All better

Thank you all again for your wonderfully supportive comments. I am happy to report that I am well, happy :) The morning started on a cranky self-hating note (when I wrote the last post) but it all went up from there! I finished an important memo in the morning at work, and the pilates class I took during lunch made me feel strong and somehow more balanced. I came out of there a new person!! Now I’m off to a date with my husband, so this day will surely end on a high note :mrgreen:

Here is a recap of today’s eats, before I head out the door…


I woke up with an intention to make pancakes, but when I opened the cabinet, Shannon’s apple and carrot shortbread cookies greeted me. Somehow a bunch of them jumped into my mouth. This could be the right amount, or not (picture recreated)…


I decided to make a real breakfast out of it, so this is a tiny bit of nonfat yogurt with a small apple and 2 cookies’ worth of crumbles + coffee



It took all my will power to not polish off the rest of the container of cookies. Dangerous stuff!! I resisted and was happy I did. I also reminded myself for the rest of the day that this was my treat, so I can’t have any more… I kept it much cleaner for the rest of the day :)



+ an unpictured 100 calorie pack of almonds and walnuts


I ran out of time to make lunch this morning, so I grabbed a salad at Tossed after my pilates class.  This guy contained mixed baby greens, grape tomatoes, strawberries, jicama, carrots and roasted chicken. It cost almost $10 so I’ll be sure to leave enough time to make my own lunch next time. Yikes! 😳 


And now I’m mighty hungry, which means dinner will taste extra good 😉 See you later. You guys are THE BEST!!! 😀

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