Lights out

Our electric company, NStar ( 👿 ) disconnected the power to our condo today. Apparently, their records stated that apartment 1 (which is us) is our upstairs neighbors… so we’ve been paying their bill since August!!! Yeah, not cool. Not cool. This means we have no lights, no heat, no appliances and no internet (since the router is not working). I’m still at work (it’s past 10 pm) so I’ll only feel it at night when I’m freezing my butt off, but unfortunately that also means no real post today (I can’t upload pics at work).

Hopefully this mess is cleared out by tomorrow… and hopefully our hundreds of dollars of groceries do not spoil. Again… 👿

In other news, have you bid on some baked goods for Haiti today? I think I won THREE different things. I’m all for satisfying my sweet tooth while helping a good cause. 😉

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