Texan vacation – day 2

After sleeping in, blogging and checking out of our hotel, we headed out to lunch (I shared a cherry larabar with Adam while getting ready to take the hunger edge off). We were determined to get some good bbq in Austin!

Upon a quick search on line, we found just the perfect place – The Country Line, and it happened to be only a block or so away from out hotel. Sweet! I was hungry so I was chanting “bbq, bbq, bbq!!” on our walk over. It was getting misty and was definitely colder, but I had ribs on my mind so I didn’t care that my hair was getting freasy. 😆 Well, apparently many establishments are closed on Sunday in Austin, and our restaurant of choice was among them. Booo! :( Plan B became wondering around Austin and finding another spot. Jo’s seemed to do the trick, and I couldn’t help but order a bbq pulled pork sandwich. What can I say, when I get a craving, I must satisfy it; otherwise things may get ugly. Haha.


The bun was amazingly soft and delicious; the meat was tender but the sauce was a bit strange. Actually, it wasn’t the saucy bbq I’m used to. The meat was almost just flavored; it was sweet and a bit peppery – not bad per se, but not what I was craving. I ate most of it, until Adam offered to swap our sandwiches. His cubano sandwich (pulled pork, ham, pickles, swiss, mustard) was amazing and I was really happy again :)

By the time we were done with lunch, the weather really turned to the worse. It was raining at this point and I didn’t have my umbrella :( At first we were going to tough it out and still go see the park that was on our to-do list, but quickly realized this was going to be a long and miserable walk there. So sad. Instead, we picked up our rental car and headed to the Whole Foods mothership store. Man, I was excited – I could hardly contain myself!!!! :mrgreen:

This is a nut bar. I think we all know by this point how obsessed I am with nuts.


These are not just ordinary nuts – the rosemary garlic almonds and cinnamon cappuccino pecans immediately caught my eye. I had to try a bunch of them right away!


Happy Elina, buying nuts. 😀


Me in the trail mix aisle. Man, I could do some damage here! I bought the most amazing maple pecans that I devoured in the car on our way over to San Antonio. Seriously, if you live in Austin – you must buy the maple pecans. Best dessert nuts ever!


A little sample of chai….


And a little drooling over the dessert displays (no purchases, the nuts helped me get through this)….




I purchased a few other cool things that you guys will see in future posts. What an amazing store… we would live there, if we lived in Austin :)

By the time we left Whole Foods, it was like a monsoon out there, so we definitely couldn’t go to the park. 😕 Next time!! Our drive to San Antonio was uneventful and relatively quick. We checked into our hotel and braved the rain to walk over to the Riverwalk. What a cool place that was (I’ll try to take pics tonight)!! It was Sunday night so it wasn’t too wild (I’m sure it gets packed on Friday and Saturday nights) but we found Casa Rio, which was on our recommended list and had a great dinner.

Dinner at Casa Rio was the exact opposite of our dinner the night before at Wink, by we enjoyed it nonetheless. Sometimes fine dining is the perfect meal, and sometimes a down and dirty (not really though) Mexican is all y0u need 😉 I ordered a strawberry margarita to start 😀


Crazy sweet but exactly what I wanted. For my entree I ordered the green chicken enchiladas: 2 chicken enchiladas topped with monterrey jack cheese, tomatillo sauce and sour cream, served with Mexican rice, refried beans and guacamole salad.

Before my meal arrived, I had a few chips with the crazy hot salsa… and then a few with the guacamole salad (loved that there were no onions in the guac!)



And here is my meal… nothing fancy, yet crazy delicious. The chicken was really tender and the tomatillo sauce and cheese just perfectly coated everything. I can’t wait to have even more Mexican on this trip!


Next up, a few minute walk brought us to the Mad Dogs British Pub (we were trying to find a place with lots of people there)


I ordered a cider but they were all out, so I decided to go with the flow and ordered a peach tea charged with peach shnapps.


As you may be able to tell from the color of this drink, there was no real tea in this. I think some pineapple juice was involved, and definitely lots of peach shnapps. Sweet and refreshing… yum! Gotta love vacation :)

And that’s our second day in Texas. The weather is supposed to be sunny and gorgeous for the rest of the trip, so I’m off to enjoy San Antonio. Have a great day!! Thanks for checking in with me 😀

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