn’t want to go! The stomachache certainly didn’t help and the guilt coming from missing the spin class was growing. I felt so defeated. This is when my sister came to my rescue!! She happened to email me right around the same time and I asked for help. I knew she’s talk some sense into me, gently, and I got the exact pep talk I needed. She learned that I could still attend the bootcamp class at 1pm and told me to just go for it. It worked like magic!! 😀 The class was super challenging and helped me focus on my favorite thing – pushing my body to new levels of fitness. Why is it that I forget this amazing feeling sometimes and still need some convincing? After the bootcamp class, I also jumped on the treadmill for 15 minutes (I probably ran slowly for about 10 minutes and walked for 5). A few minutes of stretching and I was done. SO much better!! Thanks, Innz – you were my life savior today.


Mixed greens, cherry tomatoes, cucumber, roasted red peppers, baked tofu + hummus

[~285 calories]


Peppers, spinach and cauliflower (all frozen, microwaved for 2 minutes) + brown rice (pre-cooked), TJ’s grilled chicken in balsamic vinegar and rosemary + soy sauce and ginger. This was a yummy Asian dish with no kitchen required. :)

[234 calories]


[155 calories]

TJ’s blueberry instant oats + Barney Butter and nutella

I needed more calories but didn’t want to eat more junk. This was a great healthy “dessert.”

[346 calories]

Total calories consumed: 1567

Do you ever need to be convinced to work out? Do you reach out to family or friends for motivation?

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  • #1 - Maria

    I am glad your sister was able to help you out today. Good eats-especially with no kitchen!

  • #2 - Jenna Culbertson

    Sorry about the previous post. Not sure what happened. Anyway, what I wanted to say was your day helped to motivate me. And thanks for posting pictures. Your dinner looked very delicious.

  • #3 - Mimi (Damn the Freshman 15)

    Yeah, hurrah for the great workout! Sometimes, you gotta pimp the Nike slogan and Just Do It. I’m kind of giggling though–I’d planned to have that exact same dessert, just subbing the nutella for Dark Chocolate Dream!

  • #4 - Kate G.

    What a good sister :) mine is also motivating like that! Sorry about the kitchen situation, just keep envisioning the final results every time you get frustrated!!

  • #5 - sarah (the SHU box)

    those are one of my favorite bars, too!!! YUM!

  • #6 - Shannon

    I can motivate myself to go, but I might moan and groan about it all the way there on some days. I’m always glad I did it though!

    You sure do make nice looking dinner without a kitchen!

  • #7 - Sarah W.

    yay for working out! dairy gives me issues and after my late tues night dinner at The Melting Pot (so delicious going down!), I spent most of yesterday in PAIN. bloated and in pain. I definately took OFF from the gym – I really wanted to go, but knew it wouldn’t be a good workout feeling like I did – I also knew I had worked out for 5 days in a row so it’s all good

    mmmmmmmm nutella!!!!!!!!! I had some with soy ice cream last night – maybe oatmeal would have been smarter 😉

  • #8 - sister inna

    hey — you motivated me too! i had the best spin class i’ve had yet 😀 thanks for inspiring me to go with your little spinning story! also, i think this new water bottle is making me super-hydrate i just felt so fast + powerful

  • #9 - Sophie @ yumventures

    I think the best motivation is to have someone there for you! My boyfriend and I both work out on the same day schedule, but at different times (he gets out earlier than I do from class). If one of us is thinking of skipping a day, the other one says what we are going to do at the gym that day, and it helps pump each other up to go and get it done!

  • #10 - Cristina

    I use for logging my runs, walks and other fitness activities. I find the site itself to be very motivating. I love seeing how many miles I’ve logged over the course of one week, and so far I’m at 9 miles!

    dailymile profile:

  • #11 - Joanne

    I absolutely hate that when you lose the motivation to work out.
    That happened to me this morning. I set out with Shane (my dog) on a short run, and thought – hey I feel good.
    Shane stopped to pee and when I started up again, my legs lost their life. In a split second, the enthusiasm was gone. What the heck happened? The only thing that kept me going was that Shane likes to run, get it over with so we can get home and play ball.
    Good thing you had your sister!

