My first blog anniversary

Today is my first blog anniversary (I was calling it blogaversary for a while until Adam told me I’m not allowed to say that word anymore… haha)!! I can’t believe it’s been a whole year since I started this blog. I feel like I’ve really grown over this year, as cheesy as that sounds. I’ve finally accepted my body, stopped counting calories, became a runner, found new friends and in the process of it all became happy. Thank you all SO MUCH for coming back here every day and sharing your experiences with me. I started this blog to share healthy recipes and ideas and had no idea this would become such a huge part of me… and it’s really because of all of you, my readers. THANK YOU!!! :mrgreen:

Just for kicks, here is a link to my very first post. Wow, I was in denial about summer being over then too. I guess I haven’t changed that much. 😉


I’m starting with dinner today because it was so fabulous. We had friends over, our first mini dinner party at our new condo. I was nervous! Our new oven sucks (it takes nearly double the time to cook most things) and I was so afraid the food would not come out right. To minimize the damage, I went with old favorites:

I asked our guest Katie to bring a salad, and she brought an incredible fall themed one: mixed greens, roasted butternut squash, grilled pears, raisins and gorgonzola, dressed in Newman’s Own light cranberry walnut dressing.



Doesn’t it look like it was served in a fancy restaurant? Gorgeous!!


The veggies for the main course took the longest to make. I peeped and chopped the beauties the night before. It’s very important to prep ahead time intensive dishes! Before (I still can’t believe colors like this naturally exist in nature!)…





After nearly 2 hours of baking…


+ pork


All together:


My plate (I had another slice of the pork… it came out incredible!)


Dessert – before:


After – with Sweet Scoops vanilla frozen yogurt


Mmm, warm apple crisp with creamy frozen yogurt = perfect ending to a fall meal (I had a tiny bit of seconds :) )


We had such a great time with Mike and Katie – I want to start entertaining more at our place! The conversation was flowing, and so was the wine. 😀 Oh did I mention we drank 3 bottles of wine between the 4 of us? No? Well we did. I told you we had a great time 😉






Do you like entertaining? Any tips or go-to recipes for all of us newbies?

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30 comments to My first blog anniversary

  • Molly

    Wow, congratulations on an amazing year.

  • Congrats! Gorgeous colors on the veg! I am getting excited for this weekend :)

  • OMG happy blogaversary!!! haha. Perfect. I can bring you a Sprinkles cupcake to celebrate! That dinner looks amazing and sounds like your dinner party was a success.
    Tip: never underestimate the amount of wine 4 people can drink hahah.
    I love that Sweet Scoops frozen yogurt. It’s by far the best tasting. I can’t keep it in the freezer long enough!

  • Happy Anniversary to the blog :) The dinner party looked great, I love to entertain and always try to prep as much as I can before and try to have a theme to make buying ingredients easier.

  • Happy Blogaversary to you! Great eats for your dinner party, all those veggies look delicious plus the dessert.

  • Happy Blogiversary (I like it no matter what Adam says!)
    Those veggies look fantastic!
    I LOVE to entertain, and find planning helps a ton. I do as much as I can the night before. I also make sure pots and pans, and all dishes are clean before guests arrive, so it’s one less thing to worry about. I then don’t think about cleaning anything again until after my guests leave, so I can enjoy spending time with everyone!

  • Happy Blogiversary! I think I would rather go to someone’s house (and bring a dish, of course!) but my boyfriend likes to entertain. I’ve formally hosted a Christmas Party and a Tea Party (for my book club) and I generally just do food that goes with the theme.

  • Happy anniversary, Healthy & Sane!!!

    Your dinner party looks like it was a great success… all of the food looks delicious. I can’t wait to have a house to entertain in!

  • Happy blogiversary (sorry Adam)! And that food looks absolutely divine.

  • Looks like a great first dinner party in your new place! The food looks delicious. I always try to prep as much as possible – that’s my tip!

