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January 5th, 2010 · 25 Comments · chicken, Indian

I have one picture (well technically 2) to show you today – my frozen dinner. I know, I’m quite the food blogger! 😉


Here is a box of this delicious dinner of TJ’s chicken tikka masala. I’m not exaggerating when I say that this is nearly restaurant quality, for way less calories (due to the small portion)! I am looking forward to satisfying my craving for this favorite “Indian” dish of mine without a night out and thousands of calories consumed. Awesome!


In all seriousness, there are 2 reasons why you’re only seeing this pathetic meal instead of a healthy home cooked version.

1) I couldn’t find my camera in my purse today. Yes, I actually did bring it to work but I thought I forgot it so I didn’t snap any pictures all day long. Boo me. Again, no blogger of the year awards for sure here!

2) Today was just tough. I started the morning with a healthy breakfast of an english muffin with Barney Butter, cherry preserves and kiwi and it kind of went downhill from there. I was hungry all morning. I finally dug into my snack (which I usually have around 11, but today it was at 10) – a cranberry/goat cheese muffin. This wasn’t enough, I was still starving. About 30 minutes later I had a mini pack of somersaults and then a pack of YouTrailMix. Bad, bad idea. This resulted in a stomachache that lasted for hours and prevented me from going for a run during the lunch break. After finally having a healthy lunch of leftover beef provencal later in the day (which resulted in yet another stomachache), a craving for cookies hit. I tried to ignore it but it wouldn’t go away. I wrote a note to myself in my journal. It was quite inspiring. Today wasn’t wasted yet, I could turn this around. Half hour later I had a pack of organic oreos. 30 minutes after that I had 2 cookies from Paradise Bakery (what I actually wanted all afternoon). No gym today.

Total calories consumed: 2253.

So yeah, it was a tough day, after which I just didn’t have the energy or the desire to cook an elaborate meal. I actually considered skipping dinner but that seemed like deprivation and I really don’t want to go down that line. I basically had 2 cookies too many. Not the end of the world, and I’m very well aware of this. Tomorrow is a new day, and I will stay within my range. Seriously, those 8 pounds are coming off me, whether they want to or not (I think they do actually 😆 ).

Do some days just seem harder for you stay healthy? Do you give in or try to stay strong?

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  • #1 - Meghan@traveleatlove

    I got home late and had cheese, crackers, and TJs maple cookies for dinner. With wine. Tough days happen and you will recover and be back on track tomorrow!

  • #2 - Shannon

    some days are DEFINITELY harder than others… love your grapes in the turkey wrap yesterday :) and that chocolate! you were probably starvin this morning b/c of your kick-@ss workout last night!

    i’ve been having canned soup for lunch the past few days… it was in my cupboard, and i feel i should use it. probably should’ve just donated it, but at least it’s not going to waste… leaves a little something to be disired though and that usually turns against me :/

  • #3 - Nobel4Lit

    Yes, some days are hard. I got up at 5 AM to do a 30-min weight/ab/calysthenics blast before showering, 9+ hr work-day, came back to run 6 miles, and did more work at home. I just started a new job, and the schedule is making it tough to get out there, but I KNOW I must, because the last time I let work keep me away from the gym, I put on at least 5 lb. So although sickening and being around hotel food all day, I am determined to work out every day and make decent food choices. Yes, this might mean doing weird things like splitting my workout in two or skipping meals sometimes, but in the end, I don’t think any of that is bad as long as the willpower is there. Sorry about the long reply… obviously this is a pertinent topic to me.

  • #4 - Ally

    Elina, chin up! I hope this will put things into perspective:

    A 5’7, 140 pound woman, who is LIGHTLY active three times per week, needs about 1900 calories a day to maintain weight. Plus, you’d have to consume an extra 500 calories EVERY DAY to gain a measly pound in a week! So you ate a bit more today-so what? You work your booty a lot, and you don’t do that every day, so who cares? Enjoy your cookies and get to the gym tomorrow!

    Obviously, everyone’s different, but I hope this sort of makes you think-I used to think I’d gain week after one day of bad eating, but that is definitely not the case! You’re spot on – you can always change things, you can always turn things around!

  • #5 - Ally

    ^Crap. I meant to say, “you work your booty a lot, and you don’t eat badly every single day.”

    oops :)

  • #6 - Kirsten

    I have to say those cookies from Paradise are just about the best thing ever! I don’t think anyone could resist them! Don’t worry too much :)

  • #7 - Elina

    Meghan – sounds like a good dinner to me :) You are right, back to normal tomorrow. No sweat!

