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V8 Soup and goodies giveaway

October 22nd, 2009 · 73 Comments · product reviews, soups

Here we are with a soup giveaway, as promised! A few weeks ago, I’ve been contacted by Sarah on behalf of the Campbell Soup Company, with an offer to send me some soup. Sarah has done her homework, she read my About Me page before sending me an email and saw that I was trying to lose weight by counting calories.  This reminded me 2 things: 1) I need to update my About Me page (haha) – done!; 2) that soup IS a great, healthy and low calorie way to fill up and get a serving of vegetables while you’re at it. Since I reduced the amount of processed and packed foods out of my diet, somehow packaged soup got the same treatment. So many brands are high in sodium and full of artificial ingredients and preservatives. I was happy to hear that Campbell’s V8 soups have only 480 mg of sodium per serving and include no artificial flavors or preservatives. 1 cup of soup also has a full serving of veggies. Excellent… but how does it taste?

I tried the Vegetable Blend soup yesterday for lunch. For some reason I was expecting a thin blended soup (probably thinking of the V8 juice…) so I brought lots of veggies to bulk it up. I added some green beans and brown rice to the bowl and finally opened the container. What I discovered was that the soup was thick and had lots of veggie chunks. Instead of overloading the bowl, I put the rest of my veggies away. Topped with some pumpkin seeds, this soup was so satisfying. With 1/2 of english muffin for dipping, this was truly a complete meal. I’m going to try the other half of the box, just on its own. I have a feeling it’s great just the way it is :)


Would you like to try it for free? I thought so! 😉

Campbell’s V8 Soup campaign focuses on “counting” your steps towards wellness, so together with 2 boxes of soup, you will also receive the following goodies, to help you count your servings of vegetables and count your steps towards wellness (pretty cheesy but can you really say no to vegetable shaped pens? So cute!)


Campbell’s V8 Vegetable Blend soup


V8 soup health journal and vegetable shaped pens to keep track of your servings


A pedometer to count your steps


A foldable grocery bag to stock up on veggies (please ignore the mess in our living room)


I think that’s a pretty great gift, don’t you think? Here are the rules to enter the giveaway:

1) Leave a comment on this post!

2) If you have a blog, let others know about the giveaway and link back to this post.  If you don’t have a blog, tell someone about this giveaway and let me know that you’ve done so (after they enter the giveaway by commenting). *This earns you 2 bonus points*

3) If you have a blog, add Healthy and Sane to your blogroll (if I’m already on your blogroll, let me know – it counts!).  If you don’t, shoot me an email and give me some feedback on my blog. *This also earns you 2 bonus points*

The giveaway will go through 5pm EST on October 29. I will announce the winner that night. Good luck! :mrgreen:

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