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Busy weekend ahead

January 15th, 2010 · 29 Comments · breakfast, pizza, sandwich, snacks, yogurt

It’s Friday!!!!!!!!!! Yeah! (I’m doing a happy dance right now, sitting on the couch. 😆 ) It’s been a long week and I’m ready for the long weekend to begin. On the agenda:

  • Go to work today (man, work really cramps my style)
  • Go on a date with my husband tonight – he chose the restaurant for tonight. It’s a secret (I know it’s in the North End, though, so I’m guessing Italian food) :)
  • Bootcamp with my sister and Molly Sat morning (Molly just got engaged and I can’t wait to see her ring and hear all the details about the proposal. Congrats, Molly!!!!!!!! 😀 )
  • A truffle workshop with my sister. We’ll be learning all about chocolate and then will be making our own chocolate truffles. Pretty cool, right?
  • Shopping with sister (and parents?)
  • Choosing countertops for our kitchen (the one we previously picked was above our budget. Boo!!)
  • Filming a video tour of our condo (stay tuned)
  • Emptying our kitchen for construction to begin
  • Meeting contractor on Monday morning to start construction of our kitchen!!!!!

We have a busy weekend ahead of us. I wish I could skip #1 and dive straight into the rest of it 😉


Oikos, kiwi, grapes, Zoe’s granola, Kashi autumn promise, walnuts, shredded coconut

Btw, I mentioned the poor quality of my pictures recently and realized aside from bad lighting, my camera is too old (it’s only a year old but I abuse this baby quite a bit). I’m going to buy a new one today. These pictures were taken with a tripod and they’re still blurry.


Coffee cake at work. Unfortunately this did not prevent me from wanting more treats later on. I tried to be reasonable but at the end the chocolate cravings won. More adjustments to my plan to come next week.


I had the most amazing yoga practice today. I know the class is good but I’m still blown away every time. The instructor, Nathan, just transforms you into a different world. After 75 minutes of practice, I almost teared up during shavasana. It was just really moving. Thank god I didn’t skip it for the sake of a sweatier run (which I’m craving – doing that today!).


Open faced salami, laughing cow, roasted pepper baguette sandwich + a pickle and baby carrots



Tortilla pizzas – so healthy and delicious! I made 1 pizza with leftover steak and mushrooms + 1/2 with kalamata olives. Very yummy 😀

I’m not going to lie – more chocolate was consumed after dinner. Adam tried to reason with me, and it almost worked. We “closed” the kitchen and cuddled up on the couch to watch Entourage. Unfortunately, about mid-way through the first episode (we watched 3!) I just couldn’t take it – I got up and grabbed chocolate. I ate 4 large squares again. I’m a serious addict. 😳 It’s ok, I will figure this out. With determination and motivation, great things can happen. :mrgreen:

Any plans for this weekend?

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  • #1 - Meghan@traveleatlove

    Hehe hate how work cramps my style! :) A truffle workshop sounds amazing! Can’t wait to read about it!

  • #2 - katie

    i so LOVE your breakfast creation!! that looks awesome!! have fun on your hot date :)

  • #3 - Eve @ nutritionbyeve

    wow – what a fantastic weekend! i wish i could go to a truffle workshop, that is one thing that I have never experimented with. can’t wait to see your photos.

    For me if I eat sweets midday I find I crave them more, I try to ration with myself to save them for the evening b/c then I can control my intake much better.

    This weekend we’re going apartment hunting! We need to find a new apt to accommodate our little baby girl that will be joining our family in May :)

  • #4 - Erin (Travel, Eat, Repeat)

    A truffle workshop?! Oh my, can’t wait to hear about this one! 😀

  • #5 - Shannon

    ooh, if it wasn’t my fav spin instructor i’d head to bootcamp with you gals :) have fun, and pass along a congrats to molly! (i think i met her?) have fun with truffles, and a great dinner date 😉

  • #6 - KellyB

    Wow, like the new feature. Keep your head up and carry on!! I fell off a little yesterday afternoon for 45 mins, but realed it in.

    I’m having a countdown party for my ellipical to arrive, finally exercise coming into my very hectic life. And we made a very important decision, we’re getting rid of our guest bed (which only gets used 2-3 times a year), so the machine can be in its place, instead of it the garage, we’re we were originally going to put it, and with these past temps, I didn’t see myself actually getting out there.
    I’m more important than guests (who really don’t come) are.

  • #7 - sister inna

    yeah i have some plans he he he.
    i’m really excited/ nervous for bootcamp. i’m sweating already….. gotta keep reminding myself i can do it.. i think 😉
    it’s ok — the truffle making + shopping will make up for any bruised ego episodes i might encounter at the gym

  • #8 - Betsy

    I am dying to hear about the truffle workshop! I received a coupon to attend one for Christmas. Have fun!

