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Ideas wanted: healthy breakfast on the go

October 6th, 2009 · 24 Comments · beef, breakfast, dessert, man meals, sandwich, snacks, yogurt

My friend, Katy, is in med school and that means long hospital hours with little time to eat. She asked me the other day for ideas for breakfast on the go that can be made ahead of time. She wanted something she could just grab and eat on the way to the hospital. It’s of course ideal to sit down and enjoy a meal, but when life gets in the way, what do you eat? I suggested making muffins full of whole grains, nuts of fruit, and pairing it with a simple piece of fruit (like an apple from our apple picking trip :) ). I think that would be a really great way to start the day. Do you have any ideas for Katy?

I started my morning with one of my quick breakfasts (although not portable!) – yogurt parfait. It’s been a while…


TJ’s nonfat organic European style yogurt, 1 small apple, fresh local raspberries, stale pb Puffins 😕 , Kashi Golean cereal and dry-roasted almonds


Delicious and nutritious :)



Small apple (you’ll be seeing lots of apples on the blog – I can’t get enough of them!!) + 1/2 Sencha original green tea bar


This fueled me through a 4 mile run, which I stupidly started too fast. After 2.5 miles I was averaging 8:17, then realized I may actually hurt myself right before the race, so I slowed down and completed the last 1.5 miles at a more comfortable pace. My garmin said total average was 8:20 but I know it was off. It gets confused in the city sometimes 😆 FIVE DAYS until the half marathon!!!


I had a bunch of cabbage and decided to make Heidi’s Japanese pizza recipe. I substituted rehydrated dried wild mushrooms for the leeks, used 1 whole egg and 1 egg white and nixed the chives. I’m a cabbage fan so I enjoyed this dish, but if you don’t like cabbage, this probably won’t win you over. It was very cabbagy 😀 This is 1/2 of the “pizza”:


Dessert – chocolate cheesecake. Yeah, a bit too indulgent for lunch (what was I thinking?!!). I had a stomachache for most of the afternoon after this :(



Homemade steak & cheese with mushrooms, peppers and American cheese on baguette. This is Adam’s favorite meal and it was definitely to please him. We used very lean antibiotic-free meat, so it was pretty healthy too :)



Unfortunately I ate more unphotographed food. My random snacking habit is coming back in full force and I really need to nip it in the bud before it gets completely out of hand and I gain a substantial amount of weight (oh yes, a few pounds have already resulted from this annoying mindless munching). The aforementioned snacks would include lots of nuts and 2 small cookies. Boo!

What’s your favorite portable breakfast that can be made ahead? Feel free to forward recipes!

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  • #1 - sister inna

    i am so making that japanese pizza tonight! thanks ! o and going apple picking next weekend
    thanks for all the inspiration here 😉

  • #2 - Mellissa

    I make hardboiled eggs, pre bag some fruit and granola, nuts, toast is super quick too!

  • #3 - angieinatlanta

    That sandwich looks great – I love the idea of healthified man food!

    I’m all about smoothies in the morning; they are quick, easy, and nutritious.

  • #4 - Diana

    I can’t help you with breakfast ideas because I’m not that creative when it comes to my own breakfasts! And I always eat at home.

    That pizza looks so good!

  • #5 - Nutritioulicious

    I recommend to my clients who need on-the-go breakfasts a piece of fruit, string cheese or hard boiled eggs, and some cereal or a granola bar. Another quick and easy one is a peanut butter sandwich on whole wheat bread with a piece of fruit.

  • #6 - Weekly Bite

    I agree with Nutritioulicious! A PB sandwich is the easiest for me!

  • #7 - Jesse

    oh man, I’ve been making a delish on-the-go breakfast sandwich lately, and it pairs perfectly with your recent apple picking trip!

    I make a sandwich with an Arnolds Sandwich thin or something similar, with a little almond butter on one side, a little agave on the other and put thinly sliced apples in the middle, sprinkled with cinnamon. By the time you eat it, even if it has been in the fridge overnight, it tastes like an apple pie sandwich!!

