Blogging for accountability

I am writing this post, and then I’m off to take a hardcore Sweat Box class at my gym. It’s cold outside and I just ate a ton of cookies (hello, even more reason to go!), but I’m making it happen. Please ask me if I went as soon as you read this :)

Knowing that I will be going to Sweat Box tonight, I wanted to do some yoga during lunch. Unfortunately, my gym moved the Monday lunch time yoga to Wednesday with no notice (they just changed the schedule!). So what did I do? I went home and did some on demand yoga from Exercise TV (Comcast on demand). If you haven’t tried on demand workouts from your cable company, give them a go. A lot of them are really great! 😀


2 (frozen) banana multi-grain waffles with peanut butter and 1/2 apple


This was the last fruit we had in the house. We are in desperate need of a trip to the grocery store!



I was going to buy lunch since we had nothing in the house, but since I ended up at home, I decided to get creative with whatever we had. I found a little piece of pizza dough in the fridge, an open can of diced tomatoes, an open can of chickpeas and some greens. Voila – a grilled flatbread pizza with mixed greens, chickpeas, tomatoes and Goddess dressing was born!


I was pretty proud of my creation! 😎


I ate it like a giant doughy wrap. Mmm…


Some overindulging on cookies last night meant that I wasn’t really hungry for snacks all day today. I did eat an almond stuffed medjool date (unpictured – the pic came out super blurry) at some point in the afternoon. This brings me to…


Since I am going to Sweat Box tonight (see how I’m saying I’m going… not “hope to go.” Yeah, I’m so going!! 😆 ), dinner was super early (Adam was going to a Bruins game tonight, so it worked out perfectly). I followed this recipe for stuffed peppers, subbing quinoa for brown rice (much quicker cooking!) and omitting the onions.


Bella’s pictures are so much prettier. She’s a genius with a camera 😀 The peppers were pretty yummy. Adam especially enjoyed them since he has a mild obsession with black beans. This is how I get my man to eat vegetarian dinners once in a while. The cheese helps too 😉


And then the cookie monster in me came out. I plopped myself on the couch with the giant tupperware container of the leftover cookies. Bad, bad idea. Here are a few of the whole wheat peanut butter M&M cookies, just for the visual. I definitely ate a lot more than these 2 (can’t tell you how many, because I didn’t count! Maybe 5?). These are leaving my house tomorrow. No more temptation!! 👿


No more eating for the rest of the night. I’m off to get ready for Sweat Box. Weeeee :mrgreen:

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