Multi-grain waffles for the road

I have another super busy day coming up, so while Adam was still sleeping, I decided to make a special little breakfast before the craziness begins. I bought a waffle maker a few weeks ago and it is my mission to put it to good use (including freezing leftovers for quick weekday breakfasts). This morning the waffle maker was busy making multi-grain waffles from this recipe (from Eating Well).

I added some banana slices to half of the waffles, they kind of stuck to the waffle maker but still caramelized nicely. A little maple syrup + walnut pieces and coffee completed this breakfast.


The waffles were sweet and delicious, but kind of dry. I’m going to look for another recipe for my next waffle batch, but I bet they will still be great toasted some day and made into a waffle/Barney Butter/banana sandwich. Mmm


On the agenda:

  • Get a Christmas tree
  • Go to a bootcamp class at the gym
  • Plan a dinner menu
  • Go grocery shopping
  • Clean the apartment
  • Decorate Christmas tree
  • Host a dinner for my parents and aunt from Russia!!!

Busy, busy day…

Adam and I went to a fancy dinner last night. I hope to write a review very soon. Stay tuned! 😀


In case you missed my other 500 reminders (hehe) – the Waterpik giveaway can be found here.

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