    Sounds like a fun and busy, in a good way, weekend!

  • #9 - Tina

    I’m excited to see the apartment tour!

  • #10 - katecooks

    i always crave dessert at night, and i find that usually one piece/square of dark chocolate in the afternoon quels my sweet craving for the day, which leaves room for a little dessert every night!

  • #11 - Good Taste. Healthy Me

    Wow you have quite the busy weekend ahead! Sounds like fun though. I’m going shopping with my Mom on Saturday and hanging with friends on Sunday! I’m excited :)

  • #12 - Diana @ frontyardfoodie

    Work definitely cramps my style too:)

    Yay for weekend!

  • #13 - Kelly

    Yea for making truffles. It’s one of my favorite things to do and makes for such a nice holiday gift. I’ll be excited to see what camera you choose, as I recall you were thinking a DSLR right? Once you get it I would HIGHLY recommend taking the class I talked about. It’s only week two but already I know longer shoot in manual mode and best of all, understand how to make my pictures better. I also learned that there are some photography stores in our area that allow you to rent equipment like lenses, etc. so you can try before you buy. Definitely thinking about that before I buy another lens, although the class has given me great tips of what to look for.

  • #14 - Elina

    All – you will definitely be getting a recap of the truffle shop! I can’t wait for it!! 😀

    Eve – I crave sweets all day long, whether I’ve had some or not. I’m playing around with a few strategies. I know it’s not always going to work, but hopefully one of these methods will work majority of the time. Thanks for sharing your experience! Oh and good luck with apartment hunting. :)

    Shannon – you should try it just once! I already got Molly hooked on it! (yes, you’ve met her).

    KellyB – I think that’s a really great decision. You’ll definitely get more use out of it in the guest bedroom. I’m so jealous! One day I really want a home gym…

    Innz – you are so silly. You will rock this class. I know you’ll love it. Give yourself some credit girl. Oh and truffle making and shopping is going to be glorious. So glad you’re coming this weekend! 😀

    Kate – I think you’re right. I used to have 100 calorie dark chocolate bars at work and I think they gave me the perfect chocolate boost during the day without overdoing it. Putting them on the list right now!!

    Good Taste – sounds you have a fun weekend ahead too. :)

    Kelly – I’m still between 2 DSLRs and yes, I will desperately need to take that class since I’ve never used one. I’m emailing you…

  • #15 - Casey @SpicyandSweet

    What a beautiful blog! I just found it :). Gorgeous pics!! I will be reading more…happy weekend! :)

  • #16 - Shannon

    What a busy weekend! But it all sounds like such fun! I’m glad you are taking before pictures of the kitchen…I can’t wait to see the comparison!

    I have a date night with the husband tonight too. And then tomorrow we are going cross country skiing!

  • #17 - Mae

    Tortilla pizzas are my favorite food ever. So good!! The yoga class sounds amazing…
    Have a VERY exciting weekend!! :-)

  • #18 - Gab*

    Work cramps my style as well, it takes up so much time! Lucky they pay me :)

    Sounds like you have a fun weekend planned. Enjoy your date!

  • #19 - Evan Thomas

    The truffle workshop sounds awesome!

  • #20 - Caroline

    Can’t wait for your apartment tour! Good luck with the beginnings of the renovation, I am sure it’s overwhelming but OH SO exciting! Chocolate attacks definitely happen, I may or may not have just stuffed down a “half moon” cookie from the house kitchen! WHOOOPS!

  • #21 - Bridget

    So exciting about your kitchen!!! You must be pumped! That breakfast creation looks sooo good. As does your sandwich…I haven’t had a good sandwich like that in a while! Hope you have a good weekend!

  • #22 - Sophie

    I definitely believe that chocolate is good for you — should never feel bad about eating it! :)

  • #23 - Mimi (Damn the Freshman 15)

    You’re making me really want to snag some tortillas for tortilla pizza!

  • #24 - Jenna

    What a fun filled weekend!!

  • #25 - Kate G.

    is there a trick to getting the la tortillas a little crispier before putting on the toppings when making those pizzas?
    i tried putting it under the broiler (pre-toppings) but the edges got brown and the center stayed soft :/ should i just put it in the oven on like 400 instead?

  • #26 - Tricia

    The truffle making class sounds too fun!

  • #27 - RunToTheFinish

    busy busy, but in such great ways!!

  • #28 - Kristen (swanky dietitian)

    I just came across your blog and have been reading for a while now. I noticed you used a Barney Butter packet. Where do you find those at?

  • #29 - Elina

    Kristen – I’m so glad you’re enjoying the blog! I bought the Barney Butter packets directly from the company online – I think they’re great for on-the-go BB with a built in portion control to boot :)