It’s happening!

It’s no joke, our kitchen is officially under construction. This is what I saw when I walked into the house tonight…

It’s happening, it’s really happening!! :mrgreen:

Work was crazy busy but I stayed on track with my food, despite being unable to fit a workout in. I knew it would be the case, so I didn’t even bring my workout clothes with me. This way I didn’t feel guilty at all – it was all about finishing my project… which I did, seconds before my boss left! Phew.

I’m running a bit late, so here are my eats for the day. Let me know if something jumps out and you want more details :)

The highlight of my eats was this fig pastry I got at Tatte as my treat of the day. SO AMAZING!!

I tried to eat only half…

… but went back for more later in the night. 😳 I’ll try to keep it extra clean today to make up for it. Worth every calorie though!!

I’m so happy it’s Wednesday already. Happy hump day everybody!! 😀

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