Cooking Light + Nasoya = delicious, healthy, budget friendly dinner (giveaway alert!)

Last month, I was sent an advanced copy of Cooking Light’s Healthy Budget Cooking issue for my review. I am already a subscriber to Cooking Light and love the magazines, so I was excited to get a copy of one of their “Best of” series that is not included in my subscription.


This economic downturn is affecting everyone, in one way or another. This issue with 104 healthy yet budget friendly recipes will ensure that you eat healthy without breaking the bank. 😀 My favorite sections/tips included…



These 2 tips really speak to me. I’ve been trying to incorporate more meatless meals since watching Food Inc. and during the spring and the summer, most of my produce comes from the farmers markets and near-by farms. It’s important for me to support local farmers, and often this also forces my husband and me to eat more vegetables, cuts down on our grocery bill, and really makes us appreciate the season. Cooking Light had lots of great recipes in both sections, and throughout the magazine!

But wait, there is more 😆 Lindsay, representing Nasoya, also contacted me recently and sent me some coupons to try Nasoya’s new wraps. I just bought ww wraps at TJ’s so I haven’t been able to taste test Nasoya’s wraps (they sound great!) but I did pick up 2 packages of organic extra-firm tofu for tonight’s dinner from the above mentioned magazine. How’s that for multi-tasking 😉

I chose the recipe from the meatless section – tofu steaks with red pepper-walnut sauce and invited my mom over for dinner. I omitted parsley (my husband hates it) and the white wine vinegar (my mom hates it) – replacing it with some cooking white wine with lemon juice, and scaled the recipe up by 1.5 times just to ensure no one went hungry at my dinner table :) Oh I also cut down on oil a bit (used less than 2T for 6 steaks). For sides, I stir-fried some local brussels sprouts and reheated some cooked brown rice. Here is the whole meal:


Tofu closeup:


Red pepper walnut sauce:


And the brussels sprouts:


My portion:



The tofu steaks were so delicious. Very “meaty” – Adam said he thinks that non-tofu lovers would love this. He really raved about this meal! I think the sauce was really what put it over the top for him. He really drenched his plate with it and then practically licked it clean. We calculated that this meal costs less than $2 per serving and that’s using mostly organic and local ingredients! Thank you, Miranda, for sending me the magazine to review. I plan on making another recipe from the issue this week. It was hard to choose my favorites – great stuff in there! 😀

Lyndsay also graciously offered to send my readers some coupons to try out Nasoya products!! In order to win TWO coupons for free Nasoya products, please leave a comment on this post. For some extra credit let others know about this giveaway and link back to this post. FIVE lucky readers will receive 2 coupons, each. I will announce the winners this Thursday night. Good luck! :mrgreen:


Nonfat yogurt with apple slices, autumn olives, peanut butter Puffins and walnuts + coffee



Yes, I had a pumpkin whoopie pie for breakfast too. It jumped into my mouth as I was packing the rest to take to work. This is why they had to go!


Leftover chopped chicken salad from Not Your Average Joe’s




Another giant low fat cookie from the package 24carrot sent me. I thought this one had a more prevailing “off sweetness taste,” than the rocky road cookie. I think the nuts and marshmallows in the other cookie distracted me from that strange sweetness taste. Not sure how to describe it. It wasn’t bad per-se, but definitely tasted “healthy.” I’d have to be in a particular mood to like it. I did like how large and dense this cookie was. I like my desert to feel substantial :)


I think that’s all I have for today. I attended a Group Power class after work, which will surely make me sore for a few days. My workouts may get creative to make up for it 😀

Don’t forget to enter the Nasoya giveaway!

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