Trigger foods

I tried a Zumba class today and really enjoyed it! It wasn’t as intense of a workout as I’m used to (I burnt 270 calories in 45 minutes), but it was fun. It will be perfect for days when I just don’t feel like working out but still want to get my sweat on 😉

Coco joined me at the gym for the Zumba class and brought me a little present – pumpkin spice granola she just made last night. This girl really spoils me 😆 Amazing cinnamon aroma was coming out of the bag so when I got hungry mid-afternoon, I decided to get a little taste of it. Um yeah, I couldn’t stop eating it!! It was just so nutty and delicious and the addition of dried cherries really put it over the top of me. I’m a sucker for nuts and dried cherries. Granola is not something I usually eat by the handfuls, but I guess I need to put it on the “trigger foods list.” On the list is also nuts (all kinds, especially when they are dry roasted) and chocolate (duh). Once I pop, I can’t stop 😉 Do you have any trigger foods? How do you prevent yourself from overeating them? Never have them around the house? Portion control them into little baggies?


Food for Life cinnamon english muffin with Barney Butter and banana slices + coffee



Brown rice + roasted root veggies, grape tomatoes and goat cheese. The brown rice came from TJ’s pre-cooked rice packet and perfectly pulled the rest of my random veggies together to make a wholesome meal. My coworkers were jealous of my yummy looking lunch while eating their greasy Chinese take-out. :)



100 calorie almonds pack + lite no sugar added halva (picture is recreated; these were not eaten together)



I’ve been eating granola all afternoon and could not think of a better dinner than a bunch of it with some nonfat greek yogurt and apple


Granola crack!


This was my first time trying TJ’s organic nonfat greek yogurt. I thought it was good but I prefer Oikos. Oikos is lighter and fluffier in my opinion, while TJ’s kind is more sour. It was $1.69 so I think it’s actually not even that competitive, price wise (I usually find coupons for Oikos).


A spiked hot chocolate. I deserve a little something extra after an 11 hour work day, don’t I? 😉


Hot chocolate with a splash of Godiva liquor


I wanted more food at this point but I’ve really eaten enough. I wrote a post about eating like an adult a little while ago, and I really need to remind myself of how to do that again. I’m very happy with today’s eats. No mindless snacking (although granola portions could be smaller, I suppose…)!

Please share you wisdom with us on staying healthy and sane around trigger foods! :mrgreen:

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18 comments to Trigger foods

  • Molly

    1. You can see the new paint in the picture of you on the couch, and it looks great!
    2. Reading about nuts reminded me of you on a long run once “I dream about nuts.”

  • Katy

    Mmm that Rice, Veggies, Goat cheese lunch looks awesome and I’m diggin’ the new wall color, haha much more elegant than acid yellow : )

  • Well, as of today one of my new trigger foods is granola too haha! It was sitting out on my counter and I couldn’t help myself! I’ve realized that one of my main trigger foods, especially after a few toddies is most definitely cereal. I need to make sure I only stock good-for-you cereal in my cabinet and not buy so much of it. Also, I think I like this whole make-your-own granola thing. You can really control the contents of it and it’s soooo yummy!
    Love your breakfast. I think I’m going to have a variation of that tomorrow morning since my bananas are singing to me haha.
    Have a lovely night my dear and cheers to warm hot toddies to end the night well.

  • Where on earth did you find no sugar added halva?!? It is my favorite thing on earth but I try not to eat it b/c it is so much sugar.

  • I can’t have cereal in the house- give me a box of Puffins in an hour, and I’ll give you an empty box back!

  • For me it’s cookies! 😐 Sometimes I crave them. I just try to stay away from them (and tell my family not to buy them). I rarely eat them 😛

  • Baked goods are my downfall. If it’s freshly baked and in my kitchen, I have trouble staying away. I usually treat myself to something yummy and decadent by going to to get my treat.

  • I’m on a hot chocolate kick lately! I’ll have to try your grown-up version :)

    Ugh, yes, I have trigger foods. Anything remotely snacky/carby: trail mix, GRANOLA, raisins, cereal…those are the worst. I’m not sure I have any wisdom to pass along, but lately I have been trying to keep those foods less available and that seems to help, along with pre-planning when I will have the food and in what portion.

  • I am the peanut butter queen. Occasionally I have to banish it from my kitchen, but recently we have come to a happy compromise. I can ONLY eat it if I serve it to myself with a tablespoon. This way I won’t go overboard and start eating it straight from the jar (which happens way too often).

  • Popcorn- I could eat bowls and bowls of it and it must have butter! I try not to make it too much but there is a popcorn stand right next to work and it always smells so good!

  • Elina

    Molly- haha, I DO dream of nuts at work sometimes. Mmm, roasted almods 😆

    Katy – yes, we’re so happy with our new paint! No more crazy colors!!

    Coco – thanks again for the granola. Clearly I liked it 😉

    Emily – I got it on my recent trip to Israel. I didn’t even realize it was no-sugar added until I bought it and was upset at first but it’s actually really amazing. It’s really sweet too so I don’t know how it has no sugar. Oh well, I’m not complaining :)

    One Healthy Apple – haha, I had some puffins with breakfast this morning. They are delicious (and addictive!) 😀

    Diana – oh yes, cookies should definitely be on my list too!

    Shannon – I’m in the same boat, that’s why I rarely bake. I feel like then I need to eat all the fruits of my labor (and I even feel sad sometimes bringing them to work because I feel like people will eat anything there and don’t truly appreciate it).

    Lara – the spiked hot chocolate is definitely a great way to end the night! 😀

    Madeline – this reminds me of my stage when I couldn’t stop eating Barney Butter out of the jar. We’re friends now. I just eat it for breakfast most days and it’s enough 😀

    Mellissa – I typically go for sweet foods over salty, but we were at the comedy show yesterday and they had popcorn – I almost got some. That smell is definitely hard to resist!!

  • Love the idea for spiked hot chocolate. I used to make it with peppermint schnapps but yours sounds better!!

  • I’ve been dying to try Zumba, but my gym doesn’t offer it. Maybe I’ll rent the dvd from Netflix.

    Pasta is my downfall. I can eat it and never get full…it’s so good!

  • I loooove “adult” hot chocolate… I’ve been a Baileys girl my whole life.

    And! I love making co-workers jealous with my lunches.

  • is that a new couch, too? granola is definitely bad, as is trail mix… i try to keep them as going-out treats :)

  • Kathleen

    Trigger foods=ICE CREAM. My god I can’t stop when I start!

  • Elina

    Nicole – schnapps sounds like a great addition too 😉

    Melissa – I’m like that with sushi (well and of course dessert) too. I swear it’s like I have a different stomach for these! 😆

    Jesse – ooh Baileys. I think we’re out. Need to look into this :)

    Shannon – nope, same couch 😀 Yeah trail mix… it’s trouble!

  • Granola is so yummy, but definitely addicting. I always recommend portioning trigger foods into smaller ziploc bags so that you don’t overdo it at one time. Not keeping things in the house can backfire because you end up wanting it more. Remember, moderation and portion control are the key!


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