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Kitchen design is on its way

December 29th, 2009 · 21 Comments · breakfast, comfort foods, dessert, rice, risotto, snacks

Did I mention on the blog that we are remodeling our kitchen? I’m sure I have since this is a project we’ve been thinking about since buying our condo back in August and have been trying to get it under way for months now. After interviewing half a dozen kitchen designers and contractors, and accepting that it will cost nearly double what we originally budgeted for it (can you say ouch?) we finally signed the papers last night and put our deposit down. The very same night, the kitchen designer came over, discussed all the details with us and promised to have the sketches done by the end of the week. It’s actually happening!!! I am beyond excited!! In fact, I had a hard time falling asleep last night, because I kept on thinking about it. Weee :mrgreen: Do you guys want to see the kitchen before it is gutted? I’m thinking of doing a little video tour of our condo…


Power bran muffin with a sliced persimmon and nonfat yogurt


Lots of textures and tastes!





Thai food leftovers. The papaya salad was still crazy spicy but so yummy :)



3 things I’m obsessed with – TJ’s ww Tuscan bread, avocado + baba ganoush




I actually had some more bread with baba ganoush after dinner as a snack. The stuff is my new crack – my Barney Butter de jour if you will. 😉

A little piece of fudge with walnuts at the office…



Dinner was one creamy concoction – risotto with cauliflower and walnuts (based on this recipe, which I found through Tri to Cook). I used only 1 cup of dry arborio rice but added some cooked wheat berries, inspired by this recipe. I also only used 1t of EVOO (for toasting the rice), 3 oz of brie and walnuts instead of almonds (we ran out of sliced almonds). This was SO indulgent tasting!


It was actually overwhelmingly creamy (Adam thinks that’s crazy talk 😉 ), so mid-eating I decided to add some fresh cherry tomatoes to the bowl. What a great addition! The tomatoes added such freshness to the dish. I still managed to eat only 1/2 of this bowl.


Soon after dinner, I found room for dessert!


I ate 3 out of the 4 cookies in the package. These guys are so much yummier (and junk ingredient free!) than oreos. The cookie is actually chocolaty.


After the kitchen designer left, Adam and I watched 5 episodes of season 3 of Entourage. We just couldn’t stop. Have you seen the show? We’re addicts here! 😆

All right kids, I’m off to work! Happy Tuesday :)

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  • #1 - Carly

    I thought of you at the gym today while I was reading Shape magazine. There was an interview with Mandy Moore and in one of those side bars was a list of her “the 7 things that keep me healthy (and sane)”. And although Barney Butter wasn’t on her list, she did have WF crunchy PB :) Thought you would get a kick out of this as well!

  • #2 - sister inna

    barney butter du jour he he heeeee
    congrats on the kitchen upgrade
    i wanna see the illustrations 😀

  • #3 - Mellissa

    You definitely need to post the before pictures!

  • #4 - Husband Adam

    I can’t wait for the new kitchen! I WANT A WORKING DISHWASHER! :)

  • #5 - Kelly

    Can I say that I am beyond jealous. I love my little kitchen. It’s actually quite pretty with marble floors, granite counters, and pretty cherry cabinets but it’s far too small! Having one person cooking in it seems like a squeeze.

  • #6 - Elina

    Carly – hehe, that’s awesome! I even have WF crunchy PB :)

    Innz – I’ll see if I can scan them 😀

    Melissa – ok 😀

    Kelly – unfortunately we can’t enlarge our kitchen either, but hopefully we’ll be able to maximize the space. I will say our kitchen is not completely tiny. I’ve had 3 people in it before and it wasn’t bad 😀 I’ll do the video so you guys can see!

  • #7 - Diana @ frontyardfoodie

    I’m in love with avocados! I don’t care so much for babaganoush but hummus is my all time favorite thing ever.

  • #8 - sarah (ghost world)

    #1 power bran looks awesome

    #2 i LOVE entourage! agree, so addicting. easy to watch 3+ episodes in a row.

  • #9 - Evan Thomas

    That fudge with walnuts looks amazing.
    I’ve never tried Late July’s but I do enjoy my Newman-O’s from time to time for some guilt free cookie goodness :-)

  • #10 - One Healthy Apple

    I can’t wait to redo our kitchen. Oh the joys of buying our first home! Our kitchen is clean and livable, but very 1970s! Unfortunately I have to wait a few more years till I can do so! Can’t wait to vicariously live through yours!

  • #11 - RunToTheFinish

    yes yes you have to do a before and after video!! how super exciting!!

    the risotto looks amazing!

  • #12 - Caroline

    Oh how I love that Trader Joe’s Tuscan bread! I would totally be obsessed with it too if I had it in my reach! How exciting that you are getting a new kitchen, can’t wait to see before and after pics!

  • #13 - Nicci@NiftyEats

    Sounds like a great 2010 project to remodel the kitchen. I still have never had a persimmon…I need to find one and try one asap.

  • #14 - Kerstin

    Congrats on the kitchen remodel! I am definitely interested in before and after pictures :)

  • #15 - Lauren

    So exciting about the kitchen remodeling news!!

    Glad to read that the wheat berry addition to the risotto was a hit.

  • #16 - Jena

    Lunch and dinner look great! As well as those Oreos that are much healthier and that fudge! Yummy:)

  • #17 - Lara (Thinspired)

    Yes, I want to see the kitchen before the work starts! C’mon, you know we’re all suckers for good before & after’s! :)

  • #18 - Temptations at work, temptations at home

    […] Kitchen design is on its way […]

  • #19 - Michal

    I love that sandwhich combo! Avocado + baba + bread = yum!

  • #20 - Quite the food blogger

    […] inspiring. Today wasn’t wasted yet, I could turn this around. Half hour later I had a pack of organic oreos. 30 minutes after that I had 2 cookies from Paradise Bakery (what I actually wanted all afternoon). […]

  • #21 - Michelle

    SO excited for your kitchen remodel! I recently had a seafood risotto at Turners Fisheries and the grape tomatoes in the dish totally helped cut the creaminess of the risotto so that was definitely a good call!