Support when it counts

It is cold and raining, but I’m about to go on a run with my little running group. This is when support like that counts! I’m not going to lie, I feel pretty hardcore even attempting this 😉 We’ll see if this changes once I actually get wet, hehe.

Yesterday was another great day of eats. I am being very mindful, and it makes me happy! So far, so good. Let’s see how I did…


1 Ezekiel english muffin with crunchy Barney Butter, warmed up frozen mixed berries + a dollop of nonfat yogurt


I love creamy yogurt over warm berries and BB! Absolutely delicious :)



Not bad (nothing earth shattering either) – a solid granola bar with no junk ingredients. Sounds good.

My workout was a spin class, followed by 5 minutes of jump rope (just for a little somthin’ somthin’ extra 😉 ). I definitely felt the fact that it’s been over a week since my last spinning class. I was kind of dying in there… looking forward to getting back into it :)


Leftover pasta with shrimp


Still delicious! Is that a hair in there?!!


I think that’s the cheese melting… let’s hope so! 😀


Light organic string cheese for some protein + fat


And later, a brownie with cherries


Btw, to make the brownies, I used TJ’s brownies truffle mix, subbing 4oz of nonfat yogurt for 1 stick of butter + adding dried cherries. There are huge chocolate chips in there, so the brownies are crazy indulgent tasting. No need for butter for sure! 😀


2 tacos with tofu, avocado, hummus and roasted red peppers


+ another brownie (see pic above) for good measure 😉

All right, I’m off to get wetttttt. See you later, alligators! :mrgreen:

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15 comments to Support when it counts

  • Having a group definitely makes it easier to get motivated for a difficult workout. I’d usually sit out a run if it’s raining but knowing people are depending on me makes all the difference. 😀

  • I just found your blog and LOVE your eats~ literally, I would have been ecstatic to eat every single thing that you did today! Especially that breakfast! Yum yum yum!

  • Support is what keep me going. Hope you have a great run lady!

  • your breakfast looks AMAZING! how are those english muffins?

  • Wait. Your running in this mess outside?! You totally are hardcore :) Good for you! And way to go on the mindful eating. I have been trying that too and it feels so empowering!

  • It was SO much better to have fun people to run with. Let’s do it again soon :) Enjoy your weekend!

  • Woah, congrats on running in the rain! I HATE it! The only time I ran in the rain was during races, and I was not happy 😉 So kudos to you! Your breakfast looks delicious, and so does the brownie :) Have a great weekend!

  • I am so behind on your blog. I’m so sorry. I hope we can still be friends 😉

    As usual all this food looks fantastic. I think of all the food bloggers, I have a similar eating style/tastes to you. All of your food always looks like stuff I would like to eat!

    Hope you have been well!

  • that breaky of yours looks fab!

  • Elina

    Erin – definitely! I totally was secretly hoping they’ll all cancel last minute, but at the end was so happy I went!! :)

    Emily – thanks so much! It was definitely a very yummy day 😉 Out of curiosity, how did find my blog?

    Katie – they are totally my favorite. They are really “meaty” (i.e. wholesome) and I really love that about them. Whole grains at their best 😀

    Caroline – yes, we all ran in that mess outside. Definitely lots of puddles and we were all completely soaking wet, but sooooo worth it! :)

    Meghan – I’m so glad you came out. Hope you join us again soon… I want to hear more about your marathon and travel experiences!! :mrgreen:

    Anne – I think I would be upset if it was raining this bad during a race, but on a random day, no biggie when a bunch of friends join you :) The breakfast was definitely awesome :)

    Lara – we can still be friends 😆

  • I hate running in the rain, but I maybe running in it tomorrow :/ I am thinking of a full marathon, but a nervous because of a lack of consistant training support.

    That pasta looks delish!

  • I can barely run inside- you are such a badass for running in the rain! Hope you enjoy your weekend!

  • You all are hard core! I though about you while I did my 7 miles on the warm, dry treadmill! Next time for sure!

  • […] Support when it counts […]

  • […] Support when it counts […]


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