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Split personality

November 19th, 2009 · 17 Comments · 30 minute meals, breakfast, Cooking Light, dessert, salad, snacks

Wow, sometimes I feel like I’m 2 different people! My posts on Sunday and Monday nights were not exactly chipper, and then we have a day like today, when everything just goes smoothly and I can’t even understand why Elina from 2 days ago had so much trouble. Good thing that days like today exist because I sure do enjoy them! 😉


Breakfast definitely started the day on the right foot – this baby I got from Whole Foods in Austin was the main star! Ever since I made Ellie Krieger’s pumpkin pie muffins, I’ve been obsessed with everything-pumpkin (must make them again soon)!!


Pre-made mixes are perfect for a week-day breakfast! 3 pumpkin pancakes with warm apple chunks, oikos and walnut pieces:


Definitely a great way to start the morning!!



1T TJ’s almond butter + baby carrots. I love this combo!!


Workout – 45 minute bootcamp class. Oh yeah, my quads are burning. We did sprints today!!


An amazing salad!! Organic mixed greens, grape tomatoes, raw cauliflower, Niman Ranch ham (it’s the best!!!), pear slices and almonds, dressed in 1T of Annie’s balsamic vinaigrette.


This rocked!! I just love fruit in savory salads. Who needs to spend $10 on a salad?!!



I’ve been excited for weeks about this recipe from Cooking Light for chicken-butternut tagine. I imagined intense flavors, all melting together in one ethnic dish…


Unfortunately both Adam and I found it bland. I used the wrong olives, which was definitely a bad mistake (they weren’t salty enough!) but otherwise I’m not sure what went wrong. :(


Dessert made up for a lack-luster dinner :) I realized that I haven’t had any treats all day, so I dug into a mini piece of cheesecake we had in the freezer. Come here, baby…


Mmm, oh yeah! 😉


I loved being able to enjoy a little dessert with absolutely no guilt. I’m all for indulging, just in moderation. This was perfection!! What a great day! :mrgreen:

What was your favorite meal today?

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  • #1 - Lauren

    Mmmm pumpkin pancakes! I had reheated oatmeal cookie pancakes this morning… SO GOOD! I think pancakes are even better leftover and toasted.

  • #2 - Lara (Thinspired)

    I feel that way about my posting too sometimes…I worry that my readers will think I’m totally crazy with my “blog swings”!

    I’m glad you are having a great day :)

  • #3 - Bridget

    Your lunch salad looks delicious!! I feel like I haven’t had a good salad like that in a while. Glad your day was a good one!!

  • #4 - MelissaNibbles

    My favorite meal today wasn’t a meal, but that’s okay. It was a bite of a Newman’s chocolate bar that I got in the mail. It was gooooood.

  • #5 - Courtney

    Pumpkin pancakes, I have been dying to make them! Pumpkin waffles, too …. My favorite meal is always breakfast, yesterday’s PB&Jelly oats were pretty redonkulous.

  • #6 - Kate G.

    I made a recipe really similar to that one and had the same problem too! It was good but there was just something missing that made it kinda bland, even with all the spices…
    Maybe it needs something sweet our sour to balance the spice?
    Annnnnyway, glad to read that you are having a better day!

  • #7 - katie

    LOVE that salad and pancakes! yumm!! breakfast is always my fav meal!

  • #8 - Allison (Balance in Bites)

    So glad you had a good day today! I hate it when I have a couple bad days in a row.

    Today for breakfast, for the first time, I made myself some pumpkin oats. Oatmeal, skim milk and a dash of almond milk, pumpkin, and some brown sugar, cinnamon, and nutmeg…. damn, it was delicious. Definitely the best meal of the day so far. =)

  • #9 - Nicole (dishin')

    Cheesecake..yum! My favorite meal yesterday was Thanksgiving dinner that I had with my friends. It was pot luck style and delicious!

  • #10 - Diana

    My meals were pretty awesome today! So I really can’t choose eheh But yay for pancakes!

  • #11 - Kirsten

    I’ve been about 3 different people lately so I hear you 😉
    Mine’s mostly career related split personality!

  • #12 - Kerstin

    What yummy pumpkin pancakes!! I need to mix up my breakfasts more. Glad you’re feeling better :)

  • #13 - Carly

    My favorite meal today is the Chicken Tikka Masala that I’m eating as I type. I used your recipe… FANTASTIC! My husband is a chef and is loving it as well!

    I also made the recipe you posted for Pumpkin Whoopies to bring to work for my birthday. I definitely tasted as I baked and they are really delicious.

    I too am obsessed with pumpkin. I put it in yogurt, cottage cheese, oats, make pumpkin apple bread (I use a fantastic light(er) recipe). I just can’t get enough of it!!! My husband is making a pumpkin bread pudding for Thanksgiving.

    Glad you are having a better day today!

  • #14 - Madeline @ GreensandJeans

    heavens to betsy! those pancakes look ahhhh-mazing!

  • #15 - Jenna

    i love pears in my salad. it adds something special!

  • #16 - Anne

    I’m glad you had a good day! Your meals look absolutely fabulous. Love those perfect Fall pancakes, and I’m a total cheesecake fanatic! Best dessert ever :)

  • #17 - Elina

    Melissa – what kind of chocolate was it?

    Kate G. – that recipe does look extremely similar. Interesting. If you figure out how to make it great, let me know, please!!! :)

    Diana – I love days like that when every meal is better than the next! 😀

    Carly – really? Awesome! :) Glad you enjoyed those :mrgreen:

    Jenna – I agree 😉

    Anne – cheesecake is definitely up there on my list too! 😀