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New fitness friends

October 25th, 2009 · 26 Comments · Cooking Light, pasta, running, soups, sweet potato

Hi bloggies! How was your weekend? Mine was full of fitness fun :mrgreen:

Saturday started by meeting a reader, Allison, who teaches lots of fitness classes at the Beacon Hill Athletic Clubs. I decided to attend her muscle and abs class at the center in Brighton. After chatting for about 10 minutes before the class, we got to business :) The class was really a blast. Allison knew everyone’s name and mentioned Jillian Michaels, new tv shows, while kicking our butts with moves I’ve never seen before. We used every gadget you can think of, and just kept moving. Awesome! Allison also introduced me to the class as her special blogger friend. If some of you Brighton BHAC girls are in fact reading this post, say hello in the comments section! 😀

Allison and I after a super sweaty class:


I actually decided to take a break from taking pictures of my food for the day, so Saturday eats will have to be my little secret 😉 Let’s get to Sunday!

I woke up super excited for my first Healthy and Sane social running group meet-up! I fueled up with some dessert for breakfast: When Pigs Fly chocolate bread with chunky Barney Butter + coffee. Not a bad way to start the day, that’s for sure 😀



Our first social run was awesome! There were just 4 of us running today, which made for easy navigation. We ran across the Mass Ave bridge towards Cambridge, looped by the Museum of Science, then ran to Fenway and back to the Back Bay. I ran 7 miles and didn’t even realize it! I was too busy having fun!! We held about a 9:30 minute pace (I think, I actually reset my garmin by mistake without checking) and all felt great! I got to meet and get to know Shannon from Lessons to Learn, and hang out with my Boston girls, Shannon (from Tri to Cook) and Molly of course. Great fun! I feel so lucky to have met so many cool people because of my blog! If you like running and live in Boston, you should join us. I can almost guarantee a good time 😆

Oh, look what Shannon brought for me…


Baked mini cider donuts!!! Yum! But we’ll get to that later… onto…


1 cup of V8 Vegetable Blend soup with the bud of the olive bread.


I tried the soup by itself this time, without adding anything else, and it was delicious! Mmm, chunky delicious veggie soup (a few more days left to enter the V8 soup giveaway!)…


+ yummy olive bread. I think I’ve eaten my weight in bread over the past few days. It’s too good! :)


+ Dessert: mini baked cider donut



These tasted like delicious mini muffins – lots of cinnamon and spices. The perfect fall treat! My parents in law came over and got to enjoy them as well. They were a hit for sure! Check out Tri to Cook in a few days for the recipe 😀


There were lots of snacks because I’m never hungry after a run, which made for a small lunch and a ravenous Elina later in the day 😉

One of the last apples from the apple picking trip:


Mini peach pie slice with Stonyfield nonfat vanilla frozen yogurt:


Yellowtail cabernet sauvignon:


This is a pretty nice wine, especially for the price. Brings back memories of buying giant bottles of Yellowtail wine with my sister and polishing them off way to0 quickly in our NY apartment. Good times! :lol


Dinner ended up being such an amazing fall treat! I wanted to make something with wonton wrappers we had on hand, and came across this recipe in Cooking Light for sweet potato ravioli with lemon-sage brown butter. This was my first time making ravioli… pretty fun! The wonton wrappers are a great shortcut to making the pasta dough, and these really did taste like real ravioli. I was a proud ravioli mama 😀


I cut the amount of butter a little bit, but the butter lemon sauce makes these really special so definitely don’t skip the butter sauce!


Absolutely delicious! Rich, flavorful, and so “fall.” Adam loved them as well, despite being hesitant at first. Sweet :)


What a great weekend! Lots of food, lots of exercise. Perfect! What food defines “fall” for you?

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  • #1 - angieinatlanta

    Those donuts look incredible, you lucky girl!

    I’m so intrigued by your homemade ravioli; I had never considered using wonton wrappers before! It sounds like such a great idea though!

  • #2 - Ali

    It was SOOO much fun having you in class! Come anytime! And if readers want to work out on Thanksgiving morning, I’ll be doing a fundraising class on Thanksgiving morning for anyone in the area! Looks like the rest of your weekend was great!
    Talk to you soon :) xo Ali

  • #3 - 24carrot

    I saw that recipe in Cooking Light too and put it on the make list. Thanks for confirming that it will be delicious.

    This weekend was full of fall cooking too – acorn squash and then made the pumpkin pie muffins ( you are in for such a treat). I am taking them to my co-workers tomorrow because they must be removed from my possession.

    You make me miss Boston!

  • #4 - Nicci@NiftyEats

    Pie ad yogurt is a great combo!

