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R.I.P. toenail

January 13th, 2010 · 27 Comments · breakfast, dessert, Italian, pasta, running, side dishes, snacks, soups

I lost a little friend today – a toenail on my right foot :( This guy became a casualty during my running this summer when I starting increasing my mileage – he was black, he was ugly and he was hanging on for his life. This morning I woke up and he was gone :( RIP toenail. I’m gonna miss you!! 😉

I kept the rest of my toenails in tact, with some pilates and nutritious eats :)


Egg whites, cheese and bacon on a FFL english muffin + coffee



[308 calories]


Ellie Krieger nutty sweet potato soup


[290 calories]

Eaten while on a conference call to make sure I have enough fuel for pilates.


IMG_0379 IMG_0380

[280 calories]


[120 calories]

+ a Hershey’s chocolate almond bar (unpictured). I don’t know why, but these are my guilty pleasure. I really wanted chocolate so I hit up the vending machine. I hope to keep these incidents to the minimum. 😀 [210 calories]


We have a few more days with our old kitchen so we’re trying to use up everything we have in the fridge that we won’t be able to cook once construction starts. Today’s dinner was easy and super delicious!

Nuovo portabella & fontina ravioli with peas and vodka sauce + roasted cauliflower


The ravioli was delicious! I love fresh made pasta. These were not only yummy but very pretty – great for a meal for company that can be made in less than 10 minutes! (the ravioli took 4 minutes to cook once the water boiled).


The roasted cauliflower was pretty awesome too (even Adam loved it even though he wasn’t excited about this addition to dinner beforehand). I roasted it for about 20 minutes at 450*. Easy peasy 😆


[~350-400 calories]

Then the snacking began 👿 I swear, every time I watch the Biggest Loser, I eat! How screwed up is that?!! I had a packet of almonds and 4 squares of chocolate. I wanted to continue going but realized that there was absolutely nothing I was craving and that I wasn’t hungry, so I forbid myself from going back to the kitchen. Crisis (kind of) averted. 😀

Total calories consumed: over 2,000. It’s still a work in progress, obviously. At least my workouts have their luster back 😉

Have you ever had exercise related injuries… or lost soldiers? 😆

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  • #1 - Shannon

    i have lost quite a few 😉 well, maybe 3 or 4?

    dinner looks fabulous, i can’t wait to try making my own pasta! and i’ve done that with biggest loser before… oops :/

  • #2 - Estela @ Weekly Bite

    Sorry to hear about the toe nail… I’ve lost a few along the way…

    Have a great day :)

  • #3 - KellyB

    I’m so happy to hear I’m not the only one who snacks while watching the Biggest Loser, thats why I can’t watch the show AT ALL. I don’t know what happens, I’m sitting there all full and happy and then I just start going back and forth to the kitchen, eating mindlessly. UGH!!
    I love roasted cauliflower, its also good with some parm cheese sprinkled on it when its done cooking.

  • #4 - Jesse

    At least it was the littlest toenail! No one really notices if that one is gone, splash a little paint on where it should be and good to go!

    I struggle in my own apartment because my kitchen = my living room = my den = my workspace… disaster. Any tips on how to deal with that situation when food is literally feet away at any given moment?

  • #5 - Lauren

    Roasting cauliflower is the BEST way to cook it!

    I broke my leg playing soccer and screwed up my knee pretty badly while performing leg presses at the gym. I never had it looked at, and it still acts up from time to time when I run/jog.

  • #6 - sister inna

    poor lil guy :( so is it never going to grow back now?

  • #7 - Heather @ (The Single Dish)

    I have lost a few toenails myself from running! And my knees hurt, trying to work on running now and being injury-free! Your dinner looks great.

  • #8 - Eve

    First of all your dinner looks delicious! I love fresh ravioli, so yummy. And roasted cauliflower, who knew it would be so tasty! Just a comment – lunch and all your afternoon snacks were mostly carbohydrates and some fat, I find that my clients end up snacking more and snacking at night when they are low in protein. So I would make a greater effort to get more protein in at your lunch and afternoon snack, see if that helps! It’s certainly a work in progress. And it’s great that you still kept track of all the calories even though it was over b/c you will learn from it.

  • #9 - Good Taste. Healthy Me

    Luckily no exercise related injuries. My knee has been bothering me but I think that was pre-workout time. Hopefully it’s nothing bad!

  • #10 - Kelly

    Wow. I had no idea how common losing a toe nail was. No casualities for me. :-)

  • #11 - Dawn (HealthySDLiving)

    Awww I’m so sorry about your toenail–I’ve gone through that as well!
    Mmm all of your eats look delish! I’m the total opposite. I always snack but when I turn on BL all I want to do is workout! I wish they had a chanel that played it 24/7 haha

  • #12 - Evan Thomas

    Haha, I have a toenail on his way out. I don’t expect it to be pretty

  • #13 - Elina

    Shannon – I want to try making my own pasta one day too. I saw it on tv the other day, and it looks so easy!

