Laughter is good

After an 11 hour work day, I met up with my husband and some friends to see a comedy show. At first when I saw that we got tickets to a 10 pm show I was worried. Yes, I’m a grandma. A 10 pm show means I would be going to bed after midnight, on a weeknight. But with my crazy work schedule it actually worked out well, and it’s been so long since we’ve done something fun on a weekday, especially something as fun as a comedy show – it was awesome! We saw David Cross do stand-up and we was hilarious. I actually was hurting at some point from laughing so hard.  His opener was actually really funny too; I wish I remembered his name. Gotta look him up.


Do you like stand-up comedy? When was the last time you’ve been to a show and who did you see? Anyone famous? 😉


A delicious blueberry bran muffin from Whole Foods (+ coffee) that Molly brought over on Sunday before our run. Oh did I mention we went for a 5.25 mile run on the rainiest day ever… and we’re not even training for anything?! We’re pretty hardcore, huh? 😆 Running with Molly is really socializing for me, while incidentally burning calories, so I don’t think of it as running. With that said, with our warm up and cooldown walks, we covered 6 miles in just a little over an hour. I say that’s pretty good for a day we’d otherwise want to be lazy on! This is the kind of running I plan on keeping up – social running.


Buttery delicious muffin. Definitely a treat!



Random plate of goodies:


Meatloaf stuffed with mushrooms and eggs, prepared by my mom:


Chicken thighs with mushrooms and raisins (also prepared by mom):


1/2 FFL english muffin with hummus (gotta have carbs!)


Freshly roasted red peppers (yup, mom made them):


+ a cabbage salad and grape tomatoes (see above) for some veggies. I usually don’t like meals that are more like random snacks put together, but this ended up being well rounded and satisfying. Thanks, mom, for sending us home with some extra food! :mrgreen:




There was A LOT more candy than this. Halloween will be the death of me if I don’t nip this candy eating in the bud. There is candy available all year round – no need to consume ridiculous amounts of it in the month of October, especially since there will be much more worthy treats in the office in November and December, with “real holidays” coming up.



This bar above has artificial stuff in it. I found it in the back of my desk drawer and really enjoyed it but you definitely won’t see me buying more of it in the future. Otherwise, if you’re not artificial ingredients averse, it is delicious – kind of tastes like snickers with the nougat filling and peanut chunks.


I had about 5 minutes to make dinner last night. With all the candy consumed I thought about just grabbing a banana to go, but on the way home I brilliantly came up with a quick dinner plan instead. Shrimp, corn, and salsa quesadilla – now that’s a great quick healthy dinner!


Not photogenic but super flavorful! Corn is becoming my favorite random ingredient – remember corn and tuna pizza? Delicious! 😀


During the show, I also had 1/2 of Sencha Tea bar (I decided they were a bit weird and since they’re expensive, you won’t see them on the blog again). There were also some chocolate covered edamame consumed as a dinner dessert. Serious sugar overload. I am committed to treating myself with more respect than that. As Jillian Michaels would say – think through you choices! Next time I’m grabbing candy bar #100, I’ll try to remind myself this!

Speaking of sweet things… check out a sweet giveaway at Tri to Cook. 😀

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19 comments to Laughter is good

  • Tiffany

    The opener was named Todd Glass; I’m pretty sure he made his start on “last Comic Standing”, but I could be wrong. It’s possible I’ve seen him perform in L.A. many times, and I’ve just convinced myself he was on the tv show, but who knows? David Cross was ridiculous, though. It was on of the best show I’ve seen in a while!

    Halloween candy is everywhere, and I’ve been horrible about ignoring it. But it’s Halloween, so you’re supposed to look a little scary right now, right? Hah, I wish ;P

  • I have noooo self control with candy. Once – start I can’t stop! Hope work calms down a bit.

  • I recently saw Dane Cook who is hilarious. A few people give him a hard time for ‘going mainstream,’ but I think he’s awesome.