    Shannon – maybe that’s it – that workout kicked my butt. Once again I was walking like an old lady on Tuesday. My body probably needed the rest… not the cookies though. I hate the feeling of being unsatisfied with what you had. Hope that soup is gone soon 😉

    Nobel4Lit – wow, you have some strength in you, girl! I definitely say screw exercise when I have such a schedule. I hope this doesn’t last too long – you don’t want to burn out.

    Ally – I know, I know. I’m actually not too concerned about going over in calories. I still think I would have eaten way more if I wasn’t counting calories these days, so I’m sure I’m doing better than I could be. It was just a tough day, because the other 3 were almost easy. Everything seemed to just make sense and I thought I somehow changed. Apparently some days are just harder. Next time I’ll stay away from the cookies, so that I don’t give in every time.

    Kirsten – that’s the problem!! They are too good :)

  • #8 - Shannon

    I know days like that! But, as I have to remind myself, we eat healthy far more than we don’t. That’s more than most people can say, unfortunately. Today will be better, and whether those 8 pounds budge or not, you look great!

    And as an aside….Paradise Bakery has the very best cookies ever!!! They also have a cream cheese brownie that is to die for. It’s a good thing I don’t live/work near the Pru!

  • #9 - KellyB

    Been there, done that, but you still inspire us. I got on the scale yesterday at WW and have 9 pounds to loose to be back at goal, the last two month were fun, but got to get back to having my clothes feel good. Back to writing it all down — seems to really help when I do that!!

  • #10 - MelissaNibbles

    We all have those days. I wouldn’t worry about it. It will all balance out since you eat a very healthy diet consistently.
    Today will be a better day :)

  • #11 - Diana @ frontyardfoodie

    Sometimes you need a slip to show yourself how important it is to have discipline. I love that you’re not afraid to post it.

    You can do this!

  • #12 - Rachel

    Must have been a “need cookies NOW” kind of day. I had one too! 3 Mrs. Fields cookies were consumed on the 4 block drive from CVS to my dance studio. I wish I could say that was the end of it… But, when I got home from dance I made myself a brownie sundae. Oh well! Today is another day!

  • #13 - Evan Thomas

    I never would have guessed that frozen meal would be good but thank you for telling me so because now I’ll have to give it a try!

  • #14 - Kelly

    You are highlighting the exact reason why I center my posts around recipes and not around my entire daily intake…I would screw up way too much and probably feel burdened.

    Some days are definitely harder although I do find that once I settle into a routine its easier. I also have enough flexibility in what I’m doing that if I make a little splurge I don’t get the emotion that I’ve destroyed the entire day and go into binge mode. For me having a plan is key. For example, yesterday there was some tempting ice cream hanging around the office, but I’d already planned to have a glass of wine so when I weighed the two the wine later was much more appealing.

  • #15 - Nicole (dishin')

    I think you’re definitely on the right track and some days we just eat a little more than others. I’m just catching up on your posts from over the holidays and see that you’re counting calories again. I am too, somewhat informally but I would also like to lose about 10 lbs. I gained 5-7 in 2009 and that’s gotta change. Hopefully we can help each other. I joined CEiMB today so hopefully that will kick up my healthy meals!!

  • #16 - sister inna

    i have been trying to think of the whole healthy eating experience in terms of weeks not days. you just had 2 days of awesome ( although kinda low calorie) eats. im sure you will have a bunch more ‘good days’ before the end of the week.
    and — even if you end up having a bad week every once in a while — it all evens out because you have so many more healthy ones.
    i am considering going to TJs tonight thanks to that review. is the chicken organic? i can’t see it on the box…

  • #17 - Elina

    Shannon – 1) you’re right; 2) thank you 😉 ; 3) those cookies are ridiculous. Once I have it in my head that I want some, it’s really hard to shake it off, and I work right in the building so I don’t even have the deterrent of the cold weather right now!

    KellyB – the annoying thing is that I don’t feel like I had all this fun during the holiday season. This has been my problem for so long – gaining weight from stupid stuff. I wish I just let loose and gained the same weight – at least then it would make sense! Good luck with journaling again. I think it makes a huge difference!