  • #5 - Kelly

    Fall for me is all about soups and fall produce: apples, squash, sweet potatoes, etc. I still have SO many apples left. You’ve definitely been moving faster than I have.

  • #6 - Erin

    Those cider donuts look incredible — can’t wait to try the recipe. :)

  • #7 - One Healthy Apple

    Fall is apples, cranberries, persimmons, and pomegranates. Yum!

    Looks like such a fun workout weekend!

  • #8 - MelissaNibbles

    The doughnuts look amazing!

    Congrats on meeting new friends! I hope to join you guys on a run soon :)

  • #9 - Tiffany

    Everything looks so yummy here, especially those doughnuts and even more so the ravioli. I’m really interested in making those!

    For me, Fall is epitomized by apple cider (hot) and anything with cinnamon, and obviously homemade cranberry sauce. Yum!

  • #10 - Lauren

    Mmmm sweet potato ravioli sounds delish. There are so many foods that define fall for me: apples, pumpkins, cinnamon and other warm spices, cider, sweet potatoes, root veggies… I’m getting hungry and I just ate breakfast ;).

  • #11 - eatmovelove

    Hi! Found your blog through HEAB’s. Great eats for the day – love that chocolate bread. What a great pace for your run! I hope I can hold steady at that soon. I’m blogging about my experience starting up running again and yoga, etc – life! – so we’ll see how the process goes. Check it out and add me to your roll if you like!

    Oh and Fall – definitely squash (although I always love these) and pumpkin…any type of root veggies and warm soup :) (…well I guess I wouldn’t eat soup cold anyways…gazpacho maybe…)

  • #12 - Kelly Turner

    lol, i got all excited cause there is a beacon hill in my area, but yeah, we are on opposite sides of the US.

  • #13 - Husband Adam

    I can’t wait to have my lunch today – those ravioli were really good :)

  • #14 - Emily

    Yay for going to Ali’s class. I have been going to (and loving) her Abs and Butt class at the Cleveland Circle Beacon Hill Athletic Club every Tuesday night for the past 10 months.

  • #15 - Elina

    Angie – using wonton wrappers was so easy. Definitely give them a try for easy homemade ravioli!

    Ali – thanks again for “hosting me.” I may have to join that Thanksgiving class. A great way to burn a few calories, before we gobbled them up again 😆 Let’s definitely meet up again soon!

    24carrot – ooh, I’m excited for the muffins now. I’m going to do a little experiment on mine :)

    Kelly – that’s because I like them raw 😀

    One Healthy Apple – I haven’t had any cranberries, persimmons or pomegranates this fall. Better get on that!!

    Melissa – maybe this weekend? I’ll be sending out an email on Wednesday about our plans.

    Eatmovelove – thanks for stopping by! I’m so excited when new readers say hello. I hope you stay! Have you entered the v8 soup giveaway yet? That soup is great warm 😆

    Kelly – nope, different beacon hill. 😀

    Husband Adam – :mrgreen:

    Emily – thanks for stopping by… and for the tip. I probably won’t be able to attend that class given my work schedule, but I’m sure it’s awesome! :)

  • #16 - RunToTheFinish

    ohh I can’t wait to meet up with your group the next time I get to come to boston!!

  • #17 - Diana

    That ravioli and those donuts… ohmygod. I’m not even gonna talk about the bread… Everyhing sounds delicious!

  • #18 - Nicole (dishin')

    Impressive ravioli!!! And, those donuts look fantastic!

  • #19 - Alison

    That chocolate bread looks incredible! And the ravioli looks even better!

  • #20 - Meghan@traveleatlove

    I would definitely love to get together to run, let me know next time!
    Cider donuts are definitely true fall indulgences, I never see or eat them any other time of year!

  • #21 - Shannon

    Sunday was so fun! I will definitely be joining you again!

    I am so impressed with your ravioli! I have never tired that. It sounds very ambitious!

  • #23 - Elina

    RuntotheFinish – that would be so much fun!! :)

    Meghan – I added you to the email list. Looking forward to meeting you 😀

    Shannon – the ravioli, I promise, is not an ambitious project if you use the wonton skins. Give them a try!

  • #24 - Rachel


    Great that you’re promoting Ali! I’m obsessed with her classes because she works you out really well but you don’t realize it at the time because she’s always talking about something fun! You should also come on a Wednesday night at 5:45 to the Cardio Boxing class taught by David. He’s fabulous, too!


  • #25 - Lara (Thinspired)

    Still catching up on old posts…
    You look so incredibly fit, Miss Elina! You must definitely be in maintenance by now. You look fantastic!
    The baked doughnuts look DELICIOUS, and I can’t believe you made your own ravioli. The won tons wrappers are a genius trick. We went out and bought a whole pasta roller whenI wanted to make ravioli, and we have only used it once!

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