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Gotta stop worrying!!!

November 17th, 2009 · 16 Comments · breakfast, pizza, salad

I’m going through a little rough patch right now, trying to do exactly what I tell others not to do, worry about it too much – making it worse. I feel like my intuitive eating was at its best when I just listened to my body and allowed myself to eat whatever I wanted. Sometimes it was more than I thought I “should have had” but at the end it evened out given my workouts and the balance with healthier eats. Yes, I do eat healthy majority of the time, but the baked goods and nuts add up fast and easily can erase all that good will. Adam and I have decided to go out on a little date tonight. We’ll see what the date will entail, but hopefully it will be what I need to relax again. I’m questioning everything in my life (possibly irrationally) and it needs to stop!! Let’s hope a happier Elina will greet you with the next post! 😀


1 egg/1 egg white omelet with grape tomatoes, ham and cheese on Ezekiel toast + coffee


I’m usually not a savory breakfast kinda girl but this was pretty awesome! :)



PART I –  salmon/avocado maki with brown rice


PART II (eaten a few hours later) – mixed greens, grape tomatoes, chickpeas, fresh mozzarella and almond slivers


It was fun splitting lunch up over several hours :)




+ 100 calorie pack of almonds


The second I got home, Adam poured me a glass of wine. I was freaking out about everything.


Not sure if the wine helped but it was tasty 😆 The chicken I was defrosting for dinner was still rock solid, so dinner was a 1/2 of TJ’s truffle flatbread… my favorite!!!



+ later in the night… 1 brownie with cherries


… and a blondie (unpictured).


I had a breakthrough at the gym! I took the Rope’n class I’ve previously blogged about. It’s an interval class – at least 1 minute on jump rope (sometimes up to 3), with a minute of another strength or cardio in between, for 55 minutes!! I’ve gotten pretty good at jumping, except the move where you cross your arms and twist the jump rope over your head was just not happening for me… until yesterday!!! When the instructor said to do that for a minute, I just went ahead with my own thing (jumping with high knees). She said she knew I could do it and told me to move my arms really close to my body when I need to cross them, and flick my wrists. It worked!!! I know the description probably doesn’t make complete sense, but regardless.. I did it!! It’s so cool to be able to still learn new things and grow. I was so proud (now I need to practice more :) ). Next time she said she was going to teach me the double jump (have the jump rope go over my head twice while my feet jump only once… does that make sense?). Now that one I really do think I’m not capable off, but we’ll see…. maybe I’ll surprise myself with that one too :mrgreen:

Have you ever surprised yourself at the gym?

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  • #1 - Mellissa

    It is much easier said than done to stop worrying about things! I surprise myself constantly in the gym, I am stronger than I think I am. Squatting 150 pounds recently was pretty darn cool.

  • #2 - Tanya

    I’m more on the calm sides, but of course, there are times when everything stresses me too. Usually, I go take a nap. It might be avoidance, but I’d probably drive myself crazy if I stayed awake.

  • #3 - sister inna

    your egg breakfast looks so delish. how early do you wake up every morning to whip these things up? i know i’d never be able to… especially with these dark mornings :(
    i want to take that class!!!!

  • #4 - Nicole (dishin')

    Hope you feel better soon…take a deep breath when you start to stress…that’s what I do and it helps me think a little more clearly!

  • #5 - katie

    a jump roping class..that sounds awesome!! and im not a savory breakfast girl either but id prob love that

  • #6 - Coco

    yum! Your savory breakfast is rockin. I love that sushi roll too, it’s my favorite. I took the rackem up class last night and it totally rocked my legs off hhaha. I’m so sore this morning. Coffeee soon!!!

  • #7 - Jenna

    that breaky sandwich looks so great!