  • #12 - Diana @ frontyardfoodie

    Those tomatoes on that salad look so good! They make me miss summer!

  • #13 - Elina

    Mimi – yeah, just do it is definitely the right attitude sometime… especially since once I get there, it’s usually enjoyable. Oh and I almost had it with dark chocolate dreams. Too funny.

    Shannon – everyone definitely has days like that. I think getting there is most of the time majority of the battle.

    Sarah W – it’s definitely important to listen to your body. My stomachache went away so I was just feeling lazy and sorry for myself – a good pep talk is all I needed. I hope you enjoyed your rest day, despite the stomach issues! 😀

    Innz – good to know I motivated you back 😉 I need to buy that water bottle asap!

    Sophie – yeah, I think a person physically there to motivate you (or drag you there, hehe) is definitely the best. It’s pretty cool you have such a great support system with your bf.

    Christina – I’m going to check out that site. I just keep a regular spreadsheet with my workouts. This seems more high tech :)

    Joanne – isn’t it weird sometimes? At least Shane made you complete your run 😀

    Diana – I know! I miss summer too with all the fresh produce from the farmers market :(

  • #14 - Good Taste. Healthy Me

    Gah I always need convincing!! Once I’m at the gym I go all out and really push myself…it’s just GETTING there.

  • #15 - Evan Thomas

    When I don’t feel like working out, I think foward to how good I’ll feel afterwards.
    I love that you ordered them off of Amazon you enjoyed the Mojo so much, haha

  • #16 - Diana (Soap & Chocolate)

    Holy crap, just caught up on the kitchen progress and I did not fully grasp the extent of the reno til just now. GUTTED! Can’t wait to see the finished product, wow. Hang in there! :)

  • #17 - Bridget

    Yay for your sister!! Thats awesome. So next time I need a kick in the pants to go workout I’ll email you!? :)

  • #18 - RunToTheFinish

    I still don’t know how you have energy on the low calories you eat.

    So glad your sis came through with motivating words

  • #19 - Elina

    Bridget – yes, email me!! I usually know the right thing to say… it just doesn’t always work on ME 😉

    Amanda – I’m like a camel – a few high calorie days and I store it for days to come 😆 No really, it’s about eating satisfying low cal foods. I am never hungry when I’m below my limit!

  • #20 - Lara (Thinspired)

    Ok, I am so behind on your blog that I have no idea what’s going on with your kitchen. Must go back.
    I’m really inspired that you made your workout happen. I know exactly what you mean about forgetting exactly how good it feels. I had my first REAL (i.e. not walking) workout of the YEAR today and it felt fantastic!

  • #21 - Carly

    What a great eating day for you :)

    I love that you at a Mojo… that’s actually how I first stumbled across your blog by google image searching Clif Mojo to decide if I wanted to buy them or not!

    My motivation is usually my husband. I have no problem in that department in the morning, but I HATE going after work – which is the case 4 days/wk. So, I give him a call and say “I don’t feel like going to the gym” and he is like “go, you always feel better after a workout” OR he will meet me there :)

  • #22 - Liz

    That’s great that you have someone who can be encouraging without being too pushy!

    I remember a while back you posted about the frozen TJ’s Indian food. Have you tried any of the shelf-stable ones? I’ve never had Indian food so I’m not sure what to expect lol

    And I’ve been craving truffles ever since you posted about your class. Yum! The best truffle I have ever eaten was made by someone in Ryan’s office. I think I should not learn to make them because I know I would not be able to control myself!

  • #23 - Gina

    i just had the clif mountain mix last week for the first time, soo yummy!

  • #24 - The Healthy Apple

    Yummy salad; that looks fabulous!

  • #25 - Elina

    Lara – congrats! … and glad to have you back 😉

    Carla – that’s too funny. I still love them as you can see! 😀

    Liz – I *think* I’ve had the shelf stabilized stuff and wasn’t impressed but I’m actually not sure.