Moving on

I wrote yesterday’s post right before going to bed, and of course got myself all worked up. I couldn’t fall asleep, trying to think of any other half marathons other bloggers mentioned they were doing. Eventually I got up and did a little online research. Most of the ones over the next few weeks were closed for registration. Dang. I decided to spend a little more time on it in the morning. Long story short, I found a half marathon that was happening this weekend and spent most of today trying to convince my husband that it wasn’t a stupid idea to run another half marathon so soon, despite the fact that I blacked out at the end of my last one. I promised I’d hydrate and take it easier – I told him I had to do it! He still wasn’t convinced.

During my lunch break I went to City Sports and bought myself all sorts of fancy shmancy running stuff – a water belt, running gloves and a new warm long sleeve running tee. It got COLD here in Boston. How many gadgets can you fit on one person? 😉


After work I got dressed and set out for a run. I didn’t have a distance in mind and I wanted to take it easy just in case I decided to run the half marathon this weekend after all. Um yeah, the run did not go well. My legs were heavy and I just wasn’t into it. The entire time I was thinking about all these other things I was excited about doing after my half was over – like more bootcamp classes, trying a new zoomba class my co-workers have been raving about, bringing yoga back into my life – all these workouts that had to be on the back burner while I was training for the half! I put all my energy and thoughts into preparing for Sunday’s race. I think I’m ready to move on. Over the past 3.5 months running has become more than a challenging workout – I learned to love it, but I need to spread the love a little. I’ll still run on occasion during the winter, but I want to concentrate on strength, yoga and spinning during the colder months. I’ll pick up running again next year when it warms up :)


Egg, ham & cheese on a FFL english muffin + coffee




Delicious randomness: corn tortilla, green and yellow beans, borlotti beans, roasted root veggies, grape tomatoes, goat cheese



Caramel, pecan, chocolate chip brownie from Tendercrop Farms


Apple (ha!)


2 Ryvita crackers with Sabra hummus and a hard boiled egg – great combo, although I’m not in love with these crackers



I had a fun dinner planned but somehow didn’t realize it required cheese, and we were all out. Plan B was a random pasta dish with wild mushrooms based on this recipe from Cooking Light. I used TJ’s lemon parpadelle pasta, added lemon zest to the mushrooms, omitted the onions, and subbed skim milk + 1 laughing cow wedge for the whipping cream. I really enjoyed this dish although it could definitely be more saucy. Adam thought there was too much lemon and mushrooms and asked if I could take the rest for lunch. Oh well, at least I didn’t slave over dinner for hours 😀


Dinner also included a glass of white wine and some chocolate covered almonds for dessert. Can’t wait for those things to be gone. Note to self: never buy a giant container of choc covered almonds again!!

I’m off to bed, getting up early to take a strength class with Coco. I’m excited to dedicate more time to other kinds of workouts besides running. What’s your favorite type of exercise?

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21 comments to Moving on

  • You are a wise woman! It is so easy to get caught up when you are training for something and you are quick to forget all those other fun activities that you love! During my current half training I have been forcing myself to take time to do other workouts that I love, like cycling! My mind and body are MUCH happier with me for this!

  • Sounds like a good plan. I am a die hard runner, but always enjoy the opportunity to get back in the gym!

  • You are such an inspiration! I always love reading your blog :)

    Incredible eats as always… I need to get some more FFL english muffins!!! I’m out :(

    Have fun tomorrow!

    I love strength training… I do more of that at home and my cardio… but one day a week, have been going to Zumba classes. I am not a dancer… but LOVE them. They are a BLAST. Try one out if you haven’t yet!!!

  • I think you made a great decision- listening to your body can never steer you in the wrong direction!

    My favorite exercise is treadmill running- my knees can’t handle it outside! I also love strength training and should really make more time for it.

  • You deserve a pat on the back for putting thought and time into your decision regarding running. Taking cues from your body is the smartest thing you can do!

    The combo of hummus and hard boiled egg sounds delicious… I love mixing diced avocado with diced hard boiled egg, then adding some 2% greek yogurt – a play on egg salad ;).

