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Choosing tiles may cause an overconsumption of green beans

January 28th, 2010 · 10 Comments · Boston, breakfast, dessert, ham, oats, restaurant reviews, salad, snacks, turkey

Mothers everywhere, send your kids to the tile store and make them pick their favorite! (I’m referring to the title of my post).

So here is the deal – I’m stress eating veggies right now. I guess it could be worse! 😉

Adam and I just got back from a really awesome dinner (guess what kind? haha) and a few moments after plopping myself on the couch, I went back for the leftovers. So good! I’ll post about dinner separately. The pictures came out too good to be buried in this monster of a post you’re about to read (hopefully, lol).

So let’s go back to my reason for stress eating… prior to dinner we went to a tile store to pick out the back splash for our kitchen. We actually knew exactly what we wanted to see (saw pictures online, fell in love with them, basically planned the rest of our kitchen around them) and wanted to see the tiles in real life before forking over the big bucks. Here is what we came to see (the tile on the left)…

The 3 little squares on the wood (which is a model cabinet door of our kitchen) are the countertop colors we were trying to pick out. We loved the different colors all combined together in a tile mosaic, but I thought the brown in the tiles looked too cold compared to the warm cherry wood cabinets. Starting over…

Tiles, tiles, everywhere!

Which one would you choose?

We finally picked the tile in the middle (the monochromatic look actually looked super sleek!) but it looked light blue in the store and looks lifeless in my pics! What we actually thought we picked out looked more like this (but a little lighter)…

Blue-ish gray, right? Well in real life it looked super blue (too blue!!). I’m freaked out. Did my camera capture the wrong light or is the lighting in that store completely distorted? The tile we picked out was called “gray” but it looked blue-ish in the showroom. Will it actually look like boring gray in our house? Ok so basically that’s why I’m freaking out and eating veggies. Yeah, you don’t want to be in my head sometimes! 😆


There was more improvement on the kitchen than just me confusing the hell of myself and Adam trying not to get too frustrated with my indecisiveness. We now have recessed lights!!

And the light switches have been relocated. Awesomeness! 😀

We also have our electricity back! Oh the simple things in life…


Aside from reading a little more about dSLRs…

Yes, I am a digital SLR dummy! … I’ve also been eating. I’ve been eating some handmade chocolate truffles

Chocolate coconut macaroons (ok, actually one macarooN)..

… and (whoa) real food too! Note: this is food from the last 2 days.


Yesterday: yogurt with oats, banana slices, pomegranate seeds and pecans + coffee

This morning: Au Bon Pain whole grain bagel with sundried tomato cream cheese and tomato + coffee

I haven’t had a bagel in ages. This tasted like heaven!


Yesterday: Niman Ranch ham, cucumbers and hummus on TJ’s whole wheat Tuscan Pane + baby carrots

This sandwich was the bomb! Cucumbers and hummus are amazing together. I can picture little tea sandwiches on soft bread with just cucs and hummus. Mmm…

Today’s lunch: 

I put this together with food that was rescued from our backyard after our fridge was working again (Adam took all the food outside in the cold last night since it was colder there than in our apt). Not sure if I was brave or stupid to do this. Still tasted great!

brown rice + pinto beans + Niman Ranch ham

and grape tomatoes + cucumbers in nonfat yogurt, S&P (this is a Russian classic, typically made with sour cream. The yogurt works great too!)


Can you say food porn? 1/2 banana with Barney Butter

Clif zbar chocolate brownie

It was actually REALLY good! A little small though, so I’m calling it a snack instead of dinner. :)


Horrible pictures – delicious food! This is a few bites I got at Samurai last night.

Ika sansai: squid salad with mango, mountain string beans and vinegar

This was so incredibly flavorful! The squid was marinated with lots of ginger and lemon. I actually couldn’t taste the mango but seriously – the squid was the best!

Sunomono – seaweed and cucumbers served in lightly seasoned rice vinegar

As you can see, I ordered it with seafood, which was very lightly grilled (basically raw). This was NOT seaweed and I did not enjoy whatever veggie it was because of the weird rice vinegar but the fish was great. I love sushi!!

So that’s my past 2 days in a nutshell (except for tonight’s dinner which you’ll see tomorrow). I was working until nearly midnight last night (with that short break for dinner) so I am definitely ready for bed tonight.

Sorry for the information overload here. What can I say, I like to “talk.” 😉 Who’s ready for the weekend?!!!

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  • #1 - Mimi (Damn the Freshman 15)

    Ah, I never knew the tomato-cuke-sour cream thing was Russian! I just thought it was some random thing my grandma threw together. Hehe, I make that sometimes, and use Greek yogurt.

    That squid looks fantastic.

    Glad to see your kitchen’s coming along!

  • #2 - Liz

    Those tiles are beautiful!! I love glass tiles, and that gray-blue color is very pretty. Can’t wait to see everything together!

    How do you like the camera book? I’ve had my Canon for a while now, but I’m starting to think I should learn how to use it to its full extent lol My friend took a photography class, but I don’t think that’s in my schedule right now – a book would be great though. Let me know if you find it helpful!

  • #3 - One Healthy Apple

    Oh my! Those tiles are all beautiful. You should see my cool 70’s kitchen!

    Love the truffles and bagel…and I want some now!

  • #4 - Cristina

    I’m ready for the weekend – sort of! I’ll be able to breathe a little bit better once I’ve completed 5 Yoga classes on the the start of my 8-week Yoga Challenge with my studio. Yes, that’s 5 classes a week! I’ll complete my 5th class come Sunday for this “week” (Tuesday through Monday).

    As for the weekend, my boyfriend is coming over and I’m cooking a healthy dinner!!

  • #5 - Shannon

    What an overwhelming task! It’s so hard to imagine what something will look like when it covers an entire wall! I’d be fighting stress eating too..and probably not reaching for green beans!

  • #6 - Elina

    Mimi – yes, it definitely is. Funny that you were enjoying it already without even knowing the dish’s origin :)

    Liz – The book is good so far, but still overwhelming. I think I’m even more of a dummy that they’re assuming their target reader is. I also bought a book specifically about my camera, and I plan on reading that next once I understand the usual camera basics.

    One Healthy Apple – well you probably saw our 80’s special. We’re trying to get rid of it so there is a lot of pressure to make it “perfect.”

    Christina – good luck with the yoga challenge. Don’t stress about it though. I’m pretty sure that would be the opposite of what the challenge is supposed to do, no?

    Shannon – tell me about it… yeah, like I said, at least I reached for veggies. Phew! 😀

  • #7 - Sophie @ yumventures

    My boyfriend is Polish and a good friend of mine is Russian, and I have been obsessing over that salad for years! I can’t make it because I would actually eat a VAT of it! Glad to see it made it into your blog =) That’s so funny about your pictures coming out not true-to-life colors…my pictures have been very yellow, so I was doing some research and its all about white balance! You have such a nice camera, I’m sure there’s a setting for it! Hope you had a good night.

  • #8 - KellyB

    I LOVE LOVE LOVE cucumbers in my sandwiches. It goes really well with honey mustard and ham or turkey.

  • #9 - Megan

    Great tile choice! We’re actually planning to do the backsplash in our kicthen. Which tile store did you go to? We’re not even sure where to start!

  • #10 - Shanghai Gate in Allston

    […] Choosing tiles may cause an overconsumption of green beans […]