    Melissa – today is already a better day! 😀

    Rachel – haha, must have been something in the air 😆

    Evan – I would never try something like that, but my husband bought it for himself and raved about it, so I tried it too. Delicious!

    Kelly – I definitely see the appeal of doing it your way, but for me right now it’s actually helping to “journal” everything. Keeps me accountable :) I love how you made the choice to forgo the ice cream for some wine. It makes it easier when you break it down like that – it’s about choices; you can’t have both and expect great results!

    Nicole – yay for CEiMB. This week’s recipe looks awesome. I can’t wait. Good luck with your weight loss efforts. Healthier cooking is definitely makes it easier!

    Innz – I like that thinking. I honestly am not upset about the extra calories – it was more about the stomachaches and unbalanced eating. Hopefully by the end of the week I will be proud of my efforts overall (and the scale will show some results). The chicken is not organic. I never eat non-organic meat at home, but I figured that restaurant chicken is usually not organic either and this satisfied my craving for less calories and nearly the same taste.

  • #18 - Mae

    You are doing fine and you will be right back tomorrow. If it makes you feel better, I stopped at my Grandma’s on the way to the gym and was snacking on pretzels. She made me take the bag with me (she’s so sweet… next thing I know she’ll be buying them in bulk becuase she knows I like them)
    I was hungry on the road so I proceeded to eat about 4-5 servings hahaaha SODIUM OVERLOAD! I was chugging water all day!
    The only good part was that they were a white carb (I know this doesn’t seem great…) but at least I didn’t get a belly ache like I do when I overdo sugar or fat.
    But I do wish they were cookies instead of pretzels hahaha. :)

  • #19 - Jena

    I love TJs frozen meals!!
    It’s okay girl everyone has those days. Just get back on track tomorrow :)

  • #20 - Carly

    Some days are SUPER tough… I can’t fight the sweet cravings. When they are starting to get bad, I usually give in just a little (I always keep mini, individually wrapped chocolates around). Usually one piece is enough to get me over the hump. And some days, I’ll go home, eat chocolate, eat cookies, and get mad at myself. It happens to us all. Think of it this way… you have had SEVERAL good days this week so far. ONE bad one won’t kill you. Get back on track tomorrow, so when the next bad day comes (as it always does), you have already balanced yourself out with some awesome days and awesome workouts. Hit the gym hard tomorrow, and forgive yourself :)

  • #21 - Kitchen action

    […] Quite the food blogger […]

  • #22 - Dominique

    We all have those bad days. I just had one of those and blogged about it a few days ago. My bad days are usually due to boredom so I try to keep myself busy–even if that means three blog updates in one day! Don’t worry about today…there’s always tomorrow to make up for it.

    One thing I’ve learned about my cravings is that I have to satisfy them instead of eating everything else but that craving, because I know I’ll still want it anyway. So for me, if I want a few chips, I’ll eat them (there’s too much sodium in them for me to want more than a few now anyway) and then I’m satisfied. If I tried to avoid them and ate something healthy instead (like a pear or an apple), I know I’d just end up eating those chips eventually.

    And now I kinda want some potato chips. Oi.

  • #23 - Lara (Thinspired)

    We’ve all been there, Elina! I am impressed that you stopped to write in your journal, and glad that it helped a bit. This is all a learning process, and I think talking about it on our blogs, etc is helpful in that process.
    Remember if you ever want to talk, I really do mean it when I say I am here! I think we have had a lot of the same experiences and I can’t wait until we can visit in person. In the meantime, email is good, too! And hey, you can’t type and eat 😉

  • #24 - Elina

    Mae – I don’t wish any food frustrations on anyone, but I appreciate that you shared your story. At least you saved some calories by eating pretzels, not cookies 😀

    Jena – this is the first TJ’s frozen meal I’ve ever had and I was impressed :)

    Carly – I’ve been mostly healthy for 6 days. I think I DO have a lot to be proud of! I’m quite happy with myself right now.

    Dominique – I usually try to only eat things that are truly satisfying because of the exact reason you note. I thought I could trick myself with some healthier/lower calorie oreos and a strong mind, but clearly not. Good reminder!

    Lara – sounds like a challenge 😉 I really appreciate the offer, I know you will understand!

  • #25 - Annabel @

    Some days being “healthy” feels like the most unhealthy thing to do. this whole health business is a freakin’ sphinx to me sometimes. but every day is another day to crack the code, eh?