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I have a new toy – a Canon Rebel T1i

January 24th, 2010 · 27 Comments · Boston, restaurant reviews

I’ve been like a little kid on Christmas morning all night! You see, I received a Canon Rebel T1i, a camera I’ve been dreaming of (and saving for) for at least 6 months, as a gift from my parents on Thursday night. The thing is, I had no idea how to use it! This thing is super intimidating to an immature photographer like myself! So the camera pretty much layed on the couch for the past few nights, waiting for me to spend some quality time with it. Tonight was the night! While the guys were watching the football game, drinking beers and playing Settlers, I put on my studious hat on and got to work. I read for at least 3 hours before realizing that I just had to start snapping photos. I will learn everything my camera has to offer, in time, but for now the automatic (no flash) mode was still super impressive. I was giddy with excitement! Seriously, my heart has been racing for hours. Thank you SO much mom and dad!!!

I must subject you to some of the pictures I took during my little photo shoot. First, let’s see what I ate for dinner (killing 2 birds with one stone here…)

Best chicken wings ever!!! These are honey bbq boneless wings from Wings Over… Brookline. We had Wings Over… Amherst in my old college town and these babies brings lots of good memories of late nights and parties. Delicious :)

I also had 2 bone-in wings from the guys’ order but only this photo was captured. Weirdly, I think this camera makes even bones look artsy. Love it!

The guys pretty much polished off their giant container of wings…

A few action shots…

I can’t get over how sharp the pictures are with no flash and dim lighting. I hope my food pictures will be elevated to a whole new level with this baby in hand!

[This one was taken by Adam]

I went a little crazy. I thought even regular objects looked extra special. What do you think?

Portrait setting:

Auto, with flash, outside:

After going a little nuts with the camera at our friends’ house, we went over to my parents house where I showed off my new toy to them as well. Sorry, I can’t help myself 😳

No visit to my parents’ is complete without trying some food and/or wine. My dad really wanted us to try a new cheese he recently purchased – camembert. I’d describe it as a stinkier brie 😉

I had 1/2 of this half… too stinky for me. :)

And then we all enjoyed a gorgeous bottle of Riesling. Riesling is my favorite type of white wine. I just love the natural sweetness of it!

Label up-close:

This was a really great bottle!

When we got home, I enjoyed 2 nut-stuffed medjool dates. It perfectly satisfied my sweet tooth today. Nature’s candy at its best 😀

I had a really special lunch before this whole camera thing happened. I want to make sure it does not get berried in 1 million pics I just posted here, so come back tomorrow for a mid-afternoon post!

For now I’ll leave with this question – what camera do you currently use? Have you ever taken photography classes and if so, have they helped?

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  • #1 - Dominique

    Congrats on the new camera! I love all the decorations on your parents’ wall. My BF would die for that lobster. He’d probably go over and steal it, jk!

    I currently use a Canon point ‘n shoot. It’s fast and easy when I don’t have time to set up for a proper food pic, which is most of the time, because I’m hungry and want to eat right away. Plus, wintertime in Canada means minimal sunlight for most of the day and while I like the Program (manual) option on my A1000IS, it’s not the same as getting a shot with natural lighting.

    I studied photography in university and had a medium-format camera–for some reason it has been misplaced :( I have an awesome Nikon that my dad and I both share (initially his, I used it for some of my schoolwork) that has a few different lenses but I save those for vacation pics.

    Anyway, can’t wait to see your future photos!!

  • #2 - Nobel4Lit

    I recently got a new camera, too. Not fancy like yours, though… I know I am no photographer, so I let my camera choose settings for me!

  • #3 - One Healthy Apple

    Congrats on the camera! I’m using a craptastic camera we found because I’m on camera detention. I have lost our last two and the one we have is a crappy point and shoot…but I’m hoping I’ll get a new one for my birthday!

  • #4 - Tiffany

    I love the Rebel models. When I was living in San Diego, I started a classroom fund to buy one for another teacher as a bday present from the school. She let me play with it a bunch of times and I got hooked hardcore. I love photography, and the quality of pics from the Rebel blow my mind. So clear, bright, and sharp!

  • #5 - Lauren

    So exciting about the new camera… great pics! I can’t wait for the food photography tutorial in a couple of weeks – are you going? I’m hoping to pick up some useful tips.

