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Giveaway winner announced + throughts on my struggles with holiday overeating

December 22nd, 2009 · 15 Comments · salad, sandwich, snacks

First, before I forget, the winner of the somersaults giveaway is #58. Please email your address to and I’ll make sure the company sends you a case of the snacks soon :)

Now before we get serious, let me share an embarrassing picture with you 😀


Don’t I look important? Actually this was taken in front of the green screen at Nasdaq. The whole thing was a little gimmicky – lots of picture taking and photos. Going up on the stage and clapping on national tv was kind of fun though. I think Adam saw the top of my head somewhere among the crowd. My moment of fame. Haha 😆

And then there was eating and drinking, and more eating. Lots of indulging for sure. I should mention we had dinner at a high end Greek restaurant, Milos, and it was absolutely fantastic!! All the food was super fresh, pretty healthy and so so delicious. I’m not going to lie, this is the best part of networking 😉

For obvious reasons I couldn’t take any pictures of my food yesterday so let’s see how today went…


I was running late in the morning so I wasn’t able to pick-up breakfast or lunch to bring on the train. Thankfully I had 2 clementines + a cherry larabar in my purse.


After about an hour, I thought I was going to chew my arm off, so I had to resort to buying food on the train. I was able to get a few healthy-ish snacks to hold me over until I was back in Boston and re-united with my kitchen. :) The tribe hummus + cracker combo was awesome! The smokehouse almonds were not my favorite but I still ate a good amount of the bag because I was hungry.




On my way back to work, I stopped by my place to change and make a quick lunch. We had slim pickings but I managed to make this turkey/laughing cow/pickle sammie. Yum-o.


So far, so good. And then the office chocolates transformed me into a monster. Argh, I hate that the holidays give me this stupid excuse to eat until I feel sick and can’t breathe. Not good. Not healthy or sane. Bleh.



There was more than this.

All the chocolate made me feel gross. I managed to convince myself to get my butt to the gym but after 10 minutes of abs, I just wasn’t feeling it. All I wanted to do was go home and see my husband. So I put my normal clothes back on and did just that. Not a move I’m particularly proud of, but I guess sometimes you just need to just call it quits instead of being miserable.


The only thing I could think of to help myself “snap out of it” was to make a lighter yet delicious dinner. I stopped by Trader Joe’s on the way home and stocked up on lots of fruit and veggies to create a yummy dinner salad.


Organic spring mix, bosc pear, goat cheese, dried cranberries + smokehouse almonds (saved from the train ride).


It’s been a little while since I’ve had a satisfying salad. This was really nice.


After a tiny bit of sulking, I decided to do some Wii Fit exercises. It was fun yet challenging and helped raise my spirits a bit. :mrgreen: So yeah, a tough day, I’m not going to lie. It seems that this happens every holiday season. I try to stay on track as much as possible, maintain regular exercise and avoid mindless snacking – yet somehow I get off track. What’s crazy is that most things I keep eating are not even “worth it,” but somehow I can’t seem to stop this train wreck. So many people hide behind the “it’s the holidays” excuse, but I can’t accept that. Indulging a little more than usual during this season on things that are special is cool with me, but bordering on bingeing every day for no reason and skipping my gym dates is not. I’m gaining weight, I’m unhappy about my actions, yet I’m doing nothing about it! Do I really need to see January 1 on my calendar to get back on track? I think the deeper the hole I’m digging for myself, the harder this will be. Ok, enough blabbering. How do you feel about holiday overindulgence?

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  • #1 - Jenna

    what a great lil snack box ya got and those chocolates look divine!

  • #2 - Erin

    It’s also important to realize that in the grand scheme of things, one day doesn’t really make a difference. Realize when you’ve erred and that no one is perfect — that helps put things into perspective.

    I had similar feelings this week as my mom kept baking cookies and of course, I had a few every day. Once I realized that a) I wasn’t gaining weight and b) eating too many made me feel like crap, it all balanced out.

  • #3 - chrysta

    Hey girl!! I think its good to be journaling everything. I do this over the holidays just to try and work through the struggle sometimes. I find the best way is balance. For me, I’ll let myself have 2-3 treats of whatever I want then I kind of sit back and eat in moderation the rest of the night, thats my goal anyways.