    That brownie looks amazing!

  • Tiffany

    I LOVE ST, and I really enjoy yoga and dance classes. I can get through a session on an elliptical, as the ability to zone out and be brainless really serves me well. But I am not a treadmill girl, and it took me nearly three months of torture and knee braces to figure that out.

    I think a break from running is a good idea; you’re gaining perspective and accepting what you can do with your body.

    That pasta looks, yummy, too!

  • Good decision. You will be in a better place after some time has passed. You’re attitude is really inspirational! You felt your frustration and disappointment and are now moving forward. That’s all you can do!

  • Husband Adam

    Hey next time you make an egg and cheese for breakfast like that make one for me! :)

  • I’m glad you’re moving on from the half. No sense in depressing and stressing over something like that! Excited to hear all about your new and different workouts!

  • I understand you eagerness to get out and go for it again this weekend but moving on is a good (and sane) choice! Keep us posted on and new and fun workouts!

  • That brownie looks fabulous!! Yum!

    I think a break from running makes sense, especially this time of year. I like kickboxing and hiking. Hiking is a great workout and it’s a perfect Fall activity!

  • I’m sure this is a post a lot of people can relate to, I know I can. I always wanted to learn to love running but I just couldn’t get there. I’ve learned it’s okay to embrace what I do enjoy: yoga, pilates, and occasional cardio while reading a good book. Instead of fighting myself on it I treated myself to some semi-private pilates reformer classes and I’m loving it AND seeing results.

  • Your mind sounds healthier. Running outside in Boston is insanity. Enjoy your yoga and staying warm.

  • Very smart to back off the running. I have experienced this before, and trust me, when you start again it will be amazing! I like doing all sorts of stuff, but sometimes just long walks are nice!

  • Smart move listening to your body! It’s always right!
    Run when it feels right :)

    I really like your cracker, hummus, egg snack! I’m gonna put that on my snack list!

  • Yeah, for the sake of your mind, taking a break sounds good.

    I screwed myself up last year–I pounded that spin bike and treadmill way too much, and combined with other emotional factors, really burnt myself out. I couldn’t contemplate either machines without feeling miserable.

    You didn’t do anything as crazy as I did, but I learned a lesson; you don’t have to break yourself to accomplish a demanding task.

    Now, while I focus on weightlifting, I have begun to do more light jogging, and am really starting to enjoy it. I’d be down for yoga…but my university gym charges for the classes.

    Have fun getting back into yoga and zumba!

  • Elina

    MandyA – I tried Zumba once and wasn’t a fan but there is a new class at my gym, with a new instructor, so I’m going to give it another try :)

    OneHealthyApple – I haven’t run on the treadmill in a while, except for speed work which is not very fun. I’m excited to get back into it… my favorite part is watching tv while exercising! 😀

    Husband Adam (hehe) – deal! 😀

    Kelly – those classes sound wonderful. I used to take private reformed classes years ago – it was such a great workout! I think we all need to listen to our bodies more. Sometimes I get ahead of myself and forget that it needs to be fun, not just challenging!

    24carrot – haha, it is definitely really cold these days. I bought some extra warm gear. Will probably still do a run outside once in a while. We’ll see :)

    Meghan – long walks are so great. I call it exercise in disguise – I can walk all day and not even realize I’m burning calories. Walking while shopping would be my favorite, I think 😉

    Weekly bite – egg/hummus combo is really great on a cracker. Hope you enjoy it! :)

    Mimi – I’m sorry to hear about that. I’m glad that you are better and learned from your mistakes. You’re right – we don’t need to break ourselves to accomplish a demanding task!!

  • awww don’t totally forgo running, there is sometihng magically and wonderful about running in the quiet of winter

  • Elina

    Amanda – I’m going to try a few cold runs on the weekend with a friend and see what happens :)

  • I think it’s great that you stopped and listened to what you actually wanted to do! It’s going to be such a nice change of pace for you to do some classes and explore new workouts. And, come Spring, you can whip out all that new running gear and hit the pavements when you’re ready! :)


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