    I must say that Camembert is one of my all-time favorite cheeses. What can I say, I like ’em stinky ;).

    Have a great Monday!

  • #6 - sarah (the SHU box)

    those were on automatic mode!?? they look great!

    i just spotted settlers of catan. a couple of my friends begged me to play that for ever and i made fun of them until i tried it! so much (nerdy) fun :)

  • #7 - Hangry Pants

    Congratulations! That is the camera I have and I love it! The first day I got it (Christmas) I wore it around my neck all day. :)

  • #8 - Shannon

    man, you really scored this year, a vitamix and a rebel!!! i’ve totally thought about doing a workshop… let me know if you find one to do, i’d likely be in :)

  • #9 - Shannon

    Congratulations on your new toy! Very pretty pictures!

  • #10 - Erin (Travel, Eat, Repeat)

    Congratulations on the camera! Majorly jealous but loving the new pics. :)

  • #11 - Tina

    Hi :) This may be my first post on your blog, but I have enjoyed reading it recently so I can’t remember if I’ve posted before 😉 Your new camera looks great! I only have a basic digital point and shoot right now, but I would love love love to have a nicer camera. The hope is to save for and purchase one sometime this year.

  • #12 - Bridget

    SO LUCKY!!!! I’m definintely a little jealous over here :) Don’t worry I’d be taking pics of anything and everything if I had one too!

  • #13 - Evan Thomas

    Your pictures look great!

  • #14 - Jenna

    Great pics!!

  • #15 - Diana @ frontyardfoodie

    Awesome! Those pics are great with no flash! I need a better camera now. haha

  • #16 - Sophie @ yumventures

    Great new toy! I am still using my old point and shoot, I’m sure you will be taking fab pictures from now on :)

  • #17 - Mae @ OhhMay

    What beautiful photos!! I want to take a photography class as soon as I get to college and then make the plunge for a dSLR. I really think a class would help unlock its potential though.
    Maybe you could look into local colleges and see if they have a cource the general public can take?
    Have a great Monday!

  • #18 - Good Taste. Healthy Me

    Those pictures are gorgeous! I’m so jealous! I only use a point and shoot. I don’t have the money to throw down for a new camera! How big is the camera?

  • #19 - sister inna

    yo i am JEALOUS
    the photos look awesome. my fav shot — the fridge magnets. you made them look so fancy ( i think they’ve been waiting for their glamor shot for some time now). i’m thinking we need to re-shoot your banner with this new toy now, you can get a ton more depth…. whaddaya think?

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  • #21 - Elina

    Lauren- I’m definitely going next week. I can hardly wait for it!!! 😀

    Sarah – hehe, yeah – most of my guy friends (and my husbands) are really addicted to it. I played a few times and lost so now I just watch them play. :)

    Heather – yup, I wore it around my neck all night… even to the grocery store. 😉

    Shannon – I know, I’m one lucky girl!! I’ll be on the lookout for workshops. I’ll keep you posted!

    Mae – great idea! I’ll research those too. 😀

    Innz – I’m so glad you said that because I just mentioned to Adam that maybe my header can get a facelift with better quality photos.. although then I came home and looked at it, and I think it still looks good. Let me know if you are up for changing it though! 😀 Oh and yeah… this camera makes everything looks fancy. I hope dad enjoyed his magnets on display like that.

  • #22 - Kerstin

    Yay, how exciting!! I just got the same camera for Christmas and highly recommend this book:

    It’s specific for the T1i and has lots of pictures so it’s easy to understand what button the author is referring too! You do need to read a basic digital photography book first though if you haven’t done so already – it’s important to already understand the exposure triangle (ISO, shutter speed, aperture).

  • #23 - Do you ever hold back?

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  • #24 - Elina

    Kerstin – thanks so much for the book suggestion. I need to order it asap. Do you have a recommendation for a basic photography book as well?

  • #25 - Megan

    I’m so jealous! I keep researching cameras, but I haven’t been able to make the plunge and just get one already. I just have my sony cybershot — nothing fancy. Have fun with your new toy!

  • #26 - Lara (Thinspired)

    Fun! I have a Nikon D60, and I still haven’t really figured out how to use it. I can get by, but certainly am no pro with it. I would definitely consider taking a class! The problem is that every time I practice, it’s on food, and I just want to hurry up and eat the food! I need to learn by your example and photograph some spices or something! :)

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