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Grezzo in Newburyport – a raw foodist’s dream

January 25th, 2010 · 14 Comments · Boston, restaurant reviews

With all the new camera excitement, I almost let a really special lunch slide (note: pictures in this post were taken with my old camera). Yesterday before the football game and the wings extravaganza, I needed a healthier snack. We happened to be in Newburyport, where a raw restaurant, Grezzo, recently opened. I was quite surprised the owners took the risk to open such an unorthodox place in a relatively small city. Can there really be that much demand for high end raw food? Only time will tell, but either way I was excited to see what this place was all about since I’ve never been to a raw restaurant before! 😀

The atmosphere of Grezzo was perfect – clean, funky, artsy, and overall welcoming. I loved the brick walls, high exposed ceilings and gorgeous paintings of vegetables. At 2pm on a Sunday, there were quite a few people there – all seemed to be really enjoying their food.

We sat at the bar, and from their extensive menu I ordered the falafel tahini in a rainbow swiss chard wrap, tzatziki yogurt sauce, pickles and radish to-go.

In fact, I sat right by these raw brownies, and it took a lot of will power not to order one. I will be back and I will have you next time, my friend. 😉

We waited for my food for nearly half hour (at least 25 minutes!), which was definitely longer than it should have taken. The atmosphere was very relaxing and if we were dining in, I’d likely have no problem waiting. Unfortunately we were in a rush, so I was watching the clock. I hoped the food at least be worth it in the end. … It was!

I got my food, I got my food! 😀

Here is my wrap + pickled veggies:

As you have guessed by now, the food was spectacular. The lemon, tzatziki sauce (with no yogurt? how do you make it??), tahini and pickles all worked so incredibly well together. Everything tasted so incredibly fresh and flavorful, and it was 100% veggies!!! The food is very inspired and even Adam said it was amazing. Next time I will have an easier time convincing him to go there for sure. 😀

I still don’t know if this business will strive in Newburyport, but what I do know is that Grezzo serves spectacular raw food, fit for raw foodists and omnivore foodies alike. I can’t wait to check out the North End location in Boston and try a few more things!!

Have you ever been to a raw restaurant? Any interest in checking one out?

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  • #1 - Maria

    I am jealous. Looks like a great place to dine!

  • #2 - Evan Thomas

    I went to Grezzo on Saturday! The Boston location though. It was really fun(I got the seaweed and mushroom burger). The BEST thing was by far the brownie which I took home, but I also just made up a recipe that tastes about the same and costs a lot less, sooooo you win some you lose some

  • #3 - Coco

    MMMm that place sounds yummy. I bet those brownies are scrumptious. I’ve been to a couple raw food places and for some reason I always leave completely unsatisfied. I actually went and bought a whole roast chicken after eating at a raw food place, then I was satisfied hahah.
    Love the red top! I have it too!!!! From Anthro?

  • #4 - MelissaNibbles

    I used to live in Newburyport and I think Grezzo will do very well there. There are a lot of vegetarians, vegans, and health conscious people that have been waiting for something like that. There’s a ton of “healthy” restaurant options in Newburyport, but nothing raw. I think it’ll do very well. Thanks for the review!

  • #5 - Elina

    Evan – how funny! I want to try that burger as well… and I definitely need that brownie in my life. I have to check out your recipe :)

    Coco – yup, Anthro 😉

    Melissa – I didn’t know there was such a large vegetarian/vegan population in Newburyport. What other restaurants are healthy there? I never know where to go when we visit Adam’s family.

  • #6 - Shannon

    ooh, they have one in the north end??? let’s go!!!!

  • #7 - Tiffany

    I know NBPT, and I can see that this place has numbered days. I can only think of a handful of restaurants in NBPT that remain from my childhood. Most restaurants there have a high turn over rate, sad as it is to say.

    You’d think there would be an increasing demand for inventive restaurants, given the rising demographics in NBPT; unfortunately the only residents I see frequenting this place are people our age. When I mentioned it to my family and friends, they had no clue what I was talking about, even when I said, “the new place on State St.”

  • #8 - MelissaNibbles

    Revitalive Cafe, The Purple Onion and The Natural Grocer are great. Check them out next time!

  • #9 - Lauren

    I have not yet visited a raw foods restaurant, but I’ve been wanting to check out Prana Cafe in Newton. Grezze looks great!

  • #10 - Kelly

    That’s too funny. I feel like we have too many coincedences lately. First I run into you at drink and now we eat at similar places at similar times. I went to Grezzo in the North End this weekend and it was absolutely amazing. I was very happy and pleasantly surprised. I think it could actually do well in Newburyport because having a Vegetarian friend I know there are not too many all vegetarian or vegan places, let alone raw too.

  • #11 - Elina

    Shannon – you’re on!! I need to try that mushroom burger now… and some of their elixirs… and that brownie! :mrgreen:

    Tiffany – I don’t know Newburyport well but it seems like a pretty cute town. Sounds like some readers do see there may be demand for a restaurant like this. I really hope they stick around because I want to go back there! 😀

    Melissa – I’ve heard of the Purple Onion but they’re always closed when I’m there. Maybe they’re closed on the weekends… not sure. I’ll have to check out the other ones. Thanks for the recommendations!!

    Lauren – there is a raw restaurant in Newton? Does it have any connection to the raw Prana bars? I think I’ve had one of those. Hmm, interesting. I think I need to check it out. It’s just such a cool concept!

    Kelly – that IS funny. What did you have? Wanna go back? Maybe we should do a little blogger get-together there soon. 😀

  • #12 - Tiffany

    The Purple Onion is delicious, and you should absolutely check it out sometime! Kev used to work there, and I always reaped the benefits of the Chicken Onion Rice Wrap. Mmm!

  • #13 - Jenna

    Wow! That wrap looks great!

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