  • #8 - Shelly

    What about a smoothie made the night before? I’m a big green monster fan (started by Angela at Oh She Glows) which is a smoothie with almond milk, banana, and spinach (it’s surprisingly good and non- spinachy) but if that’s too hard core, protein powder, milk of some kind, and frozen fruit or a banana will keep you full for a good long while and you can sip it while you drive.

  • #9 - Kirsten

    Easy breakfast-definitely banana bread with pb! I haven’t run since we went Sat bc yesterday was manic! But I am still ready for Sunday :)

  • #10 - melissa

    def. almond butter and strawberry preserves on an arnolds multigrain thin–or mash bananas instead of preserves–or peanutbutter instead of almond–the possibilites are endless–but seriously—pb&j is the portable way to go :)

  • #11 - Madeline @ GreensandJeans

    I agree with smoothies and pb&j! I also will make my own granola/protein bars and have those just in case I need to eat a quick breakfast in a pinch!

  • #12 - Diana (Soap & Chocolate)

    If your friend doesn’t mind preparing things the night before, a little to-go tub of overnight oats might be good. Could be enjoyed en route or heated up if she gets somewhere with a micro!

    You made okonomiyaki! I devised a vegan version very recently actually, so what a coincidence that you’ve discovered okonomiyaki too! I think it’s the sauce that makes it really fun so check my “vegan okonomiyaki” post for a recipe idea, which I think makes it a way jazzier meal than Heidi’s.

  • #13 - chandra

    I almost always have to make portable breakfasts and a lot of them end up being sandwiches – microwaved egg beaters with some cheese or lunch meat tossed between some toast or an english muffin paired with some fruit, or toasted pb & jb with a banana or apple, frozen waffles (made into a waffle pb/banana sandwich!), etc… Smoothies too! And worse case scenario, maybe some kind of protein/meal bar and a piece of fruit?

  • #14 - One Healthy Apple

    I agree with Chandra- eggwhite in the microwave for 90 seconds while a muffin/sandwich thin is toasting- add cheese and you are good to go in under 2 minutes!

  • #15 - Shannon

    i love muffins and yogurt, also quiches/fritatas are easy to reheat at work or eat on the go!

  • #16 - Alison

    Instant oatmeal, hard boiled eggs, Larabars, Luna bars, etc

  • #17 - Nicole

    Hmm, how about homemade larabars or oatmeal/granola bars? Or making a big batch of oats and then reheating single servings in the morning? The suggestions from up above were great! Or, maybe an overnight breakfast cookie?

    BTW, loved that healthy steak and cheese idea! Adam is a lucky man! That looked so good!

    You look great! When I saw you on Sunday, you looked so slim. Plus, you are running so many miles – you need the fuel!

    Not sure what to do with my apples?! I was hoping you could give me some inspiration!

  • #18 - Melissa

    I ALWAYS eat breakfast on the go, but I love oatmeal so I take it to go in a plastic cup. I know that it takes a little prep time, but you could even make it the night before and put in dried fruits, or apples and then re-heat it. If I’m in a really big rush, I have the smart ones breakfast sandwiches. They’re delish!

  • #19 - Kate

    I mostly have bircher muesli or yoghurt, fruit and granola in individual serves. I make them the night before and throw one in my gym bag in the morning. Easy!

  • #20 - Elina

    Thank you all so much for the wonderful ideas. I’m saving them for myself too! :)

    Diana, I need to make that sauce asap. I still have the other part of that okonomiyaki 😀

    Nicole – you’re too sweet!! 😉

  • #21 - Good girl

    […] Ideas wanted: healthy breakfast on the go […]

  • #22 - Katy

    You guys are AWESOME ! This will definitely make getting up at 4:30 am more palatable, can’t wait to try out all of these great ideas : )

  • #23 - Lara (Thinspired)

    My best breakfasts on the go are still smoothies. I’ve tried breakfast cookies (three times now), and I just can’t get the texture right!

  • #24 - Healthy Breakfast On the Go? | healthy breakfast recipes

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