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Twenty8 Food & Spirits at Patriot Place – restaurant review

October 23rd, 2009 · 17 Comments · Boston, restaurant reviews

I’m going to lead with this picture…


As you can see, I’m not a fan of this establishment, but let’s rewind…

Last Saturday, Adam and I decided to go shopping at Wrentham Outlets. Since we were “kicked out” of our place while it was being painted, we went there bright and early. It was a great shopping day! By about 2pm, we were done and were getting hungry. If any of you have ever been to Wrentham Outlets, you know their food selections are horrible. There is a food court with just awful establishments (makes you wish McDonalds was there… and I never say things like that) and then there is Ruby Tuesday. That’s it! Adam remembered that Patriot Place – an outdoor shopping and dining area by the Gilette Stadium (where the Patriots play) – was very close by and we decided to check it out, get some food, and maybe shop a little more 😉

By the time we got there, we were starving. I wanted a salad and Twenty8 seemed like the perfect place to get it. Yes, it was a hotel bar and restaurant (located on the bottom floor of the Renaissance Boston hotel), but it had an upscale vibe and after browsing the menu, I found the perfect salad for me. Sweet! :)

After about 10 minute, a waiter (who was also working as the host and the bartender) finally stopped by our table to ask us if we wanted drinks. I got a water and Adam got a beer. The water came pretty fast but Adam’s beer took another 15 minutes. About 25 minutes later, all we had was our drinks. The waiter did not seem apologetic at all, and in fact asked us if we were ready to order yet or needed a little more time to decide. Um yeah, we were ready to order!

I ordered the epoche salad: field greens with peaches, pears, apple, figs, grape tomatoes, asparagus and candied walnuts. Doesn’t it sound perfect?! I also asked for absolutely no onions, dressing on the side, and grilled chicken to make it a complete meal. Our food came out 30 minutes later!!! Poor Adam was nursing his little beer for that long, we were starring down the waiter half the time and about 20 minutes after we ordered, he kept on saying every few minutes: “Your food is coming out any minute!” Lies!! The place was basically empty and we ordered very simple things. It should not take this long!!

Let’s see what I got after nearly an hour… a salad with fried leeks (hello, onion family!) on top! What else? The salad was the size of my palm. I call it a garnish, not a salad. I was pissed, hungry and tired at this point. I picked off the leeks and ate my food. Thank god I got the chicken, because otherwise this meal would seriously be a joke. I will say, the salad was beautiful and delicious (even though it was like 3 bites!).




The food was delicious, but the minuscule portion and a ridiculously slow service made for an unpleasant experience. By the way, Adam’s bbq chicken was normal sized – he said it was decent. I would not recommend this place… FAIL! 😆

This review is to be published on my new Restaurants Reviews page. Check it out! :)

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  • #1 - Julie

    Wow, no matter how good a restaurants food is, if the service sucks it’s stock goes way down. Soory you had a crappy experience there.

    That’s awesome that you got to the outlets so early. I always make the mistake of leaving around noon time and the place is PACKED by the time I get there. You can’t even find a parking space!

  • #2 - Meghan@traveleatlove

    Haha we went to Wrentham today! I kept insisting there was a Rustic Kitchen, but I think I was thinking of Derby Shops, not Wrentham. We ate at Ruby Tuesday, and it wasn’t too bad.

  • #3 - Devan

    Everything looks delicious!

  • #4 - emily

    What an itsy bitsy salad! That sucks that the experience was bad, I was a waitress and I will not put up with bad service, if I can do it, everyone can! :)

  • #5 - Mimi (Damn the Freshman 15)

    That salad IS just garnish! Blah, sorry you had a rotten restaurant experience.

  • #6 - MelissaNibbles

    That’s a salad?! I agree with you, it looks more like a garnish. What a dissappointment. It just goes to show that even if a place looks upscale and fancy, it doesn’t mean the food’s going to be. Thanks for the review.

  • #7 - Diana

    Aw, sucks that you had a bad experience. Sometimes it’s just not about the food and that’s where a lot of restaurants fail and others succeed!

  • #8 - 24carrot

    I’m glad you are a blogger and have the power to actually vent about a place being bad and people will listen. You should send a link to your post to the restaurant.

  • #9 - Jenna

    aww i am sorry to hear you had a bad time at the restaraunt! no funn!

  • #10 - Lara (Thinspired)

    What a disappointment! Yes, I would be SO pissed with that dinky salad! I have generally not had good luck with hotel restaurants, (unless of course, we’re talking Vegas!) but that one DOES look upscale. Bummer :(

  • #11 - Elina

    Julie – getting to the outlets that early was really great! I think I can never go back during the rush out. We were peacefully browsing in the morning; and then when everyone else got there, we were done. Perfect! :)

    Meghan – I’ve actually never been to Ruby Tuesday. Maybe it would have been better 😕

    24carrot – I hope my experience has prevented someone from going to that place. I’m not sending the review to the restaurant, but maybe it will find it’s way to management after all. It had so much potential, maybe they can turn it around.

    Lara – I’m typically not a fan of hotel restaurants, but didn’t want to discriminate. There should really be no reason why a hotel restaurant can’t be good. In fact, City Table restaurant that I’ve recently written about is in a hotel restaurant, and that place was awesome!

  • #12 - Christina

    I also had a poor experience at Twenty8 just last weekend – it was game day so I’ll let the wait to be seated slide (almost 2 hours!) But the real reason for the poor experience was our waitress. She was barely came over, the food took absurdly long to come out, she brought the wrong thing twice and at the end of the meal she over charged us then LIED about the pricing on the menu! When we stood our ground and asked to show her the actual menu, she stormed off and brought back the “correct” check and just threw it on our table (no apology, nothing – and as I glanced at the menu one last time before we left, I ensured that I was in fact right). Needless to say, she barely got a tip. I will never go back there.

    • #13 - Elina

      Christina – we went on Saturday (not a game day)… I can only imagine what a nightmare it could be if they can’t even get it straight on quiet days. Your experience sounds awful. I guess they lost at least 2 return customers, and with that kind of service, probably more 😕

  • #14 - Mary Redding

    I think it sucks that you didn’t have a great experience but slandering a new establishment publicly before other have had a chance to experience. And standing outside with thumbs down seems disrespectful and rather childish.

  • #15 - Elina

    Mary – This is my review of the restaurant. On my blog, I give honest opinions about my experiences. I would have happily posted a picture with thumbs up, if the service and food deserved it.

  • #16 - Mary Redding

    Elina – While I appreciate your honesty, I feel that it not very mature to stand outside an establishment being so negative. I am a restaurant owner and would think it would’ve been more productive to voice the fact that you were unhappy with the portion size. However I noted you said it was delicious and well presented so why such a negative review. it is your blog, however it is public and it seems you go out of your way to critize.

  • #17 - Husband Adam

    25 minutes to get drinks, and another 30 minutes to make a sandwich and a salad? We were one of 3 tables seated at the restaurant, and the bar had maybe 6 people at it. This is inexcusable, and completely deserving of a bad review.