Crazy camels and autumn olives

I can’t believe we’re going on vacation TOMORROW!!!! I am beyond excited. This girl needs some R&R 😉 There are about a million things that need to get done before we go (isn’t that the worst thing about going away?) but it will be all worth it. I hope to write a few pre-scheduled posts tonight (restaurant reviews and maybe even a giveaway) and then possibly blog from Texas… but no promises 😆 Anyway, I still have one more day at home so we can cover all those bases in the next post.


Banana pumpkin oats with pumpkin butter, walnuts and autumn olives + coffee


I love the colors! (Also this was very delicious :) )



Defrosted zucchini ribbon pasta


Note to self: cooked pasta does not freeze well… this was kind of mushy :(

+ a mini peanut butter & jelly larabar


I’ve been looking for these all over Boston with no luck so I got very excited when I saw that they were given out at the Vegetarian Food Festival that I attended this past weekend. A mini bar is quite small (and I believe around 100 calories)…


The verdict? Not bad but not as incredible as I was hoping it would be. A definite peanut taste (like in the peanut butter cookie larabar) and a definite cherry taste (I LOVE cherries) but I don’t know… maybe it’s the texture. I tried closing my eyes and pretending it was a pb&j sandwich but of course knew it was a larabar 😀


Peanut butter cookie at the office (I just can’t pass up baked goods!!)


100 calorie pack of almonds + walnuts



Dinner was another recipe from the Cooking Light Healthy Budget Cooking issue. This time I used this recipe for cornmeal crusted tilapia with tomatilla salsa. I also made some roasted potatoes + steamed green beans for sides (as suggested) and enjoyed a glass of Relax riesling.



Perfectly cooked fish, if I say so myself 😉


The fish was really fresh and well cooked but the crusting was nothing special and neither was the salsa. Both Adam and I thought it was pretty flavorless except for being very spicy. The potatoes were quite the hit though. Duh 😆

My after dinner dessert was the Crazy Camel chocolate mousse hummus.


I loved this stuff when Chuck from the company sent it to me to taste test, and jumped at the chance to buy some at the Vegetarian Food Festival. Their mascot is the cutest, isn’t he?


All right, I’m running late again. I need to get back into blogging at night instead of in the morning before work. Bad Elina, bad! Hope you have a wonderful Thursday. Don’t forget to enter my Nasoya giveaway – you have until tonight only!!

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