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Yesterday was such a fabulous day, from start to finish. I feel like every time I hit a low at work, it gets sooooo much better. The past 2 days have been fantastic!! 😀 I attribute this to 1) Getting prettified before heading to work so I feel confident in my own skin, 2) concentrating on the task at hand without getting emotional (I am there to do my job, which I am good at. Period!), 3) including a heart pumping, sweat inducing workout as part of my day, even if I don’t feel like one! (it makes a HUGE difference in my mood; it’s like taking my medicine 😉 ). Yesterday I took a spin class that my friend taught (that was cool!) + ran 1.5 miles on the treadmill and finished with abs. These are my tips for staying cool at work. 😎

So my day was fabulous because I did all of the above + I had a really fun blogger date to look forward to. Let’s start with that one, shall we?

It began with meeting Tina, Lauren and Melissa at Mint Julep’s Shop for Cause event. Can you picture me in this fabulous number? 😉


Not this one, though… I think you need to be 16 and stick thin! Is that a dress or a shirt? I think I’m aging myself! 😆


Mint Julep had an awesome food spread for the shopping event. They really went all out!!



After a long day at work, a little champagne with cranberries was a great way to start the evening fun 😀



And I took a few nibbles of this mini cupcake. I decided that I do not like Sweet cupcakes. Sorry, you guys are pretty, but it’s what on the inside that matters. 😀


Mint Julep is such an adorable boutique but I’m really strapped for cash lately and nothing “spoke” to me. I was probably too worried about money. I may have to redeem myself by donating a few bucks directly to the Boys and Girls club. 😀

After fun “window” shopping, we headed over to Noir in the Charles Hotel, where we were treated with some appetizers on the house. We thought the drinks were on the house too, but unfortunately were stuck with a bill at the end of the night. Oh well, it was still a great excuse to get together and the free food was pretty awesome! :mrgreen: Some of the spread…





As Tina would say, I dominated the flatbread with tomatoes, goat cheese and arugula. I ate 3 slices (=3/4 of the flatbread) all by myself. It made for a delicious dinner! 😀 Here is one slice… multiply it by 3.


I also had 3 scoops of the above pictured (first pic) spinach, bacon and gruyere dip with toasted pita chips. It was cheesy and smoky – delicious! The pita chips were super stale though. I made up for it in the flatbread eating. :)

As my drink, I ordered the Flaxy Martin cocktail: sailor spiced sailor jerry spiced rum, grand marnier, orange juice, and a touch  of monin vanilla syrup & cinnamon


This drink was STRONG! I honestly wasn’t a huge fan, but I still managed to drink the entire thing. Chatting will do that! Bloggers mingling…


Tina being goofy 😆


The whole group…


Fun, fun night!

I would normally end here, but my eats from earlier in the day were so fun, they need a quick mention…


1 Food for Life english muffin with crunchy peanut butter and Hachiya persimmon + coffee




Mixed greens, carrots, grape tomatoes, olives, chickpeas, Samira Homemade baba ganoush + 1 TJ’s low carb wrap


So many textures and flavors. Awesome lunch!!


And look what I got in the mail today… I was in heaven! So were my co-workers. I spread the somersaults cheer :mrgreen:


*A giveaway coming soon!!*

I think that should do it. It’s Friday!!!!!!!!! Do a little dance with me. Common! 😉

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