    KellyB- it’s strange how that’s a trigger show, huh? Adding parm to the cauliflower sounds amazing. I’m definitely doing that next time! 😀

    Jesse – unfortunately it was not the little toenail – it’s the one right next to the big toe. I need to paint the rest of them now, because it is too obvious with my super dark nail polish. 😳

    Innz – I’m not sure. I hope so. They say to wear foot wear that will help it grow and it will come back in 6-9 months, but since I’m about to start training for another half marathon, I don’t know if it has no choice of survival :(

    Eve – I’m tracking my total protein intake and it has been in the recommended range. I may shoot you an email; not sure what’s going on these days with extreme hunger in the afternoon. Oh and yes, I’m actually really proud of continuing to count calories despite the fact that I already knew I was over. I used to just write the whole day off but that’s not a good idea.

    Kelly – yeah, I was hoping proper shoes would avoid that problem, but I guess it is quite common for long distance runners. Kinda gross 😆

    Dawn – Maybe you can record it and play your own reruns? lol 😉

    Evan – haha, nicely put.

  • #14 - Diana @ frontyardfoodie

    dang! Lost toenail!? That’s never happened to me and I hope it’s not to awful!

  • #15 - Julie

    I’ve lost enough to fill a foot by now, but things have gotten better since my body has become accustomed to running over the past 3.5 years. I think better-fitting shoes have helped.

  • #16 - Carrie @ I See Monsters

    I always eat during The Biggest Loser! I’ve found that I can avoid “mindless snacking” by delaying my dinner a little bit and then eat it during the show. Then I am eating, but it’s good, nutritious food instead of junk. (Living in Central time makes this easier, since it starts at 7pm here!)

  • #17 - Mae

    Your poor toenail!!! Ahh! Haha my ankle is sort’ve a casualty- it stopped working in March :-(

  • #18 - Jena

    Great dinner!!

  • #19 - Shannon

    I’ve never lost a toenail. Poor little toe! I did hurt my quad last summer and had to stop running for about a month. But new shoes and a foam roller helped a lot.

    God for you for catching yourself and stopping the snacking midsteam. I have a hard time stopping once I get going. But I’ve gotten much better at it.

  • #20 - Cari

    Have you tried the dark chocolate Hershey almond bars? They are so good!

    I have lost a toenail before and it hurts so, so bad :( It did come back just fine though :)

  • #21 - Tiffany

    I lost more than a fair share of toe nails when I was dancing, because I have Peasant feet and as such, when I danced all of my toes squished together and frequently bruised/died. Let’s just say point toe shoes can do some damage to your little piggies.

    No biggie, though. Mine all grew back :)

  • #22 - Diana (Soap & Chocolate)

    Yikes! A whole toenail gone? That must feel really weird! Or maybe I have an overactive imagination. I just know it feels super weird if I cut my nails so short so feel like it would be all tingly all the time or something. Hope it’s not uncomfortable!

  • #23 - Dominique

    I lost a toenail just a little over a week ago! On my left foot though…the littlest one and I’m not even a runner so I don’t know what caused it. I figured something was up when there was something poking at me through my sock. It’s happened to me before (several summers ago with a mirror frame at Old Navy *shakes fist*). It’ll grow back–eventually.

    Your dinner looks super delicious tonight. I’m used to roasting broccoli but will have to give cauliflower a go one day. I don’t know if you addressed this before, but does Adam not mind eating meat for dinner? I’m trying to get my family into the idea of going veggie at least once or twice a week but am having a hard time.

  • #24 - sophia

    I’ve lost my toenail numerous times! Once, my friend stepped on it with heels, and it split open. And a couple of times, I was playing with it (bored), and accidentally ripped it off. How, I have no idea.

  • #25 - Elina

    Cari – I’ve never tried the dark chocolate Hershey’s. Sounds delicious :)

    Tiffany – I didn’t know you used to dance!! Pretty cool.

    Diana – it actually doesn’t hurt. It did when it was bruised but it was basically dead for a while, trying to hang on, so it just fell off. I find it funny talking about my gross toenail so much 😆 But yeah, just looks ugly!

    Dominique – ouch. I stumble on things all time too. Hate that! Glad to hear it grew back. I want to wear open toe shoes by summertime!! Re: veg dinners – Adam used to resist it at first, but I try to make vegetarian dinners that are still hearty and delicious so he likes them just the same. We really switched to more veg dinners after seeing Food Inc. and deciding to not eat non-organic meat (and since it’s so expensive, something had to give). I really do think that anyone can truly enjoy a vegetarian meal if it’s made right. Keep fighting the good fight. 😀

    Sophia – eek, quite the visual 😆

  • #26 - Dominique

    My BF and I recently watched Food Inc. and I’m happy to report that he’s on board with me about switching to all organic meats, eggs and dairy when we move in together later this year. I already eat organic as much as I can, 100% dairy and chicken and have gotten my family into that habit as well. Veggie dinners will take some more getting used to though…they’re more apt to have veggie meals for lunch rather than dinner.

  • #27 - Miriam

    The pasta plate looks so good!! Hum… now I am hungry!!