So you want intensity?

As predicted, I’m still sore from my Monday night Group Power class. I knew that lifting 45 lbs with my legs would have its effects 😉 In order to flush out some lactic acid out of muscles, I decided to take spinning. I took an abs class right before that, and then dragged my butt to the spin studio. Honestly, I really wasn’t feeling spinning but I didn’t want to run either and lifting wasn’t an option. Guess what? The spin instructor never showed up! As I was trying to warm up on my spin bike, thoughts of alternative workouts started going through my mind. What could I do that would actually be fun, yet intense? I know some of you gym class addicts have the same problem. If you miss the class, the instructor doesn’t show up, or your favorite class is permanently canceled for some reason, it’s hard to motivate yourself on your own and get the same intense workout you’ve been accustomed to.

My day dreaming brought me back over and over to Tina’s 30 (or 50) minute elliptical workout. It’s been probably a year since I’ve done it but the printout was still in my gym bag, and I was actually excited to give it a go again. From what I remembered it was a tough one… and yes, I remembered right! After the 5 minute warm-up at level 3, Tina gets serious. No more bouncing around on the elliptical, doing your time. You’ll be working with this one, and by working I mean sweating, huffing, puffing, wishing the fire alarm in the gym went off so you’d have an excuse to get off. This workout is intense!! I did it for about 40 minutes yesterday and thought I deserved a medal at the end. Can’t wait to do it again and see if I improve over time 😀


Banana oats with nutella and sliced banana


Real nutella for breakfast? I say “why not?!” I like starting my day on a sweet note 😉



Cedar’s hummus with crackers (I ate 1/2 of the hummus and all the crackers) – delicious!!



2/3 tofu steak with apple butter and Laughing Cow cheese on Nature’s Pride whole wheat bread + baby carrots


It was kind of funny but the tofu with herbs + apple butter kind of tasted like apple sausage 😆 Delicious combo, btw!



For dinner I was lucky enough to be invited to taste Shannon’s winning recipe for savory pumpkin pudding. Shannon will be the Nature’s Pride ambassador at the Foodbuzz conference in San Francisco this weekend, so if you’re there, I highly recommend you give this amazing dish a taste. I was blown away by how incredibly delicious it was!!!


I had a bit of seconds… SO good!


I brought some dessert over – Berryline peanut butter tart frozen yogurt. I haven’t had Berryline since August and forgot how in love I am with their yogurts. The peanut butter flavor was very yummy… I possibly went back there and got a pint to go 😉


Delicious day, amazing workout. I can’t complain 😀 Do you have any workouts that you do on your own and absolutely LOVE? I want details :mrgreen:

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21 comments to So you want intensity?

  • I always do my own thing at the gym, I am not a big class person. I do interval training with a 30 or 60 second all out sprint and at least 60 seconds of recovery.

    For my lifting I always carry a notebook around with me that has my current program in it. Right now I am doing a body party split.

  • I am fully on board with Nutella breakfasts!

    I’ll have to check out Tina’s elliptical workout. I have done the 45-min treadmill one, and she means business! Maybe I’ll do it today :)

  • i always forget about structured workouts like that, but would be good on the elliptical as i get bored…

    hehe, i may have finished that pb berryline for breakfast… hey, it’s yogurt! :)

  • Oh berryline, it’s been much too long…I miss it!! Your workout sounds great!! My favorite exercise ever will always be dance, but thats a class setting. I think on my own, I love running somewhere with a nice view like castle island in Southie :)

  • Eve

    I really miss gym classes! I quit my gym membership 1 year ago when we moved into a building with a gym (it has a pool, gym, small spinning studio and a mini aerobics room) so there was no point in keeping my membership especially since it’s rather far from my apartment. But classes are really what I miss! They have a few, but they charge a lot of money for them and they don’t look super motivating. Body Pump Classes & Kickboxing were my absolute favorites.

    Right now I’ve been rather boring: swimming laps, running on the treadmill, going on the elliptical or lifting weights – but I always incorporate the ball, medicine balls & bosu balls.

  • I need to try a tofu sandwich – yours looks delicious.

  • The tofu sandwich looks VERY good!

    Great job on the workout. I would’ve left if the class were cancelled :)

  • That sandwich combo does sound tasty!

  • That pumpkin dish looks amazing!

    I was just thinking about switching up my workouts. I normally only do a class once a week then my own workouts but I think I could use a little extra push that classes give me!

  • Sarah Marshall

    I have been to Berryline before and I can see why you are excited. However, there is a Red Mango Opening in Boston on the 21st of November. Red Mango by far is the healthiest and best tasting frozen yogurt I have EVER tasted in my life. There stores unlike Berryline all have a very distinct feeling to them. The product is all natural, gluten/fat free. It also is loaded with tons of patented probiotics unlike everyone else who makes many false claims. You have to try Red Mango here in Boston. It will be the NEW trend in the Boston market!

  • I think your workouts would kick my butt. I am such a wuss about things like that, although I love a challenging yoga session. I’m very unoriginal. On my own I love to do the stationary bike & read.

  • sister inna

    i’m testing out this elliptical workout on friday morning! it’s been penciled in! thanks 😀

  • Wow, Shannon’s winning dish does look incredible! No wonder she won!

  • Everything looks sooo delicious! 😀
    Also, I’ll definitely try that workout soon. Maybe tomorrow or friday! It does look intense!

  • Seeing pictures of Shannon’s bread pudding makes me want to have some right now! It was great seeing you again last night and thanks for that delicious PB yogurt!

    I should do your elliptical workout, I tend to slack off on it and watch tv!

  • If you want intensity and a workout you can perform alone, I’ll recommend kettlebells. Exhausting but you can do it in your kitchen. If you’ve not tried them yet, then revelation awaits you :-)


  • I’m bad about following a structured workout, but it would probably be a good day to spice it up a bit.

    I love the idea of tofu and Laughing cow together in a sandwich….I’ll be trying that!

  • Elina

    Mellissa- I haven’t done interval training since training for my half. It sure gets your heart rate up! Maybe I need to get back into it. Definitely a great workout!! 😀

    Shannon – nice 😉

    Bridget- you should join our weekend running group!! :)

    Eve – that’s pretty cool that your building has a pool. The 2 previous places we used to live in, had gyms too but I really love a real gym’s atmosphere. Sounds like you’re challenging yourself on your own quite well 😀

    Rose – let me know how you like it :mrgreen:

    Sarah Marshall – I’ve heard great things about Red Mango and the one that’s opening is actually closer to my new location. I’ll be sure to check it out. Berryline has all natural ingredients, though, so I’ll still be a fan forever 😉

    Kelly – hehe, I bet your yoga sessions would kick my butt 😆

    Innz – you’re going to love it! 😎

    Kerstin – great seeing you too… and I totally regret not taking some home with me. :)

    Fitness chef – I’ve tried kettlebells before and just wasn’t a fan. Maybe I need to give it another try 😕

    Shannon – I think laughing cow goes with everything! hehe

  • man you are such a great cross trainier, look at all the variety in your workout!!

  • I don’t know if you’re going to be en route already, but Ellie Krieger’s going to be doing a free book signing/cooking demo here in Boston!
    I’m definitely going!

  • […] since trying Shannon’s savory pumpkin bread pudding, it’s been on my list of must make meals. I knew […]


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