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Welcome back dinner

November 29th, 2009 · 7 Comments · 20 minute meals, chicken, Cooking Light, restaurant reviews, turkey

My dad came back from Israel last night. He’s been gone for a month and my mom was out of town, so I decided to make a healthy dinner for the two of us. On the menu:

The salad was based on this recipe from Cooking Light. I used the recipe to make the candied walnuts and the dressing (using 2/3 of the oil) and then just mixed them organic greens, sliced pears and goat cheese. The goat cheese was a great addition. I think everything goes better with goat cheese with nearly no exceptions! :)


My dad enjoyed the candied walnuts the most. I made some extra so you’ll see them in future posts over yogurt, salads and oats.


The entree was another Cooking Light recipe (see it here). I had really high expectations for this one. The picture in the magazine just looks absolutely mouth watering. I bought some baby scallops ($10 cheaper/lb than the large sea scallops!) and they just wouldn’t brown. They kept on releasing water, which I was draining out over and over, and were making me nervous. At the end I pulled them out of the pan (over cooked scallops taste like rubber!) and proceeded with the recipe. The final result was pretty yummy (I cut the butter by 1/2 and you could still really taste it!) but not mind-blowingly amazing.


Dad and I both enjoyed it :)


I was pretty satisfied with dinner by this point, so my little almond cherry cluster was consumed about an hour later. This one was a hit with dad too! I’m making more next week for company. These guys are really great!!




There were a few other eats earlier in the day that are worth mentioning:

This sandwich with dark meat turkey, cranberry sauce and laughing cow cheese on TJ’s whole wheat Tuscan bread was amazing! I seriously could not stop talking about it for hours! The soft yet chewy bread was definitely an important factor in this.



Adam had a Chipotle craving so we went in. I was really hungry but also really wanted some leftover hot and sour soup we had at home. Apparently Chipotle now lets you purchase just one taco if you want it. It was perfect to tie me over until we got home! 😀 Chicken taco with hot sauce, tiny bit of sour cream and cheese + lettuce


Chipotle uses all natural and mostly organic ingredients, including meats and dairy, so it’s one of the only fast food chains I actually like.

Who’s not ready for this long weekend to end?!

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