    But Ive totally had my days too where this doesnt work and I just eat all the goodies around me. I found though that a day or two of just over eating really didnt make much of a difference. I just got right back on track and hit up the gym and healthy eating again and its all good. I just got right back on track.

    This seems to work out alright. I just try and eat in moderation, but if I eat more than planned I don’t fret about it too much. So dont worry!=) It’ll be ok.

    I hope you have a wonderful holiday!

  • #4 - Carly

    I just keep up with my workouts as much as possible. That way I know I’m doing some good things for my body in exchange for some bad choices.

    My biggest problem is nibbling while I’m baking. I like dough more than cookies :) So, during the holidays when I’m baking I try to make cookies right after lunch so if I nibble, that replaces my usual after lunch treat. I try to focus on fruits and veggies when I’m in control of my food options, so when I’m not in control I don’t feel bad making not as good of choices knowing that I made better ones earlier in the day.

    At then end of it all I just try to look back at the week and realize that I had an amazing time with friends and family that was more important than the indulgences. I get back to my normally healthy routine and realize that I didn’t gain a pound and carry on my way :)

    Hope this helps and happy holidays :)

  • #5 - Kirsten

    Being on the NASDAQ is exciting! congrats :)

  • #6 - Shannon

    You are not alone at all with the struggle to eat healthy this time of year. There are treats everywhere! My husband came home yesterday with 3 bags of baked goods given to him at work for the holiday. I cant eat the gluten-filled goodies, so they are just sitting on the table taunting me!

    I am fine with indulging on the holidays, but the days in between I try to eat healthy. But when there are temptations everywhere you turn, it is hard. I can relate, and I know most people can too. Try not to me too hard on yourself :)

  • #7 - Jasmine (Sweet and Fit)

    oh my! i know exactly how you feel in this post. I find myself mindlessly snacking n things that aren’t even “worth it” – then i let it ruin my day…luckily you are smart and calm enough to try and “snap of of it” – Elina, the holidays are hard for everyone – hang in there!!!!

  • #8 - Shannon

    *hugs* you know what, i don’t think you ruined the night, i think you turned it around. sure, the gym may have not been in the cards, but you listened to yourself, made a healthy dinner, and spent time with some who makes you very happy, instead of continuing to eat more chocolate.

    it’s definitely tough this time of year, the past few weeks have been rough for me as well. i’m hoping spending time with the fam turns it around!

    I hope you and adam have a wonderful holiday, and can’t wait to see you next year :)

  • #9 - Becky

    This time of year is hard for many people. I know I am struggling more than usual right now. I’m still up weight-wise from Thanksgiving. And now there’s Christmas right around the corner! Bottom line is this time of year is hard. I’ve decided to try and enjoy the season and do my best to get in my workouts and I know I can get this weight back off once there are less temptations everywhere.

  • #10 - Kelly

    I have to say, I’ve definitely lightened up my attitude toward holiday indulgences. I used to be so hard on myself, but now I realize that as long as I don’t go incredibly overboard it’s once a year and I don’t want to look back at the season and think about how I spent the whole time feeling guilty. I’m already psyched for some post holiday gym time. I miss yoga in particular so much.

  • #11 - One Healthy Apple

    I double fisted some chocolate last night and chocolates during the day. I have a heck of a time with it too, but one or two days will not mess things up, I promise! We all get stuck with all the merry making and it will be over before you know it!

    Congrats on being on Nasdaq- how exciting!

  • #12 - Mae

    I know this exact feeling… I have been having a lot of trouble lately with emotional eating and just EATING until I’m so full I feel nautious. I’m not sure why I keep doing this to myself, but I hope it changes.
    Congrats on your day in NY, I love the city!! Keep your head up, you’re such a sweet heart.

  • #13 - Meghan@traveleatlove

    Don’t worry, everyone has those gym moments. I had many last winter where I went to the gym, sat in the sauna for 10 minutes, then went home. Sometimes its healthier to just listen to yourself, its not giving up but taking care of you!

  • #14 - Changing my tune

    […] Giveaway winner announced + throughts on my struggles with holiday overeating […]

  • #15 - Michal

    that is such a cool picture of you! And I can totally relate to you. I emotionally eat somtimes and I hate that I do it and I know its bad but I cant stop myself. Im working on it though every single day.