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Kitchen limbo

January 18th, 2010 · 14 Comments · dessert, product reviews, random favorites, snacks

So you guys know Adam and I spent the majority of our Sunday emptying out our current kitchen and setting up a temporary one. We not only did that, but moved our dining room table right into our “living room space” (read: directly in front of the couch), piled the chairs around it, moved our car from our parking spot to the street so that our contractors can park in our spot and have easy access to the dumpster… we have never been more ready for anything before. And guess what? Our contractor made a scheduling mistake and set our project start date to tomorrow!!! Basically, our condo already looks like it’s “under construction” except the construction hasn’t started. So annoying. 👿 I hope this is the last mistake they make, otherwise this is going to be quite miserable (they got great reviews online so I’m not losing hope yet).

Before I found out that nobody was coming, I made myself an egg, cheese & bacon for BREAKFAST. Since our pans are all packed up, I microwaved the bacon for 40 seconds, then 1 egg + 1 egg white for 1 minute, topped them with a slice of American cheese (another 10 seconds) and plopped them on a toasted FFL english muffin. This reminded me of the breakfast sammies you get at Dunkin Donuts – I guess because they microwave all the fillings as well. Not great but will do in a pinch. The hearty english muffin was very satisfying.

[343 calories]

Then we were off to pick a granite slab for our counters

Granite, granite everywhere!

We still couldn’t make a choice. Nothing was perfect :(


After hours of granite related activities, Adam and I were both starving. The Cheesecake Factory was an easy way to get some fuel in us so we could keep on going. I do NOT trust their menu (see this very old post with a link to their nutritional info) so I always order the same exact thing when I’m there – the Weight Management Asian chicken saladgrilled chicken, romaine, snow peas, carrots, bean sprouts, crispy noodles, almonds and sesame seeds, served with a low-cal sesame soy dressing. Despite the embarrassing name, it is actually delicious and compared to its peers – relatively harmless (especially if you don’t eat the whole thing).

The salad was GIGANTIC. I asked Adam to take a picture of me just so you could see that it was wider than I am!!!

I ate maybe half of it (maybe less) + a little slice of their honey wheat bread (no butter).

[1/2 salad + slice of bread ~ 331 calories] Adam got a cashew chicken dish that we later found out was 1,800 calories. See why I always stick to the same exact thing?!!

On the way to the kitchen faucet store (isn’t our life just so exciting?!) I munched on this Healthy and Sane trail mix. It was my chocolate fix for the moment.

[200 calories]

And then we decided to stop by the Whole Foods in Dedham to stock up on some groceries.

OMG, I was in heaven!!!!! This is the nicest WF I’ve seen outside of Austin. It’s giant, gorgeous and has so many specialty sections – like a bulk salt/spice section with salts from different parts of the world and these ones…

… a local products/specials aisle!

a lunch box food aisle!

This was perfect for picking up some individual packaged baked goods. Hopefully it helps with portion control in the office and will prevent trips to the vending machine for Hershey bars (eww).

DINNER was leftover olive pizza and a few cookies from my new WF loot. I’m in love already 😀

[50 calories]

Only 30 calories/macaroon and they are amazing!! They also are made with 6 simple ingredients (one of which is filtered water!). Could these be my new-found secret to staying slim while enjoying baked goods? I think these may just do the trick! 😎

Total calories consumed: ~1650

What healthy foods have you recently found that you are super excited about?

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  • #1 - Erin (Travel, Eat, Repeat)

    I’m going to have to look for those macaroons because I love having a little something sweet after dinner. And that salad is the biggest I’ve ever seen — amazing!

  • #2 - One Healthy Apple

    I’m amazed at how huge the portions are at Cheesecake Factory! I’m also amazed at how people get through them when they eat there.

    I guess the fun thing about being pushed out of your kitchen is getting goodies at Whole Foods! I would give up my kitchen in a snap!

  • #3 - Shannon

    Looks like you made some great headway this weekend in the kitchen remodel!

    I get to go to the Dedham Whole Foods tonight….it’s the best!

  • #4 - Cristina

    Last year, my boyfriend and I watched a show called “100 Mile Challenge”. The challenge itself challenged residents of Mission BC Canada to eat food within 100 miles, and all had to be local. All imported food that was outside the 100 miles was forbidden.

    For salad greens, I like Olivia’s Organics. In fact, it’s a local salad! It’s from Chelsea, MA and I’m in the greater Boston area. I love finding local foods that… well, I know where the food is coming from. It’s important to me. Also it’s important for me to try and eat organic.

  • #5 - MelissaNibbles

    I got a talking to for taking pics in that Whole Foods. Glad you fared better :)

  • #6 - Sophie @ yumventures

    Those macaroons looks awesome – and so great that they are gluten-free! I have recently re-discovered my love for bananas, a simple health food, but I forgot how filling they are! I eat one for breakfast with almonds :)

  • #7 - sister inna

    i guess those cookies were from the “local” section? i’ve never seen either brand at my WF :(
    everything looks delish (again) hehe

  • #8 - Evan Thomas

    I looove the dedham whole foods. It’s one of the few places I know that sells nutritional yeast in bulk and I’m grabbing a pound next time I’m there. The vanilla bean sugar is also really good

  • #9 - Miriam

    I am jealous of your whole food store… It’s giant!! I might go down south to the us just to make a stop there 😉

    The food I just discovered recently is Labneh cheese, it is a lebanese cheese made with yogurt, it is pretty light (I have to find out how much % fat there is in there, I buy it in “vrac” (bulk?) so there is no nutritional value, anyone who knows?) and taste good on everything! :)

  • #10 - Mae @ OhhMay

    The macaroons looks delicious and I love that whole foods! Granite shopping with my mom was so much fun… each piece is so unique.
    We ended up getting the same counter Angela from Oh She Glows has!! :-)

  • #11 - Elina

    One Healthy Apple – I’m ashamed to admit that I could totally eat the whole portion if I’m not mindful. It took some will power to order the healthiest thing on the menu (although it is delicious!) and only eat half.

    Christina – yay local foods! 😀

    Melissa – really?! I was totally taking pics in front of everybody and no one said anything. That’s happened to me in the past though at other places. That place is pretty awesome though, isn’t it?

    Sophie – that’s cute. I love bananas.

    Innz – they were by the bakery section actually, but I’ve never seen them at other WFs. Maybe you can ask about them… they could be hiding them :)

    Evan – vanilla bean sugar?! Sign me up!

    Miriam – that cheese sounds delicious. Not sure about the calories though. I’d probably guess it’s close to sour cream.

    Mae – that’s pretty funny. Maybe bloggers think more alike even when it comes to countertops. 😉

  • #12 - Liz

    When we first moved in to our apartment, we noticed that half the counter was sagging around the sick so water was leaking. Anyway, it only took them about a week to fix it, and I was miserable! My kitchen looked like a disaster and was totally unusable since we had no counters lol I don’t think I could stand not having a kitchen any longer than that. I’m sure it’s going to be beautiful though! Good luck :)

  • #13 - Miriam

    I’ve found the nutritional info for the lebanese cheese I’m talking about : Labneh. It is a lot lighter than cream cheese btw, 90 calories (6g fat) for 1/4 cup (comparable to 177 calories for the same amount of cream cheese). I like light ricotta cheese (the one which is 5% fat) too in replacement of cream cheese, and light laughing cow, both even leaner in term of fat and calories. :)

  • #14 - Choosing tiles may cause an overconsumption of green beans

    […] Chocolate coconut macaroons (ok, actually one macarooN).. […]