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Sunset Grill & Tap in Allston review

October 4th, 2009 · 19 Comments · Boston, restaurant reviews

This weekend has been such a whirl wind but all 100% fun. Looking at my millions of pictures I’m wondering how to organize them so that they make some sense. I guess I’ll start with last night’s night out at the Sunset Grill & Tap in Allston.  Sunset has been a group favorite for years now. They have 112 beers on tap and hundreds (thousands?) more in bottles. They also serve wine and mixed drinks (I once had a mudslide there… mmm) but really the focus is on the beer. The decor is also all about the beer – beer taps, coaster and branded trays cover the walls. Pretty fun :)



Sunset also has pretty awesome unpretentious food. Not much in the healthy eats department (although they do mark some items with a little heart = heart healthy, and I seem to recall a grilled veggie/hummus wrap that’s pretty decent) but that’s kind of expected at a bar restaurant. An all time favorite would be the spinach artichoke dip. Best.dip.ever. *I actually didn’t have any of it last night because I was stuffed from a party we went to right before Sunset (separate post on that to come) but this giant plate was consumed by 3 guys, one of which was my husband who supposedly was not hungry. It’s one of those “once you pop, you can’t stop” dishes; that’s why I made sure to not even taste it last night. I guess it was a hit 😉


Like I said – not health food by any means. If you’re a fan of the spinach artichoke dip, I am also in love with this healthier recipe from Cooking Light.

Back to Sunset… I’m not much of a beer drinker these days, but with such a large selection, I promise there is something for everyone there. I typically go for a fancy cider or a fruity beer. While waiting for our table, I ran into Kath‘s sister – Larbs (ha, it’s funny that I only remember her nickname and not her real name… is it Laura?) and her boyfriend Matt (I think I got it right – Larbs, please tell me if I’m wrong!!) and she said the Cambridge plum beer was pretty yummy (9%?? You are a tough cookie, Larbs!! 😉 ). Of course I had to order it, but someone had the last one :( No sweat, look at this menu – this is just the beers on tap!!


I actually ended up ordering from the Beertails (=beer cocktails) menu and went with the Dirty HoLindeman’s Framboise and Hoegaarden.


Hmm, no sure about that name (I’m a class lady!! 😆 ) but this was really delicious. Lambics are usually too acidic and way too fruity, but the wheat beer really cut that and made the drink nice and smooth, while retaining the raspberry flavor. I liked this drink a lot!! 😀


Next up: Wells Banana Bread beer. I was actually craving this one. I swear it tastes like banana bread (check out more elaborate reviews from people that know what they’re talking about here). Yum!! :mrgreen:

IMG_7503 IMG_7504

Great night – we had such a blast!! Sunset never disappoints – the only downside is the long wait. It’s a good spot and at the end, the wait is well worth it.

I’m off to get ready for apple picking! See you back here soon… hope you’re having a fabulous weekend! 😀

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  • #1 - Kirsten

    I LOVE the nachos at Sunset Grill, I haven’t had them in years though!
    I am so glad we went running yesterday – it was so fun!

  • #2 - Diana

    I’m not a huge beer fan but I would totally try some just because I’m curious about all the different flavors! ahah
    Have fun!

  • #3 - Kath

    Haha – so funny you ran into Larbs!! And yes, Laura + Matt are correct :)

  • #4 - Lauren

    I love the idea of “beertails”! I’ve tasted that Banana Bread beer, and it is deeelicious. I’ll have to bring my beer-loving husband to this place.

  • #5 - Tiffany

    That spinach and artichoke dip is ridiculous. It’s totally crack on a plate. Yum.

    Your beers were really tasty, especially the banana bread beer. I was surprised by that, as I wouldn’t expect banana and beer to go well together. This is one scenario where I don’t mind being wrong :)

  • #6 - Kaytee

    Framboise and Hoegaarden are my two favorite beers, easily. I need to remember this in the future.

  • #7 - sue

    i love sunset! i’ve ordered the nachos one too many times but never the artichoke dip…i’m going to keep that in mind next time i want to eat something “bad”

  • #8 - angieinatlanta

    Looks like a cool place to hang out with friends!

    I’m not really a beer girl either; I’m all about the ciders! And now that it’s officially fall, I can’t think of a better drink.

  • #9 - Allison (Balance in Bites)

    Haha, that’s so funny – I used to work at the other Sunset restaurant, the Sunset Cantina on Commonwealth. I like the Bar and Grille better though – better beer selection!

  • #10 - Meghan@traveleatlove

    I love sunset! They have a great cherry wheat beer/chocolate stout cocktail that is a chocolate covered cherry. I have since made it at home, love it! Hope you had fun apple picking, that’s on my agenda for the long weekend.

  • #11 - Lele

    Oh, Sunset. You were eating and drinking in the company of many of my drunk peers.

  • #12 - Elina

    Kirsten – I’ve never had Sunset nachos. I bet they’re great!

    Diana – I promise if you’re ever at a place like this, you WILL find something you like. Fruity beers and especially ciders are always safe, I think :)

    Lauren – I’m sure John would love Sunset!

    Tiffany – definitely! Who knew beer and banana mixed? I like it though! 😀

    Kaytee – I think this was my first time having a beertail and I think it’s a great one – especially if those 2 are your favorite. Great combo! 😀

    Sue – haha, yeah it’s definitely not health food but if you want to be “bad” this is the way to do it, I think. Mmm, artichoke dip 😉

    Angie- I’m not sure if you have Woodchuck cider in your area, but their limited addition seasonal cider is AMAZING! Try tracking it down if it’s not too late.

    Allison – oh wow. I’ve been to the Sunset Cantina too but the Grill & Tap is definitely superior. I bet working there was fun. I feel like people always have a good time there, so that’s not a bad environment to be in.

    Meghan – I’m definitely getting that beertail next. Thanks for the suggestion – sounds delicious!! :)

    Lele- hehe, I actually saw a bunch of people are “know” there. It’s a good hang place to hang out on a random Saturday night :mrgreen:

  • #13 - Madeline @ GreensandJeans

    banana bread beer?! Amazing! I’d also ditto you on that woodchuck cider. the pear one is my absolutely favorite.

  • #14 - Liz

    We have a similar bar around the corner from our apartment which is as dangerous as it sounds :) I like any bar that has a separate beer menu! I haven’t seen any beertails though. That Dirty Ho sounds good so I might have to try recreating that at home – was it like half and half? And now I will have to try the banana bread beer; I’ve seen it but wasn’t sure what to think of it.

  • #15 - Elina

    Liz, I’m not sure what the proportions were. I’m guessing a little more Hoegaarden than the lambic. I’d start with the beer and then add the lambic to taste. :)

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  • #17 - Laura

    Yes, it is Laura! Sorry about drinking the last plum beer…i’m sure your beertail was just as good. Also, I’m so jealous you tried the banana bread beer!!

  • #18 - Elina

    Hehe, Laura – no problem! You’re right, my beertail was pretty awesome. I’ll be on the lookout for the plum beer next time… and you should try the banana bread beer :)

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