Barney Butter free day

I’m about to leave for a run this morning, but wanted to share some of yesterday’s eats with you since today is promising to get busy. I had a weird day where I was craving none of my usual foods (Barney Butter seemed unappealing? Call the doctor! 😉 ) but it worked out in the end :)


FFL english muffin with 1 egg + 1 egg white with tomatoes and cheese + coffee




Confetti chili



Snap peas


+ later a few Kashi dark chocolate oatmeal cookies (unpictured) and 3 pickles (not together! 😀 )


One of our Friday night favorites, if we’re not eating out – pizza!!


My half had extra diced tomatoes, artichokes and corn


Veggie-full 😀


And then we were off for a few drinks with friends at Sunset. I ordered the Founders Cerise cherry beer.



I really enjoyed this beer. It wasn’t overly sweet but did have a mild cherry flavor. It was quite smooth too. I drank it really fast so I get that’s a good sign 😆

For the table, Adam ordered the monstrous spinach artichoke dip


I ordered dessert and as you know already had dinner, but this was planted right in front of me and I did quite a bit of munching 😳

For dessert I got one of the specials, the baked chocolate cobbler – (from the menu) gooey and fudgy like a ganache, with a baked crumble topping and served wit hmini sides of malted vanilla and espresso ice cream


This was not was I was expecting. It was almomst like a gooey brownie, not a ganache cake. It wasn’t bad but not great – kind of standard bar dessert. I ate probably 1/3 of this and shared the rest. I don’t think I’m ordering dessert from Sunset again. I’ll stick to beer!

A few hours later, our group decided to head over to another bar, but I was really tired so Adam and I went home. It was still a fun night – I got to hang out with my friends and still got a reasonable amount of sleep before my run with a few blogger friends 😀

Hope you have a wonderful weekend. I think I’m running late now….. eek.

A few more days left to enter the Waterpik giveaway. For an extra chance to win, don’t forget to get those bonus points in :)

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