Austin – Day 1

I’m alive, I’m in Austin… and I’m so happy right now!! Adam and I are having an amazing time here – the weather is absolutely gorgeous, the restaurants and bars are plentiful, and we’re on vacation!!! I have no worries in the world right now. This is definitely exactly what we both needed. Yay! I’m already sad that we’re leaving tomorrow. It’s ok, I’m sure San Antonio will be fabulous too :)

There are so many pictures, I don’t even know where to start. I would normally start with breakfast, but… I forgot my camera!! This is the first time in over a year of blogging that I forgot to take it with me. I guess I was really relaxed 😉 I did take a few pics with my iphone, so I apologize about the quality of them, but the place is worth mentioning…

Brunch was at Annie’s Cafe, which got great reviews on yelp. We loved the vibe… it was like a mix of French and Texan, and all the food looked delicious!



I started with a cup of coffee, of course…


For my meal, I felt like having something a little lighter (we have BIG eating plans for the trip 😆 ) so I ordered the morning crunch: freshly roasted granola with bananas and raisins, served with yogurt or milk. You guys know I love yogurt… so I actually got excited when I saw yogurt on the menu. I’m such a dork 😀


I was so shocked to see a huge plate of granola, with a tiny pitcher of yogurt (see it on the top left?)… I was looking for the opposite proportions here. The granola was quite delicious and I ended up asking the waitress for another cup of yogurt. There was no way I was just going to eat granola by the spoonful… sound delicious but not a good idea. hehe. I ate about 1/2 of this. This was definitely Texan sized!!

We got back to our hotel, I grabbed my camera, and off we went. Did I mention how gorgeous the weather is?!! Seriously, I can’t get over it! Here are a few pics of the City. Definitely not how I expected Texas to look…. it’s so much more green.







We saw SO many tailgate parties by the University of Texas stadium. Some serious team spirit too… the whole city was all about the Longhorns! Adam especially liked the Natty Light truck. :mrgreen:





Then we got thirsty and stopped by Woodrow’s. We both loved the outdoor-indoor bars – they are everywhere! Seriously, I can definitely get used to this weather 😀



I enjoyed a giant cup of water, while Adam tried an Austin ale. So much fun. Now it was time for lunch…





Yes, I had ice cream for lunch. I LOVE VACATIONS!!! Look how happy I am. Mmm, awesome. Above you see belgian chocolate ice cream with hot fudge and pecans. I don’t mess around. I practically licked the bowl clean. De-licious. Worth the hike.


A cupcake truck?!! Why did no one mention this to me? I would have had 1/2 of my ice cream. Oh well, there is always tomorrow 😉


A little more walking, and we ended up at La Condesa. What a gorgeous Mexican restaurant! It was modern, it was funky, it had an extensive cocktail menu and talented bartenders and fabulous food. I tried my first Texan wine… Mcpherson Viogner. The cocktails really did look fabulous (Adam had the best margarita of his life, he said) but I knew we had more indulgent eats to come, and I needed to save at least a few calories. It’s still kind of about balance 😉





To make sure we weren’t starving by dinner time, Adam and I decided to get mini tacos as snacks. I had 1 pollo rostizado: raised right rotisserie chicken, citrus rub, salsa verde


Salty but delicious… definitely qualified for a yummy snack 😀 And now I’m off to get ready for dinner. I’m leaving you with this pic:


We did not eat there, but man, how hilarious is this sign? Can you tell I’m happy?

I’ll be back with a recap of tonight, hopefully tomorrow morning. We have a special dinner planned and then more drinks will surely follow. I can’t wait!! Yay for vacations… wheeee 😀

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