Pretty food tastes better

Until dinner time, I’ve eaten kind of boring food – lots of leftovers and other “regulars.” I tried to make them look pretty and that definitely helped with the taste, but dinner was the ultimate feast for the eyes thanks to a housewarming gift from my sister (and her boyfriend). Let’s start with the highlight of today’s eats. Why save the best for last?! 😉

Things that make me happy – our new Le Creuset heart-shaped casserole!!!


This casserole dish just makes me smile 😀


Thankfully it wasn’t just pretty, it was also delicious! I followed this recipe from Cooking Light for butternut squash and parmesan bread pudding, but made a few modifications. I cut the recipe in half, omitted the onions and oil and instead sauteed some mushrooms and organic baby spinach covered with some oil spray, used skim milk instead of 1% and used 1+ week old ww baguette (I let it soak in the egg mixture while the butternut squash was roasting).


So delicious! I think the addition of mushrooms and baby spinach was genius – adds bulk, veggies and another dimension to the dish. Adam and I both loved this! :) If you make this, don’t omit the cheese – it’s definitely key!!


Other eats…


Banana oats with extra banana and crunchy Barney Butter


I was bored with the combo today. An extra little spoonfull of BB helped 😉



Oikos with pear slices, dried apricots and Kashi Autumn wheat for a snack


I <3 oikos!



An Asian combo: hot and sour soup + mystery tofu stir fry



I found the stir-fry in our freezer. I made it awhile ago – it was not labeled so I had no idea what I was about to eat.


Nothing too exciting but it did the job of filling me up.


Another little find – last white chocolate cranberry oatmeal cookie




I also ate some unpictured roasted almonds and nibbled on an old larabar which ended up in the trash. For some reason I was hungrier than normal today. Oh well :)

Do you believe that pretty food tastes better?

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19 comments to Pretty food tastes better

  • The bread pudding looks marvelous!! I’ve never thought of making it as a main dish, but now I’m beginning to reconsider! The casserole is so cute.

    I’m not sure , ugly food can taste pretty awesome… I’m not biased.

  • Since starting a food blog I definitely agree that pretty food tastes better! It takes me a long time some days to make my food look good but it always ends up tasting better when I put it on a nice plate instead of eating it out of a tupperware dish for instance! Your casserole looks divine, especially in the cute dish! Your asian lunch made me think it was from a restaurant, cute dishes and good looking eats!

  • Pretty food tastes better for sure! My mom makes fun of me when I’m arranging my food because I’m sitting down by myself and still worrying about presentation.

    Re: your advice on no-fat…I’m not doing it to lose weight so counting calories and points wouldn’t really achieve the purpose. I really am just curious about whether my body will feel a lack of fat. I know there are healthy fats, but I think a lot of fat sneaks into my diet through cheese, nuts, avocado, etc. So if I remove the noticeable fat, and a little remains, what will I feel? If I don’t physically feel good- I’ll stop!

    Anyway, thank you for your concern, makes me feel cared for, and good insight on the points rounding. That could be it.

  • i love pretty food! it just makes it so much better to eat it!

  • Pretty good is so much better and it makes me happier!

  • love your new le creuset dish :) and fabulous additions!!!

  • I love that casserole dish! I so need something like that. It is absolutely adorable!

  • Pretty food DEFINITELY tastes better!

  • Pretty food always tastes better, I eat with my eyes!

  • yes! something about it. i also think its tastes better when i touch it..weird, i know!

  • Pretty foo ddoes taste better. Yours always looks pretty :)

  • Pretty food does taste better. Yours always looks pretty :)

  • Pretty food tastes better, but I always feel bad when I dig in and ruin the presentation :(

  • sister inna

    yaaaay so glad youre enjoying the caserole dish! looks like you did it some justice with an awesome “break in” meal. i think delicious food that has been prettied up tastes better. but there is some good lookin’ food out there that tastes bad too….

  • Husband Adam

    The bread putting was awesome last nite, and awesome for lunch too!

  • I was so torn between the red heart and the plain white when I got my first Le Cruset! I ended up going with the white because I am boring, but I just love the heart one! Congrats on the new baby 😉

    And yes, I definitely believe pretty food tastes better!

  • prettier food definitely tastes better – i eat with my eyes first! =)

    I have to know where you got that heart shaped le creuset!

  • Elina

    Lara – I hope one day to have a little Le Creuset collection :)

    Jasmine – my sister got it for me from Bloomingdale’s. 😀

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