Too much talking

So I went to the gym on Tuesday with my friend Tiffany. It was fun to have a different routine for a day. We did some strength training and then split up (I continued with more ST and Tiffany chose the elliptical). At the end we reconvened and I showed her the foam roller. Good times! Unfortunately in the midst of all the gym fun and talking, I left my brand new ipod nano on the gym floor. I got this nano last week because my previous one was acting up and I didn’t want to chance it dying on me at the race this Sunday. Today I was getting ready for a run and realized my ipod is gone. GONE. No one (of course!) turned it in at the gym, it’s not in my purse or at home. Yup, my talking cost me an ipod. The one I just replaced I got from my dad, because the ipod I bought weeks before that, I also left on the floor when I was showing my friend Katy some fun new abs moves (did you follow all that? lol). Seriously?!!! Yeah, there was some crying happening at lunch time today :( I just felt like such an idiot, losing not 1 ipod but 2, the same exact way… and these things aren’t cheap!!

To help ease the pain, Coco brought me some Sprinkles pumpkin spike cupcakes with cinnamon cream cheese frosting. How can you not smile when you see these?!


Cupcakes make everything better. Coco, you are awesome!!!!!!


I had 1 right away… um and then had the 2nd one! The cake was so moist and the frosting was just delectable. The Sprinkles mix comes with the dots and all. I need to get me some asap!! (Inna, remember that Sprinkles red velvet mix I got you for xmas – make them!!!! 😆 )


Coco also noticed my iphone and said – why don’t you just use that at the race? Beauty and brains this girl got! I got myself a new armband for the iphone ($30 instead of $150 for the new nano) and did an easy 35 minute run after work (no garmin – I probably ran at 9 minute pace but made sure I wasn’t pounding… gotta have fresh legs for Sunday!!!). It felt great to hit the pavement one more time before the race. Seriously, I am officially addicted to running and am beyond excited for the race in 2 days. Wholly shit. 2 days, really?! Can’t wait! :mrgreen:

Today is also Thursday, which means some Ellie in my belly :) For this week The Healthy Hostess chose the chop suey. I actually saw Ellie make this last week and almost put it on my to-make list. It looked so healthy and perfect to satisfy a craving for Chinese food.




I was right! This was seriously delicious. My father in law came over to help us work on the condo and he hates rice, so I subbed soba noodles for brown rice and omitted the scallions, otherwise following the recipe pretty much to the T. Dinner took slightly longer than expected so my FIL never got to taste it, but Adam and I sure enjoyed it. The crunchy wonton “crisps” were so fun! I can picture them in a great Asian inspired salad in our future. Yum! 😀

Dessert: apple crisp with vanilla frozen yogurt… but of course 😆



TJ’s organic blueberry bran muffin (these are super filling and delicious if you like muffins that “taste healthy”… which I do!)




(ate the whole larabar)

My “party snacks” while I was watching the Biggest Loser. Yeah yeah yeah, counterproductive.


+ leftover “Japanese pizza” (okonomiyaki) for lunch. It tasted even better after a few days in the fridge! :)

Have you ever done something as silly as leaving an ipod at your gym TWICE? I left my watch and ring (don’t worry Adam – not the wedding or engagement ring!) on the elliptical once too, but thankfully someone actually brought those to the front desk! Jeez, I’m really not very smart sometimes 😆 

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21 comments to Too much talking

  • Tiffany

    Oh man, I’m so sorry! I know I handed you your iPod when we were leaving the bottom floor, but now that I think of it, I don’t remember you having it when we used the foam roller. I feel bad that I distracted you :( But at least you have your iPhone, and something is better than nothing.

    On a happier note, those pumpkin cupcakes look insane. The ice cream shop near me has pumpkin ice cream. Man, pumpkin is my jam! I love it!

  • I’m amazed I haven’t lost my iPod. But my friend and I sometimes miss our bus stop because we’re too busy talking. Talk is cheap, iPods are not!

    But cupcakes make everything better!

