Being social, 2 nights in a row

I just got back from a really fun night out with Tina and her husband Mal. We’ve been talking about trying out Barbaba Lynch’s Drink for a while and a few weeks ago we finally pinned down the date. It was perfect timing too, because Adam and I realized last night that although we are huge Barbara Lynch fans, we’ve never been to any of her restaurants. This is really a sad realization for Boston foodies. Barbara Lynch is a big deal in these parts.

Drink is her famous bar with custom made cocktails. There are no set menus – the idea is that the bartenders are extremely skillful and knowledgeable and can concoct something special depending on your preference. I seem to usually enjoy rum-based drinks so I told my bartender that I’d like something with rum, slightly sweet but not overwhelmingly so. Here is what he proposed – a classic daiquiri with Haitian rum. 100% of the proceeds of this drink went to support Doctors Without Borders in Haiti. Very cool.

A daiquiri seemed like a strange choice at a classy bar but this wasn’t the typical sugar laden variety that came from the slurpy machine – there were 3 ingredients in this baby – rum, sugar and limes. That’s it. Simple. I thought it was nice but a little too acidic due to the limes. I wanted something a bit sweeter for my next choice…

Adam and I at Drink:

For my next drink our waiter asked if I wanted a variation of the daiquiri (no, I wanted something different), a drink with spiced rum, milk and honey (not a fan of honey) and finally suggested a mojito. It seemed like an obvious choice and a little on the safe side but he referred to it as “banging” so I gave in. I thought that this was the place to blow me away with a mojito.

The verdict? A little watery and not sweet (which is what I wanted from my drink). Not bad but I’ve had better mojitos. Yup, tough critic here 😆

Oh and guess who we ran into?

Kelly from The Pink Apron! It was a little random yet not completely surprising. This is the “it”bar in Boston after all. 😀

So the drinks in all honesty did not impress me, but the atmosphere was warm and I think our waiter was to blame for the less-than-enthusiastic review. I bet some of the bartenders (those actually behind the bar) are more knowledgeable and creative. Just a hunch.

The water bottles were really cute too. I felt like I was taking vodka shots all night 😉

After a few drinks, Tina, Mal, Adam and I decided to get some food – something easy and not too expensive to be exact. Salvatore’s seemed to fit the bill just right. What’s better than fresh pizza after a few drinks?! Not much, friends, not much.

The bread basket with EVOO and balsamic vinegar for dipping (I had 1/2 slice).

Gigantic pizza – 1/2 buffalo chicken, 1/2 tomato, spinach & feta

Can you see Tina trying to capture this beast from the top? This pizza was a monster. We still managed to nearly finish it 😀

I think the dough was the best part – it was soft, fluffy and doughy. Doughiness is a very important quality in pizza crusts! Here are my few slices. I pretty much ate both of them. Yum!

Fun night with friends again! That’s 2 nights in a row that we’re being social, if anyone is counting. Let’s see if we can make it 3 😉

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