I feel like I deserve a medal

Hehe, that title is so true about yesterday. I woke up in a good mood (again) and was determined to make it a good day; a day that won’t be ruined by overeating and self doubt. So that’s exactly what I did 😀 Let’s talk through it…


It was Thursday, which meant a CEiMB meal. I always have mixed feelings about breakfast choices because it’s hard to make them on a weekday. This recipe for peach french toast bake chosen by the lovely Liz of The Not So Skinny Kitchen, called for most of the prep the night before and required just baking in the morning. I could handle that!


As you can see in the above picture, I used blueberries instead of peaches because that’s the only organic frozen fruit TJ’s carries (that’s where I went for my groceries this week). Peaches are very dirty fruit (pesticide wise) so I definitely was not going to buy the conventional kind to follow the recipe to the T. Blueberries are delicious in their own way, anyways. 😀

I’ve actually made this baked french toast before and if you read here, you’ll see I liked it (last time I also used berries instead of peaches). This time I added more cinnamon to the batter and baked only 2 servings (allowing for extra room in the pan); the baguette pieces browned up nicely, but I thought the batter was a bit bland. :( It was delicious, but not OMG-I-can’t-wait-to make-i-again-but-for-now-I’ll-eat-both-servings-delicious. Could be a good thing 😉 I’d add some sugar to the egg mixture, because it was almost savory, despite the fresh fruit and brown sugar on top.  A dollop of oikos was perfect on top!


Leftover chicken-butternut tagine



Now that I knew what to expect and didn’t have crazy high expectations, I enjoyed it :)


This is where the proud moment comes in. I was in the Flour Bakery neighborhood and the day before decided that I was going to get their “granola bar.” Don’t be fooled by this name, this is a pastry, an incredibly delicious pastry!


This thing was giant! As soon as I got it, I knew I should only eat half. It took a lot of will power, but I split it in half, and put the rest in a little ziplock baggie. I’ll definitely enjoy it another day 😀


Mid-afternoon I got a bit hungry and wanted to reach for the other half of the granola bar, but instead had a perfectly crunchy and juicy apple. A pastry is not a good way to satisfy hunger; an apple is!


I’m SO proud of this rational thinking and very mindful eating. Don’t you guys think I deserve a medal for this one? 😆


I went to the gym after work (took a Group Power/boot camp hybrid class) so dinner had to be very quick if I was going to continue with healthy choices (Adam and I were both staaarving). It came together in seriously 5 minutes flat with the help of some leftovers :) I bought some wild cod at TJ’s on Wednesday, which I defrosted overnight. When dinner time came, I rubbed the fish with Zesty’s Texas chicken rub, and broiled it for a few minutes (the slices were very thin so that’s all it took). While the fish was broiling, I microwaved some leftover mushroom mashed potatoes and popped some fresh snap peas in the micro for 2 minutes with some S&P and red pepper flakes. Easy, healthy and delicious! 😀


Yum! 😀


After dinner, I finished the container with apple and carrot shortbread cookies (only a few little ones left) – unpictured. It was a great eating day and my attitude was the best part of it all. Eating mindfully and treating my body right feels gooood!! :mrgreen: Happy Friday!

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13 comments to I feel like I deserve a medal

  • Rachel

    You for sure deserve a medal! Mindful eating and portion control is HARD! I, for one, could not walk past the container of cookies in the kitchen at work as I got my coffee. It was delicious, though, and one took care of the craving for it. Otherwise it would have taunted me all day. I can’t pass up homemade cookies! lol

  • A medal is definitely in order! Mindful eating takes work… but eventually is becomes second nature :)

    Have a great weekend!

  • your breakfast actually made my mouth water!

  • Elina

    Hehe, Rachel – I can’t pass up homemade cookies either! It’s important to feed your soul with cookies too :)

    Estela – I really hope it becomes second nature for me eventually. Some days it’s definitely easier, and I’m ready for those hard days to become a rare exception. 😀

    Madeline – should I guess you’ll be having french toast for breakfast this weekend? 😉

  • oh my gosh..all those eats seriously are AMAZING!! gah girl!! and that french toast..im hungry already!

  • totally deserving of a medal! and those cookies sound awesome!

  • A gold medal with those delicious eats ! I have NO self control so no junk is allowed in the house. If I make pasta I only make one serving. Know thyself!

    Congrats on the great eating!

  • Darn, I wish the french toast had come out more tasty. I love french toast and am always looking for new ideas. Happy weekend!

  • That french toast looks amazing! Too bad it wasn’t absolutely stellar. The fish looks so good, though! And mindful eating is difficult. I say you should definitely get a medal :) Have a great weekend!

  • blueberries. YUM!!! Mine was meh. Ah, well.

    Res t of your dishes look great

  • sister inna

    oooo love the new photo 😀

  • You absolutely deserve a medal for saving the other half of that wonderful-looking granola bar for later. That took strength!

  • Liz

    I bet the blueberries were great on the French toast! For me, the peaches were a little too tart. I definitely think more sugar in the batter would be a good idea, or using raisin/cinnamon bread as some people did, to give it a little more sweetness. Thanks for blogging with me this week :)

    And I’m so glad you are getting yourself in a better mindset!


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