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Christmas celebration 2009

December 25th, 2009 · 16 Comments · dessert, snacks, soups

I just got back from my in-laws’ after a day and a half of celebration and relaxation. I find it a little ironic that during the busiest season of the year, today was the day that I actually got to truly relax. But let’s not get ahead of ourselves – there was certainly lots of (happy) craziness before I was forced into much needed relaxation and I want to share it with my blog friends 😀

I worked a half-day yesterday, so between that, a workout, some last minute Christmas shopping (just a few more stocking stuffers), gift wrapping and a manicure, there wasn’t much time to eat. I had an english muffin with Barney Butter and kiwi for breakfast and a few clementines at the office, but that’s about it.



This meant that by 5pm when we arrived at my in-laws’, I was starving with a capital S. Seriously, I’m pretty sure I was counting down to “food-time” on our ride over there. A few happy (very excited about Christmas!) faces reminded me that it wasn’t all about food and gifts – this was a special evening with family! :mrgreen:


Oh yeah, but I was starving. So I decided to hit up the table with all the yummy calzones, apps and dessert. Thank you Jane and Velika for cooking! It was all delicious :)
















Justin is a cookie-monster (possibly more so than I am 😆 )




Little Colby had some butternut squash – he ate the healthiest out of all of us! 😉


A little vino was very much in order…




And of course a little more dessert…




Then the kids got to open 1 gift each (that includes ME! yay!!)


[I got a cute bracelet from my sister in law. :) ]


And finally it was time for the little ones to go to bed because Santa needed a little help gift-wrapping 😉 This is before Santa’s arrival. Man, there were a lot of gifts!


Fast forward to 5:30 am this morning, Justin woke us up digging through his stocking. He was beyond ecstatic that Santa did in fact arrive at night and got him all of his favorite things. After only 5 hours of sleep, I tried to be excited for him and grabbed my camera to document this. 😀


Thankfully I convinced Justin to go upstairs and wake up his parents, who held him upstairs for over an hour while I snoozed a bit more. Coffee + blueberry coffee cake were real life saviors once we finally got up!



A little later I had an egg bagel with light cream cheese (I had a little over 1/2 – Adam helped me finish the rest).


More family fun… This was Colby’s 1st Christmas! :mrgreen:




He enjoyed one of the teething toys we got him:


And I enjoyed another seven layer bar… I bet it was much tastier 😉


Lucy wanted some too!


Oh look, I even had some fruit!


After all the gifts were exchanged (this was just part of the loot from my stocking!), it was time to do a whole lot of nothing!


It was a long time since I seriously did absolutely nothing. All the stores and the gym are closed so we couldn’t run any errands, and I wasn’t home to catch up on tv and blogging. I just snuggled on the couch, chatted with Adam and my parents in law and that’s it! Awesome!!

Here are the coolest foodie presents I got – a Vitamix blender from my hubby and an ice cream maker from my parents in law.



You know I had to put the Vitamix to use as soon as I got home!! The cream of tomato soup (recipe came from the blender cookbook) took literally 10 minutes to make from start to finish, and even that wasn’t all “active time.” Skim milk, a little piece of potato and some cherry tomatoes were transformed into the best creamy (yet light, almost fluffy!) tomato soup. I am beyond excited for this gift!!!! 😎



The little cheese sandwiches with gruere cheese and Dave’s habanero mustard were perfect for dipping!


Yum yum yum. I couldn’t be happier right now despite the fact that I actually got sick. My nose is runny and stuffy but I don’t care. It’s Christmas!!

Do you celebrate Christmas? Did you get any fun gifts this year? 😉

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  • #1 - Tiffany

    Kevin signed the whole family up for a fun cooking class at Elephant Walk! I thought of you when I opened that gift :) Kyle also surprised me with a trip to Miami in February!! So excited :)

    Cool blender. We knew you’d love it!

  • #2 - Jena

    Great eats!!

  • #3 - Carly

    Looks like you had a great Christmas :) I have that same ice cream machine and love it! My husband and I made awesome pistachio ice cream in it over the summer. We used this recipe:
    It comes from an Ohio ice cream maker who is really into using local ingredients. Her company is called Jeni’s Ice Cream.
    She has a couple other recipes posted at Food and Wine as well!

  • #4 - Michal

    It looks like you had a fantastic holiday :) I got a new digital camer and a bunch of other goodies. Buuuutttt the camera is messing up my computer and now my old one wont even work. I dont know if ill be able to share my christmas menus :(

  • #5 - Kelly

    Wow. Those are some great goodies; so insanely jealous of the Vitamix! So far I’ve gotten some very fun stuff although we’re still celebrating today with my mother’s side. I got $$$ for my first snowboard and lots of cooking gadgets. I think one of my favorites though was a 5-jar sampler of a bunch of different local honeys.

  • #6 - Elina

    Tiffany – I’m jealous of the cooking class! Let me know how it was :) And I know you’ll have fun in Miami. I want vacation again 😀

    Carly – thank you for the ice cream recipe. Pistachio ice cream sounds awesome. I’m saving this one! :)

    Michal – oh no! Hopefully you’ll get it figured out. I wanted a new camera too but they were sold out of it (or were selling it at way above retail) everywhere :(

    Kelly – Adam and I were actually talking about trying snowboarding this year. It would be fun to do something active outside. The 5-jar honey sampler sounds fun. Maybe you can pair some with cheese 😉

  • #7 - marie

    I’m glad to see that you had such a fantastic Christmas and got some down time. I had a great one, too, and got lots of fun presents, including Eat, Drink, and Be Vegan.

  • #8 - maria

    I am quite jealous of your new ice cream maker. I want one so bad! Glad you had a nice Christmas. Sometimes doing “nothing” is the best!

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  • #10 - Shannon

    Merry Christmas Elina!!! I am beyond jealous of your mixer 😉 looks like you had some awesome family time :)

  • #11 - Lara (Thinspired)

    Awww, Merry Christmas, Elina and Adam! SO COOL about the Vitamix. Your hubs has great gift taste!

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  • #13 - Elina

    Marie – EDBV has been on my list forever too! Hope you like it :)

    Maria – I’ll keep you guys updated on my ice cream making adventures. What should my first batch have?

    Shannon + Lara – I knew you’d girls appreciate my excitement for a blender 😉

  • #14 - Kerstin

    Merry Christmas! Great blender! Glad you had such a wonderful celebration!

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