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Sometimes you lose

November 15th, 2009 · 27 Comments · breakfast, dessert, oats, pork, sandwich, snacks

I had a wonderfully relaxing day after a fun party last night. That being said, the whole apartment and the kitchen was a giant mess + lots of yummy desserts were still remaining in the house, which made for quite the challenge eating healthfully. I tried to eat mindfully to the best of my abilities, but the maple pecans got the best of me at the end of the night. Some days it’s easy and you win those little battles in your head, and sometimes you lose. I swear I know all the right answers. My sister came to me this weekend, asking for words of wisdom on eating and exercise, and I think I handled it pretty well. I do practice what I preach, majority of the time, but somehow I’m sitting here right now, fighting back the tears because I’m just so disappointed (heck, who am I kidding – I am at home, alone, crying my eyes out). How can pecans make someone cry?!! I just don’t get it.

Anyways, before the tear jerking pecans jumped into my mouth, the day really was wonderful. Let’s recap, shall we? :mrgreen:


Banana oats with raisins, walnuts, 2 crumbled apple and carrot shortbread cookies + nonfat yogurt


Breakfast pretty much rocked! :)

Then Adam and I realized that it was amazing outside, so instead of cleaning we decided to go for a walk. So much more fun! Somehow we ended up in China Town, and decided to grab a little snack/lunch…




We’ve heard that Windsor Dim Sum Cafe is one of the best in Boston for dim sum. It was around 3pm, so we easily were able to get a table. Excellent! :) The place is quite small with just a few tables and the atmosphere is nothing to write home (err blog) about, but the food made up for it!


We started with some jasmin tea…


… and ordered a few favorites: steamed shrimp dumplings, bbq pork buns and glutinous rice noodles with shrimp


This was on par with the best dim sum we had in Hong Kong!!! The steamed shrimp dumplings were especially incredible – so tender and juicy. I had a 3rd one 😀 We’ll definitely be back to Windsor Cafe!

Our adventures around China Town and Boston continued, first with a large supermarket. Adam was in ramen noodle heaven 😉



I couldn’t get over how gorgeous Boston Common looked. Wow, the fall is really here!! The pictures do not do it justice. The park looked breath-taking!




Newbury St had a little chocolate surprise for us…


These free chocolate samples were the perfect post lunch dessert. I took a picture inside but was told that’s not allowed (sorry, I can’t share it with you :( ). The place IS adorable!!!!



1 blondie + 1/2 brownie with cherries


A persimmon (I ended up eating only half)


3 little endive boats with orange slices, goat cheese and candied walnuts



Ham, avocado, grape tomatoes and TJ’s white bean basil hummus in a TJ’s ww wrap + baby carrots


Kick-ass combo, if I do say so myself!! 😉 For some reason, though, I was still hungry, so I kept eating…

1 serving of sea salt somersaults


Still obsessed with these babies! So nutty, crunchy and delicious. Worth the shipping price, I promise 😀

And here are the evil maple pecans from Whole Foods. I got a container on Friday night and now it’s gone :( This handful was just the beginning 👿


Clearly this is a trigger food I can not have in the house. Oh well, you live, you learn.

On a non-food related note, I just caught up on the last few weeks of So You Think You Can Dance. Do any of you watch this show? I used to do ballroom dancing when I was little (and actually for a bit when I was in college), and really miss it watching the show. I wonder if there are any decent classes in Boston. 😕 Something to research :) This show is not only beautiful but also so incredibly inspirational. These dancers transform themselves into stars by working hard and learning from each other. I think it can be applied to other aspects of our lives. I’m really touched by this show. That and the Biggest Loser. What are your favorite shows? Mine also include “How I Met Your Mother”, “The Office,” and “Lost.”

Hope you had a great weekend! Check back soon; I’m posting a giveaway in a bit.

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  • #1 - Jenna

    yummy breaky! can’t wait to hear about the giveaway :)

  • #2 - One Healthy Apple

    Hope those pecans don’t ruin your evening. I can’t keep puffins cereal in my house or I’ll eat the whole box- too bad because they are sooo good!

    I love How I Met Your Mother and whatever else I find on my DVR box!

  • #3 - katie

    okay im officially going to order sommersaults!! those endive boats are too cute

  • #4 - Lara (Thinspired)

    The dim sum looks delicious and authentic…the shrimp dumplings are my absolute favorite. I can eat those things like popcorn :(

    I’m sorry about the pecans…but think about how far you have come with IE! You’re still not counting calories, right? That is amazing progress while still maintaining your weight!

  • #5 - maria

    Ah! Nuts get me every time, too! Trigger foods are difficult to handle. You want to be able to have them around for when you really want them, but its too easy to go overboard. I am like that with granola bars. I hide them from myself! Out of sight, out of mind usually.

  • #6 - Solange

    Hello! The endive boats and blondies look awesome! I’d love to try making the ‘boats’ too, :D.

  • #7 - Valerie (College Girl Eats)

    I love that white bean hummus from TJ’s! And I can completely relate with the pecans (hellllooo PB Puffins!). It’s great that you were able to identify it as a trigger though. You’re on the right track, girl!