  • #8 - Jamie

    Hi Elina,
    I think I have only posted once or twice on here before but have been reading for a while now. I feel inclined to post today about Intuitive Eating because I can relate a lot to the frustrations you are talking about. Intuitive Eating is HARD work!! It feels so natural and so good sometimes but it also causes you to question yourself “am i really hungry?” “do i really want this” “am i overeating” “am i too full” “why do i want this” and sometimes it can drive ya crazy! At least that is my experience with it. Overtime I have come to quiet the questioning and just go with it without trying to be perfect. Its not a big deal if you eat past your “perfectly satisfied point” sometimes. And it’s not a big deal to not always know what you are craving. I have tried to just be more gentle with myself and just try to eat reaosonably healthy most the time and stop stressing. These are a few things that have worked for me and I just wanted to share that with you. I hope some of this helps but just know that you do a fantastic job at eating well and listening to your body– far better than most out there!

    All the best,

  • #9 - Kerstin

    Sorry you’re a bit stressed, I hope you feel better soon! I’m a big savory breakfast fan, so your sandwich is making my mouth water! Great salad too, I need to start bringing salads in for lunch again.

  • #10 - tra

    when i lifted 100lbs (deadlifted) it was awesome coz i thought i couldn’t do it. that and pressing 50#

  • #11 - Elina

    Mellissa – wow, that’s awesome!!

    Tanya – I tried watching some mindless tv yesterday. Sometimes just getting your mind off things (that are irrational and can’t have a clear solution) helps!

    Innz – these things don’t take long to make! I won’t tell you what time I wake up because it varies, and I do have the benefit of basically no commute! 😀

    Jamie – the over-questioning definitely happened to me at the beginning but things got easier… I just started trusting myself and ate when and what (for the most part) wanted. As mentioned though, lately, I somehow got off track and got back to old habits of emotional eating, eating to nauseousness, etc. I need to change it asap!!! Thanks so much for your comment :)

    Kerstin – Bringing lunch in is such second nature to me at this point, I actually find it weird to eat out. I also find that salads taste better during lunch than at night… plus they’re a great way to get lots of veggies in by mid-day! 😀

    Tra – niiiiice 😉 I wonder how much I could deadlift… I’ve done 50 pretty easily. 100 sounds scary but maybe I’d surprise myself too! 😀

  • #12 - Katie

    My yoga class Sunday was the best I have EVER done. I managed to do all the poses in the first 40 minutes w/o falling over! I was so proud of myself I was fit to burst.

    Girlfriend I couldn’t jump rope probably normal so you ROOOCK!

    I have been worrying a lot which is exhausting me since then I have nightmares at night.

  • #13 - EatingRD

    I love savory breakfasts every once in awhile, yum! awesome jump roping skills! I like to take a 30min jump rope class at the gym and it’s such a good workout, but I don’t think I could swing it around twice with one jump either.
    Don’t get too down on yourself hun, we all have disappointing moments, but realize that it happened and pick back up because you eat so wonderfully anyways and are active :) Honestly the intuitive eating thing just ignores me and I keep eating if it’s in front of me. What ever is on my plate I like to eat, so I have to develop portion strategies (small plates, no seconds if I can help it, to-go boxes, individual snack bags, etc) in order for that to work. I also have a terrible time sometimes with sweet treats after dinner.
    TJ’s truffle flatbread? Oh boy that sounds yummy. Hope you can de-stress. I sure wish our brains had an off switch sometimes :)

  • #14 - All better

    […] Gotta stop worrying!!! […]

  • #15 - Kelly

    I can relate because I have so been there as well. I think because of that I always feel for you when you comment on this kind of stuff. I can also relate because I am struggling as well. I managed to lose something like 20+ for a wedding and was in the best shape of my life, but then I gained it back and some. I was finally on track but I’ve been so off plan since Foodbuzz and struggling to get back to eating intuitively and sensibly. I constantly remind myself that it doesn’t matter what happened yesterday and if I am not perfect all the time, it’s all about the decisions I make in the future.

    I’ll send you an e-mail. I would love to get together and bake, that would be so fun!

  • #16 - Elina

    Katie – awesome job! I find that with yoga your experience does change each practice. Glad you had a good one on Sunday!! 😀

    EatingRD- yeah, it’s those after dinner (or any time) sweets that get me every time!

    Kelly – it’s so hard to get back on track after a great vacation. I hope you get into the healthier groove on things soon!! :) Let’s bake something healthy to help with that 😉