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November 12th, 2009 · 14 Comments · breakfast, Ellie Krieger, Italian, pasta, shrimp, yogurt

My Texan vacation was such a great time. I feel like for the first time in months I’ve actually spent quality time with my husband and truly relaxed while enjoying beautiful weather and exploring 2 cities I’ve never been to before. Like I mentioned in a previous post, I think it was exactly what the doctor prescribed – in more ways than one. Aside from the above, this vacation also made me appreciate Boston, my home, and healthy eating. I am re-inspired to get healthier, stop the mindless eating behavior that recently has crept up and unsurprisingly caused some weight gain. I missed cooking! I missed baking (something I haven’t done in ages, actually) and of course exercising. I’m back with more energy and excitement about all of these, and I hope that my re-ignited fire translates into more fun posts 😉

On a somewhat related note – did anyone see the Biggest Loser this week? What an intense episode!! I actually couldn’t fall asleep last night after we got back from San Antonio so I decided to catch up on my BL. Well THREE hours later, I was in tears, yet so happy to see the eliminated player’s progress (I don’t want to spoil the surprise for those who missed it). Did you notice that they didn’t show *her* “after” footage? I went online and found the video, as well as the additional interview. One of the questions actually related to staying away from unhealthy treats. She said that before she puts anything into her mouth, she evaluates whether it will bring her closer or further from her goal, and always chooses the one that gets her closer to it. I think that since most of us don’t have a lot of (or any) weight to lose, and are not on a competitive tv show, we get a little more room for “error,” but I do think that it’s important to stop and think sometimes – and make the “right” choice most of the time. I’ve let go recently, and this reminder will hopefully help me get back on track! I’ll definitely keep you guys posted on my progress :mrgreen: Now enough talking, let’s get to today’s eat!


Nonfat yogurt, organic apple chunks, Kashi Heart to Heart cereal oat flakes with blueberry clusters, and ground flaxseed + coffee



The cereal was a sample I got in the mail, and I really enjoyed it. Lots of crunch and delicious sweet (but not too sweet) blueberry clusters. :)


V8 garden vegetable blend soup + Ezekiel english muffin


I ate this in 2 parts (double the soup) since work got crazy busy, and it satisfied my hunger for hours! I am definitely going to be shopping for more V8 soup in my future! It was the perfect “I have nothing in the house but I want a healthy meal” meal 😀


New strawberry oikos


I liked it overall but it was a little too sweet for my taste (plain is totally the best!!).

Trader Joe’s crunchy pb granola bars



Given that today is Thursday, I wanted to make another Ellie Krieger recipe. Since I was on vacation for a week, I decided to make last week’s chosen recipe – linguini with shrimp (I had all the ingredients for it at home and this week’s recipe in all honesty scared me a bit 😆 ). I cut down on oil, used 2oz of pasta/serving (instead of 6) but otherwise followed the recipe with no substitutions.


It came out quite delicious. After nearly a week of Mexican food, a big bowl of healthy pasta really hit the spot! 😀


Is it me, or is something missing from today’s eats? Oh yeah – dessert!! I have some healthified brownies with cherries in the oven that I can’t wait to sink my teeth into. Healthy “indulgent tasting” treats are what keeps me in check. I am proud of today’s food choices. Are you proud of yours today?

PS – Happy blog anniversary, An Apple A Day! Check out her awesome anniversary giveaway here :)

Also, win a gift certificate for Stogo here.

EDITED TO ADD: Mmm, brownies…. 😀


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  • #1 - sophia

    I had gnocchi, pancakes, and now oats for dinner. I am proud of my carbyness today! lol

  • #2 - Shannon

    I’m glad you’re coming back so refreshed. That’s what vacations should do!

    I try to make very conscious choices when I eat. I used to have issues with binging where I would eat almost on auto-pilot. Now, I try to make very conscious decisions. Of course, that means sometimes I make the conscious decision to have a slice of cake. But that’s all a part of healthy eating and most of my decisions are healthy ones. I appreciate your your reminders about eating more consciously and intuitively.

  • #3 - Katie

    I also have been mindless eating and it NEEDS to stop! Carrots are just as crunchy as chips why do I choose chips? Apples are as sweet as chocolate and I of course choose chocolate GAH. Back on track needs to happen.

  • #4 - Jenna

    glad you are home!
    love shrimp with pasta :)

  • #5 - Caroline

    I cried during the Biggest Loser too! I actually just watched the recaps on line but that was enough for me. Looks like you had a great day of good eats. It’s good to re-evaluate every now and then. Having an injury which has side-lined me from working out at the intensity I would like to, has made me think about what I am eating even more. Love that brownie with cherries too!

  • #6 - Kat (kats daily plate)

    Your Texas vacation looks like my foodie heaven! Mexican food is my favorite and I was drooling reading your posts!

  • #7 - sister inna

    your dinner looks delish… what a surprise 😉
    cant wait for this weekend 😀
    running in the rain = my kind of fun hehehe

  • #8 - Madeline @ GreensandJeans

    I LOVE vacations that leave you feeling refreshed rather than exhausted! Also, that brownie looks incredible!

  • #9 - Sara

    Good for you! It always feels good to get reinvigorated. The eats look good today, I really enjoyed that pasta last week too.

  • #10 - 24carrot

    I have fallen off the ellie boat. Need to get back on. Thanks for reminding me.

  • #11 - Elina

    Sophia – hehe, I like that 😉

    Shannon – I am definitely all for making a conscious decision to eat cake sometimes (see brownie picture above 😆 )

    Katie – I actually forgot to mention – I started buying baby carrots to munch on while I eat dinner. By that time, I’m usually starving and it’s very easy to over-snack before I even get to my meal. I’d say apples are not as sweet as chocolate though. Everything in moderation! 😀

    Caroline – I think what we eat is so much more important than exercise. I can imagine that an injury would make you be more conscious of your diet. I hope you recover soon!!

    Kat – glad you enjoyed the pics! 😀

    Innz – you’re such a masochist… and of course I’m going to join you!

    Sara – thanks for CEiMB. I love being “forced” to try new things 😀 That Ellie book was collecting dust on my shelf before I joined your club.

    24carrot – next week’s recipe should be a good one to get you right back on track! Mmm… french toast! :mrgreen:

  • #12 - Maria

    Thanks for visiting our blog! I am glad I found yours:)

  • #13 - Support when it counts

    […] Re-inspired […]

  • #14 - Lara (Thinspired)

    Yes, I totally noticed they didn’t show “her” footage! What’s up with that?! I really wanted to see her progress!

    I am just so glad Tracy is finally gone.