  • Congrats! :)
    That dinner looks amazing, I’m glad the evening was a success!

  • Happy blog anniversary! I have to admit I’m in Adam’s camp — a like my words separate and not all cutesy. That meal looks quite tasty. It’s taken me a while to like entertaining. I’m a bit of a perfectionist so I used to get all stressed out about wanting to wow people but now that I’m more relaxed about it and just make what I enjoy I’m having more fun.

  • Happy Anniversary!

    Dinner looked delicious and I love the green of your walls in the kitchen. great color! Goes well with the veggies 😉

  • Lauren

    Congratulations on the 1YR! Dinner looks great! Have you tried putting a thermometer IN your oven? They sell oven safe ones at most grocery stores. Perhaps you’ve already gone that route, but at my last apartment I got one and realized that the temp was off by 50 degrees.

  • Happy anniversary! Glad to hear blogging has been such a fulfilling hobby!

    Your dinner looks unbelievable – can I be your friend? LOL

  • Happy Blogiversary! Can you come to Phoenix and cook me dinner? Please?

  • Love the dinner party. Wish I lived in Boston so we could have dinner parties together. Yeah, the white cupboard kitchen looks just like chris’ huh?

    Totally though of you last night when I ate at the supposed best Vegan restaurant in NYC – have u been?

  • Happy Blogiversary! I like to entertain, but it makes me extremely nervous until after it happens.

  • Yayyyyy Happy Blogiversary!!!

    Those vegetables that you cooked look absolutely amazing, such wonderful colors. The salad that your friend brought also sounds super good, i love a fruit and cheese together with greens.

    What is the green & purple veggie?

    Kate G.

  • Christina

    Congrats!!! That pork tenderloin recipe looks AMAZING! I must try it! Love reading your blog everyday :)

  • Nae

    I MISS entertaining. I’m used to having friends over for dinner, but without a kitchen now… :( Oh well, that’llc hange soon.

  • I love entertaining! I wrote a Party Planning 101 post awhile back and it was a lot of fun to write! Gorgeous root veggies, yum!

  • Elina

    Thank you all again for wishing me a happy blog anniversary, and more importantly, for reading!! You are the best!! 😀

    Coco – you’ve had this frozen yogurt before? I just saw it for the first time at WF when I was looking for a healthier vanilla ice cream, and I’m in love. Great product!!

    Shelly – a tea party sounds fabulous! I think I need to find some fancy girlfriends and make cute little sandwiches and pastries. 😉 What a great idea!

    Kelly – I’m definitely a perfectionist and want everything to just be well – perfect, but you’re right – at the end it’s about having fun, and it’s usually easy to achieve with great company and (at least decent) food :)

    Betsy – haha. It sure does go well with veggies. We’re going to change it after we gut the kitchen though. This is from the prior owners. We need to make it our own!

    Lauren – we were just talking about an oven thermometer last night. I think the temps must be off. I’ll look for one at my local grocery store. Thanks for the tip! :mrgreen:

    Angie – hehe. You can definitely be my friend!

    Madeline – come to Boston, I’ll cook for you. 😆

    24 carrot – I’ve never been to a vegan restaurant. I’m sure it’s an interesting experience.

    Kate G – I think that’s just a different type of a beet. I tried to get as many different types as I could. Gorgeous, right?

    Christina – so glad you like the blog. This pork is my husband’s favorite dish I make. I need to build a repertoire of “safe recipes.”

    Meghan – I need to dig this post up! :)

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  • Such a cute pic of you cooking! And those root veggies are gorgeous!
    Happy Blogaversary! I like that word, too :)

  • Liz

    Happy blogiversary! Looks like you had quite the dinner party :) I love that green color in your kitchen!

  • Happy blogiversary!! looks like a fab dinner :) is that a beet that was green on the oustide? amazing!!

  • HAPPY blogaversary!!! (take that, Adam!)

    Looks like a wonderful dinner and delicious evening 😉

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