  • Aw, I’m sorry about your ipod. :/ At least you still have the iphone! I would love to have an iphone eheh

    Those cupcakes look so good! :)

  • I am so srroy for your ipod! Your cupcakes look cute :)

  • Oh man, that stinks about the ipod! Ugh! I’d be glaring at everyone else with the same one at the gym forevermore!

  • Oh, no, I’m so sorry you lost your iPod! That really sucks!

    But those cupcakes look out of this world so all’s not lost, right?

  • Hi Elina! Oh, I’m so sorry to read about your iPod :( Try not to beat yourself up too much about it. Maybe it will workout in the end. Have you asked the gym staff if anyone turned it in? Sometimes people DO do the right thing…I’ll cross my fingers for you!

  • I’ve left 2 ipods in the seat pocket in from of me on an airplane. I know how you feel. Just want to kick yourself. But we all have our strengths and weaknesses.

    So I just looked at your first blog post from a year ago and couldn’t believe the irony. You were making something from Ellie! Glad you found Ellie in my belly since you were doing it anyway.

  • I’m so sorry about the missing nano! I have left keys and sunglasses at the gym plenty of times. I’ve been lucky enough to have all of them return to me though!

  • Good job on the suey. But the dessert is what I’m REALLY interested in! Looks too good!

  • sister inna

    :( this is so sad i’m really sorry!

    actually i lost a really old ipod at my gym one time, and was kind of relieved i had an excuse to buy a new one. then a few weeks later the girl at the front desk at my gym pulled it out and said :” hey is this yours? we’ve been waiting for you to come and ask for it”. he he he whoooopss

    that sprinkles mix has been waiting and waiting for me to make the cupcakes… even derek has been mentioning it. maybe it IS time to make some red velvet yumminess 😀

  • Elina

    Tiffany – it’s ok. It’s not your fault. I’m just an idiot apparently. We should do another workout together soon. I’ll make sure to leave my gadgets in the locker room 😉

    Lara – nope, I asked. It was brand new so someone definitely “got lucky.” My next one I’m definitely buying online and will engrave my name on it.

    24carrot -really? Sorry to hear that. Oh and yeah – funny that I made Ellie’s mac and cheese a year ago. I’ve definitely been a fan for a while. :)

    Innz – you know you can turn your old ipod to get 10% off your new one. Do you still have it? 😉 And yes – make those babies!!!!!

  • Eek, so sorry to hear of the iPod snafu. :(

    Those cupcakes do look incredible, though. They also look like boobies sitting next to each other ! Tee hee, sorry, I’m 5.

  • Such a bummer about your Ipod. It’s a shame people aren’t more honest and no one turned it in.
    Not nearly as valuable as an Ipod, but I leave lip balms and Nalgenes everywhere! Thankfully I keep buying more to replenish my constantly dwindling supply.

  • Aww I’m sorry…we’ve all been there. I hate losing things – it’s the worst feeling. I recently met my friends for one drink and left my purse in the bar. Luckily one of my friends noticed and grabbed it but that was an idiot moment for me.

    I really need to join the Ellie group!!! That chop suey looks yummy.

  • I lose everything, everywhere, so I know how you feel!

    That apple crisp looks delicious!

  • Ummm yes. I am very absent minded so I do things like that all the time (unfortunately). I lost several school ID’s in college and my first iPod. It was very, very sad. I also left my purse on the commuter boat this morning but thankfully I realized it before I got too far AND someone picked it up for me.

  • Aww, it happens to everyone – I left my ipod at the gym last year and was super lucky and got it back. Those cupcakes look like the perfect comfort food though – yum!

    Good luck at your race!!!

  • I set my phone on top of my car while I was buckling my daughter into her carseat. My babysitter only lives a few blocks away and the silicone case on my phone kept it in place on top of the car! I was so thankful that I noticed it still setting on top of the car when we arrived at the babysitter’s home. But, I made the same mistake a week later and that time my phone didn’t make it :(

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