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Pretty hair helps deal with work + giveaway winners announced

December 9th, 2009 · 18 Comments · Boston, breakfast, Cooking Light, dessert, Eating out, pork, random favorites, snacks, yogurt

Sorry for the lack of a post last night. I had a mini-breakdown at work and decided to spend the evening with my husband instead of blogging. We watched the “Dead Poet Society” and sampled some Samuel Smith’s organic strawberry fruit ale. Not a bad way to spent the evening! 😀


Um, I’m sorry to get off topic for a minute, but how good looking is my husband?!! 😉 My heart is pounding a bit right now. 😀

Back to the organic strawberry ale… I loved it!!! It had a definite strawberry smell and flavor but was not too overpowering or sweet for my taste. I loved it so much, Adam decided to give me the rest of his glass after a few sips and grabbed a different beer for him. Yum!!


If you see this label in the store, I highly recommend you pick yourself up a bottle. :)


After the pep-talk from my husband, a movie and some yummy strawberry ale, I felt a lot more relaxed and ready to have a better day tomorrow. I evaluated what went wrong and wrote out a game plan for the day, including waking up early to do my hair and pick out a cute outfit. I realized that silly things like that actually make a huge difference in my overall mood and how I handle unrelated situations. Interesting, no? I’m happy to report the game plan worked and today was awesome!! 😀


Food for Life english muffin with Jiffy’s natural peanut butter (I actually love it) + cherry preserves




Oikos + pomegranate seeds + a handful of Nature’s Path pumpkin granola



The granola is so buttery and indulgent tasting. I may have to invest in a box. :)


Cafe Jaffa chicken kebab wrap (with lettuce, tomatoes, pickles in sesame tahini dressing). The chicken was so flavorful and the wrap was amazingly fresh. I know it wasn’t low cal, but it tasted quite healthy – lots of veggies!



1 of these nut-stuffed medjool dates (my dad brought them for me from Israel!)


+ a juicy orange



I made a boo-boo at dinner – I mixed up the spices! I followed this recipe from Cooking Light for pork chops with ancho chile rub and raspberry glaze, and used Adobo spice instead of ancho chile. Oops! 😳 I guess I wasn’t paying enough attention. The problem with this mix-up is that the Adobo spice has salt as the first ingredients and I added additional salt to the rub. The pork was SO salty – inedible in my opinion. I scraped it off and added giant dollops of raspberry preserve to sweeten it. It helped me “get through” dinner but that’s about it (Adam didn’t hate it as much as I did so he’ll be eating the leftovers, I hope).


The couscous with dried cherries was the best part by far! I’m allowed a screw-up once in a while, right? :)

I “washed” the salty pork down with some TJ’s dark chocolate with almonds. Muuuuuuch better 😎


Good day 😀 How was yours?

Last thing – the winner of the Waterpik giveaway is #8. I also never received addresses from 2 NuNaturals giveaway winners so I’m redrawing again – #65 and #42 are the new winners (Lauren and Yelena, I got your addresses before!).  All 3 winners, please email me your address, please :) [Btw, I don’t send out emails to the winners because I want my regular readers to win, not some random drop by’s. I think that’s fair! 😀 ]

All right, I’m off to catch up on So You Think You Can Dance! Cya 😀

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  • #1 - Lele

    I just went to Cafe Jaffa for the first time last week- I loved it! Their falafel is ridiculously delicious. And it’s so cute and chilled in there!

  • #2 - Jenna

    yummy dinner!

  • #3 - Lara (Thinspired)

    Awww, I’m sorry to hear about your rough day at work. I agree that feeling prepared and pretty makes a HUGE difference in your day. I hope tomorrow is better :)

  • #4 - Kirsten

    I’ve been having lots of mini breakdowns lately! It always feels better the next day.
    Looooove Cafe Jaffa :)

  • #5 - Lauren

    Gald to hear the snafu at work was fixed.

    The organic strawberry ale sounds great! I love beer with a bit of natural fruit flavor.

    There’s that Nature’s Path Pumpkin Granola… so good!

  • #6 - Tiffany

    OMG, I love Cafe Jaffe! I could totally eat that kebab wrap right now.

    Sorry to hear about your dinner mishap, but it happens to everyone. I once tried to make jerk chicken with lime juice and pepper, except somehow I read 1/4 juice as 1 cup. I’ll never get Scurvy, though! 😉

  • #7 - MelissaNibbles

    I’m sorry you had a bad day. I hope today is great for you!

  • #8 - Katy

    I love Samuel Smith products — my husband and I worked a beer show a few weeks ago and I got to sample all the goodies. I especially like the organic apple cider.

  • #9 - eatingrd

    I hope work goes better :) that’s no fun, i’ve about had one of those lately too. Currently I’ve decided I need to start looking and feeling out a new job soon :( Those dates are HUGE!! Yum, I love dates! So glad you had a wonderful evening with your man :)

  • #10 - Diana @ frontyardfoodie

    You are so adorable! I get the same pounding heart feeling with my hubby and the best thing ever is enjoying a new beer while watching a great movie!

    Marriage rocks.

  • #11 - Good Taste. Healthy Me

    that beer looks delicious!! I will most definitely try that. Hopefully I can find it! :)

    Sounds like a nice relaxing night btw. I love doing that sometimes!

  • #12 - Chrysta

    Wow! awesome. That strawberry beer looks really good. I’ll have to keep an eye out for it! Sounds liek such a relaxing night. Those are so needed sometimes. Ive been doing that all week actually. Really tough week at work so just been veggin at night. The nut stuffed dates look awesome!!! Have a wonderful day girl!

  • #13 - Shannon

    glad you were able to work through things with adam 😉 delicious eats, too! now i’m craving an english muffin. i have some in my freezer i’ve been saving for a rainy day!

    don’t think i’ll be able to make it tonight, i have a long day in lab…

  • #14 - Diana (Soap & Chocolate)

    Hope today was better! Are nut-stuffed dates not the most incredible things? Hard to believe they’re not actually candy.

  • #15 - Betsy

    I am craving falafel!

  • #16 - One Healthy Apple

    Pretty hair makes me feel better too!

    I had a couple of breakdowns this week- not cool! I would love to have you share some tips on not letting work ruin a day, it sure has for me more times than I can count!

    I love dried cherries too! Have a great day:)

  • #17 - Caroline

    Glad to hear that you had a better day today and a good night last night. I always feel better when my hair is good and I like my clothes. It totally makes a difference! Those nut stuffed dates look like a the perfect “unprocessed” lara bar. YUMM!

  • #18 - 24carrot

    I miss Cafe Jaffa :(

    But, we did just find a place in Philly that may replace it.

    On the top of hair – yesterday I went back to looking like a girl! Curled my hair and did my makeup for the first time post surgery. Felt so nice.