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Lucca Back Bay restaurant review

October 19th, 2009 · 12 Comments · Boston, Italian, restaurant reviews

Last Friday night instead of the typical night out, Adam and I decided to have a homemade pizza night while getting the apartment painting ready. We left the apartment to go to TJ’s for some pizza ingredients, and what do you know – ended up at the bar of Lucca (Back Bay location), just for one drink. The restaurant opened just 3 days ago (the North End location has been around for years) and is actually the closest establishment to our condo. We had to check it out! :mrgreen:

I started with a glass of Badia a Coltibuono Chianti Classico, Cetamura


Is there anything better than relaxing with a glass of wine after a long work week? Hard to beat! This was a nice glass, flavorful yet light. Perfecto 😀

After talking about how close this place is to our condo and how handy it will come on a cold winter night when we want to eat out but hardly feel like going anywhere, I asked to see the menu. All I wanted was to get an idea of the menu items. It was an innocent request, really. The crostini appetizer sounded too good to pass up, so we decided to split it.

Even though all we ordered was a $7 appetizer, the bartender promptly brought out some warm bread with a white bean spread.


I knew the crostini was coming so I waited to try it until after we ate it. I was so happy I left some room for it! The bread was so fresh (2 kinds were in the basket – regular white and focaccia) and the bean spread was smooth and creamy, and let the nuttiness of the live oil really stand out. Very yummy.

Next up were the crostini. I think they change their selection – on Friday they offered the salmon salad, braised beef, and truffled mushroom crostini (*not the official names of these – just what I call them 😀 )


I loved the presentation!


My half portion:


Every crostini was so different. The truffled mushroom (my favorite) was very earthy and rich, the braised beef was very sweet and tender (definitely some sweet bbq sauce or maple syrup was involved in cooking) and salmon was light and fishy. I described these in my order of preference. Overall the combination of the 3 made for a fun tasting. I’d order just a plate of the mushroom crostini next time, if they let me 😉

After enjoying our drinks and appetizers at Lucca, Adam and I decided it would be fun one night to go restaurant-hopping, sit at the bar and just order appetizers. I guess we liked the idea so much that we decided to execute our plan that same night. Stay tuned for another review of our second bar experience at another brand new restaurant!

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