    I REALLY want to see Lisa Lampenelli!!!

  • I am on the same page with weeknight activities, I am usually in bed by 10pm! We have 3-4 comedy clubs here that get some pretty good talent, sadly it has been way too long since we have been to any of them.

  • KellyB

    I saw Comics Come Home at the Agannis Arena last Nov and it was awesome. It has two of my fav. comics Denis Leary and Lenny Clarke as well as 5 other guys. Worth seeing if your around, they do it every year and its for charity.

  • I love stand up comedy! My fav stand up comedians are Eddie Izzard, Dylan Moran, Chris Rock and Jim Gaffigan. I’m probably forgetting some but whatever 😛
    I’ve never been to a stand up comedy show, unfortunately. I would definitely see these gentlemen live if I could. :)

    Social running! I like that concept 😛

    Hmmm that muffin looks so good!

  • I’m really glad that I’m not going to fall into the whole “omg so much candy around all the time” – Pete and I live in an apartment building and we get no kids who are looking for candy on halloween. I guess the only place I have to worry about is work, but hopefully there won’t be too much candy being passed around. It’s definitely a tough time of year. But you’re right about treating your body with respect – an occasional treat is fine, but an overload should be avoided =D

  • I love stand up comedy! david and I haven’t been in awhile, but it is always so much fun!!

    I am lucky to not be in an office right now because it means I am avoiding all that candy

  • sister inna

    the last two comics i saw live were john oliver and eugene mirman. both hilarious. this is where living in a major city works to our advantage 😉 i love comedy shows, though like you, i think a 10 pm show on a weeknight would stress me out. yummy delicious russian food i’m sooo jealous.
    what is this meatloaf i see here? i’ve never seen any such thing coming out of mom’s kitchen

  • Great start to the week. I’m seeing the guys from “Whose Line Is It Anyway?” on Friday…should be fun!

  • Elina

    All – I loved reading about all your recent comedy show experiences. Sounds like it’s been a while for most of you, though. This is your reminder to look into some tickets 😉 Laughter is good for you!

    Tiffany – cool, good to know! I’m going to look up other clips with him. He was funny :) Speaking of funny – that last comment made me actually chuckle out loud 😆

    KellyB – I just checked out that show and it looks awesome but the tickets that are left are crazy expensive. I need to get better at knowing what’s going on! Will keep my eye out for them next year…

    Allison – I totally forgot about candy for kids! Not sure if we’ll have any trick or treaters but I better get some candy (I think I’ll get the kind I hate to avoid temptation).

    Innz – I think it’s in mom’s new repertoire 😉

    Nicole – I love that show! So jealous :)

  • I love it when my mom sends food home with me- which is almost every time! I saw Ralphie somebody from that comic TV show and he was really funny.

  • Awesome that you ran in that rain! I need some motivation for this upcoming winter weather. We should start a Boston blogger running group or something!

  • I would have thought the same thing about a 10pm show, weekday or weekend! But I’m glad it was worth being a little sleepy. I went to see Louie Anderson recently. My husband was his manager for a couple of years and they have remained close friends, so when Louie was out east recently we went to see him…on a week night!

  • Yum, all your meals look delicious!

  • I love David Cross! I was a huge Arrested Development fan (RIP!).
    Good for you going running on Sunday. I went on a fundraising WALK and thought I was gonna die. This Boston weather is ridiculous.

  • I love stand-up! A good stand-up routine can have me tearing in laughter. I got to see Jerry Seinfeld live in Vegas a few years back, and it was an entire night of laughing.
    Nothing like mom’s cooking, right? Looks so good!

  • Elina

    Meghan – I think it’s a good idea… maybe we should start a running group. It’s always good to have some support, especially on days when it’s miserable out :)

    Lele – you should have run – it would have been over faster 😉

  • thanks for the link love :) and i’d be in for a running group! love all the mom eats, and comedy shoW!


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