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Date night at Giacomo’s South End (restaurant review)

November 18th, 2009 · 12 Comments · Boston, restaurant reviews

Oh date night, how I love thee! Last week, while on vacation (was it really only last week? seems like ages ago!) Adam and I were talking about how we are having so much fun because we get to hang out – for real! No tv, no search for the contractors to redo our kitchen, no trips to Ikea to buy yet another piece of furniture… just the 2 of us, enjoying each others’ company. We decided it was time to bring back “date night” because we should be able to spend quality time with each other at home too.

We were both looking forward to our date all day long. Why not look forward to something on a random Tuesday?! Our plans kept changing but at the end my pasta craving dictated that we must go to an Italian restaurant. After a quick online search, we decided to try Giacomo’s in the South End, which is a short walk from our condo.

Upon being seated, the bread basket arrived promptly. I enjoyed a crusty piece with some EVOO. The bread was nothing special (didn’t seem amazingly fresh or was warm) but I looooove olive oil. It’s just so nutty and delicious. The bread was the perfect vehicle to soak all that oil goodness up. :)


Date night has to involve at least a glass or 2 of wine, don’t you think? 😉


This bottle of Medoro sangiovese was only $19, which appears to be very reasonable… I hate crazy wine mark-ups at restaurants! 👿

Adam and I were starving at this point, so we decided to split a small plate of antipasto: cured Italian meat, imported Italian cheese, roasted red peppers and grilled calamari


My plate:


I actually did not care for one thing on this plate! The calamari was warm but bland, the roasted red peppers were too vinegary, the salami too porky and the cheese almost bitter. I only had a bite of each, and decided to not waste stomach space on it 😉 Instead I watched Adam polish most of it off. He loved it! :)

My entree was really were it was at! I asked the server for a pasta suggestion (everything looked good!!) and he recommended the gnocci filled with roasted red peppers and goat cheese, with chicken, mushrooms, spinach, mascarpone and plum tomatoes.


Now that’s what I’m talking about!! The gnocci was so creamy and delicious, and the sauce was incredibly flavorful. Lots of garlic, just how I like it! :mrgreen:


This was a sizable portion so I ate about 1/2 and took the rest home (Adam will enjoy it for lunch one of these days). Two meals for $16, not bad at all!!

Before dinner, I decided I wasn’t going to get dessert, but since the appetizer was a flop (in my eyes) and I only ate half of the entree, I thought I deserved a little sweet treat. 😀

Nearly every time Adam and I have Italian food (at a restaurant), I’m reminded of our honeymoon in Italy. This time the memory of a tiramisu I had one night in Rome took over me, and I didn’t even need to look at the dessert menu. One tiramisu, 2 forks, please!


So light and fluffy (although certainly not low cal)! I thought Adam was going to dive right into it 😆 We both enjoyed it, and I allowed him to even have 1/2 of it!! See what a good wife I am?! 😉

We had a great time at Giacomo’s! It’s a great neighborhood spot (which by the way was hopping on a Tuesday night!!) with great prices and unpretentious decor and staff. Although my meal didn’t start well, the entree more than made up for it so we’ll be back for sure (Adam’s baked chicken was incredible too!). 😀

I’m assuming that everyone loves Italian food. What’s your favorite Italian dish?

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  • #1 - Estela @ Weekly Bite

    Awe… date nights are so much fun! My fav Italian dish is spaghetti carbonera! YUM!!!

  • #2 - Caroilne

    Wow, that restaurant sounds very reasonable and your main dish looks delicious. I love asking for recommendations from the waiter, it always seems to work out for the best. I think my favorite Italian dish would have to be Ravioli due to the endless amounts of yummy stuff that they can contain. Glad you had a lovely date night. Reading the first part about how you had such a great time on vacation because it was just you two, made me realize that me and my B.F. need to get away on a vacation soon! It’s so fun to be out of your normal routine.

  • #3 - shelly

    That sounds so good! I am sucker for antipasto, gnocci, and risotto! I love Italian food so much! :)

  • #4 - katie

    ooo that dessert looks SOO good! im not an italian girl..but i do like lasanga!

  • #5 - Diana

    I honestly love all Italian food. But I don’t eat it very often 😉

  • #6 - Lauren

    How did I not know that there was a branch of Giacomo’s in the South End?!?! It’s my favorite Italian restaurant in the North End, and I’ve been craving their pumpkin tortellini for months. The butternut squash ravioli is also fabulous.

  • #7 - Tiffany

    Italian food is my hands down favorite. I can’t pick one specific dish I love the most, and fortunately my best friend Monika is from Italy, so there was never a shortage of delicious food when we lived together. In fact, I much preferred her cooking to going to a restaurant. Kyle and I would regularly go to her parent’s house in Newburyport for afternoon “tea parties”, and we never left with an empty or disappointed stomach. Delizioso!

    Now that we’ve moved back to Boston, I miss her cooking, but I’ve found Trattoria Toscana to be a pretty decent back up.

    And I give mad thumbs up to anything with lots of basil and cheese, especially creamy pesto/alfredo hybrids. Mmmmm.

  • #8 - Lara (Thinspired)

    Yes I completely agree…date night has a mandatory 2-glass of wine kick off 😉

    I don’t know why I always forget to say Italian food when people ask me my favorite cuisine. It’s definitely up there with Chinese. Favorite dish would have to be a good dish of plain ole’ spaghetti, or, if I’m being evil…fettuccini alfredo :)

  • #9 - kitchenbelle

    So funny–We just went to Giacomo’s in the North End for the first time this weekend. While the food was good, they really rushed us out the door! Before we could order a second bottle of wine the check was on the table! Sounds like you had a lovely night with your hubby. Your gnocchi looks fabulous!

  • #10 - Nicole (dishin')

    That looks fantastic! I’ve been to the Giacomo’s in the North End – it always has a line! Your gnocchi looks amazing. I love all of those flavors so I bet it was really good. My favorite Italian dish is eggplant parm, hands down! I can never make it as good at home… :(

  • #11 - Elina

    Lauren – I almost got that!! Will definitely make sure to get it next time :)

    Kitchenbelle – I bet it’s more relaxed on a week night… or try the South End location next time. 😀

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