  • #8 - Justine

    a) Aww, don’t cry :( I know how you feel, though; I had some Newman-Os in my dorm a few weeks ago, and I ate half the pack before I put them in the trash to save me from myself.
    b) Eee, I have that same V-Neck stripey shirt! You look better in it, though.
    c) I TOTALLY WATCH ‘SYTYCD!’ I’ve never danced, but watching that show totally makes me want to learn. I don’t know why, though, but I don’t really have a favorite dancer this season. It’s still early in the competition, though.

  • #9 - Eve

    I think it’s great that you can write about the triggers and your feelings. To tell the world that you were crying while writing the post makes you very relateable to others, and I’m sure made you feel better by letting your feelings out. Dim sum looks great! I haven’t been to chinatown here in NYC in a long time!

  • #10 - Madeline @ GreensandJeans

    LOVE dim sum! Yours looked delicious! We all have our triggers (mine is my Grandma’s chex mix, of which I currently have 2 bags in my freezer. Yikes), but you are so brave to put yours out there!

  • #11 - Kelly Turner

    oooo i havent had dim dum in so long. i may need to make a trip this afternoon…

  • #12 - Julie

    I’m going to agree with Lara…you have come a long way in your IE journey and this one slip up is just a little bump in the road. I totally know how you are feeing, and it’s so hard to get over it but in the long run it won’t matter.
    I feel like I’m so much better at dispencing advice than taking it :/

  • #13 - sister inna

    a wise woman once told me ” be kind to your body”. and be kind to yourself — one night with the pecans will even out soon enough 😉
    i had an awesome weekend hanging out with you. thanks again for the advise and the sweat session 😀

  • #14 - 24carrot

    Sometimes we all lose, and I think its amazing how honest you can be about it. Its what makes me coming back to read.


  • #15 - Jesse

    Umm… quasi obsessed with SYTYCD, I only started watching this summer but I think it is so fun.

    And I’m also devastated that it is the last season of LOST, I’m even more obsessed with that show.

    I’m now into Glee and Top Chef, but only when I catch them…

  • #16 - Emily

    What a fun little trip around town! I love SYTYCD!

  • #17 - Caroilne

    There will always be those tempatations that you just can’t turn down or the bag of “whatever” that mysteriously disappears in one afternoon. What is important is that you recognize this behavior and try to figure out a plan to keep it from happening again in the future. I have been there for sure and the tears are not uncommon for me too! Your day of eats looks fantastic though and just think it could have been a lot worse than pecans (think chocolate donuts!).

  • #18 - Alyssa

    I LOVE DIM SUM!! You have such a great attitude on just being able to accept and learn that something is a trigger food instead of getting mad at yourself or feeling guilty! I love that.

  • #19 - Alyssa

    Oops. I didn’t read the beginning of the post. I’m sorry to negate what you were feeling. You are only human though, which is nice to see. Many of us can relate to your struggles, and I have definitely been there. I guess the healthier attitude I described above is what we are striving for! Easier said than done though…

  • #20 - Katie

    I’m really down about how I ate today :/ Almost a whole box of Annie’s bunnies.

    You have a great attitude!

    I never danced not coordinated enough, but Zumba does look fun actually all dancing does.

  • #21 - Shannon

    how i met your mother, bones, brothers and sisters, numbers… there are probably some others 😉

  • #22 - RunToTheFinish

    i have felt like i am losing all week at my parents…the sweets…I don’t even want them now but feel this weird compulsion to eat them

  • #23 - Mimi (Damn the Freshman 15)

    Aw, you were just fueling up for your next workout!

    That dim sum looks amazing! I need to check out TJ’s wraps. I like most of their grain products.

    Oh, television. My roommates always have it on (I used to barely watch it) so I’ve become well-versed in all the shows. I currently watch Dexter, Top Chef, Iron Chef, Project Runway, Biggest Loser, and Desperate Housewives.

    My favorite shows of all time are Buffy, Deadwood, Rome, Firefly, and Monster. Jeez, I guess I’m not a comedy fan.

  • #24 - Elina

    Thank you all SO MUCH for your kind words. I really think I have the best readers! :mrgreen: Also, thanks for sharing your favorite shows. I may need to check out a few of them 😉

    Lara – right, I’m still not counting and I really don’t want to go back to that.

    Innz – I had a great time too. Hope to see you again soon… maybe we’ll come to NY! 😀

  • #25 - Shannon

    It can be hard to be the person everyone thinks has it completely together when it comes to food and health. Heck, I’m going back to school to be an RD. There’s an added pressure to be the epitome of health….eating healthy and managing treats in moderation. But I definitely have my hangups and moderation can be really hard. The important thing is how far you (and I) have come in developing a healthy relationship with food. You’re doing great!

  • #26 - EatingRD

    Evil Pecans! I can never eat just one of anything so I wouldn’t be able to have those in the house either. Don’t let it set you back.
    Oh man SYTYCD is my FAVORITEST show ever! It reminds me of when I used to dance in HS and college, miss those days. I’d love to try ballroom. My fiancee and I took a short class, but I’d love to get more into it. Other favorite shows are all on HGTV or the Food Network :)

  • #27 - Bridget

    I’ve definitely had a crying session post eating session before :(

    LOVE SYTYCD!! I’ve danced all my life. I can’t help you with a ballroom class but for regular dance classes, Jeanette Neil Dance Studio on Friend St near the Garden is great for adult classes. Its drop in, so you dont have to sign up or anything. They have lots of different classes at different levels :) I go to Jazz every tuesday!