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Food that makes your heart race

October 23rd, 2009 · 21 Comments · chicken, dessert, Ellie Krieger, Mexican, sandwich

Wow, today’s food really blew me away. I was seriously crazy happy all day long, and I thank the local farmers market for making my day :)

The morning started out as per usual. I didn’t know what I was in the mood for, so I went for a sweet and savory combo: 1/2 FFL english muffin with 1 egg and cheese and 1/2 muffin with blueberry preserves + coffee


Nothing special here, really. Just food.


Moving on to my mid-morning snack. I was in the mood for a cookie, but I didn’t want to have it be too indulgent. Penny’s low fat white chocolate cranberry cookie was the perfect compromise!


I got a few samples a while ago and just threw them in the freezer. 30 seconds later I had a cookie + tea snack.


As you can see above, the cookie is a decent size and is around 150 calories. It was cakier than I usually prefer my cookies (I typically like either chewy or crunchy) and a little too sweet (making up for lack of fat?) but it hit the spot as far as satisfying my cookie craving. Like I said, it’s perfect for a day when I want a cookie but don’t want the calories of one.

Now let’s get to food that no joke made my heart race! After a yoga class during lunch, I decided to stop by the farmers market and buy some bread, fresh mozzarella and tomato for a simple lunch. The When Pigs Fly booth had bread samples and I asked for the olive one, and just for kicks – the chocolate one. OMG, I thought I died and went to heaven. It was unusually warm in Boston today so the bread was sitting in the sun and seriously tasted like it just came out of the oven. I couldn’t help but get both loaves. After buying the cheese and tomato, I was nearly sprinting back to my office – I couldn’t wait for my lunch! Look at this olive bread goodness!!


It was soft, it was chewy, it had giant olive pieces – seriously the best bread I have ever tasted in my life! I was putting the sandwich together like a mad woman; my heart was racing… I wanted to dig in! Voila – sandwich perfection: olive bread, tomato and mozzarella :)



Organic pear (I washed it after taking the pic and took the sticker off, don’t worry 😆 )


When Pigs Fly chocolate bread. Guess what I’m having for breakfast tomorrow? 😉



It’s Thursday, which means that’s right – an Ellie meal! On tonight’s menu: easy chicken mushroom quesadilla, hosted by Culinary Delights. You know my usual modifications – no onions, less oil, reduced fat cheese. That’s it. The result was delicious! The spices were great and the salsa we had on hand was amazing, which made the dinner extra yummy :)




To finish this day on a high note, I had a little slice of peach pie I also picked up at the farmers market.


Oh yeah, today was goooood :mrgreen: What food makes your heart race?

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  • #1 - Lauren

    Even though I dislike both olives and mushrooms, your meals today overall look delicious! I’ll have to seek out the chocolate bread.

    I love days where every meal I eat is absolutely delicious, but healthy as well. A big bowl of pumpkin oats with peanut butter for breakfast usually puts me in a good mood for the rest of day, and of course I usually end it on a sweet note with a homemade baked good. Most food makes my heart race ;).

  • #2 - MelissaNibbles

    I love olives! Pigs Fly makes the best bread. I’m a huge fan as well.

    All your eats look amazing. I’ll have to try the mushroom quesadilla. YUM!

  • #3 - Madeline @ GreensandJeans

    In the summer there is nothing better than a giant mango salad. In the fall and winter I am all about the squash. If there is squash involved I must likely have a giant smile on my face while I am eating it.

  • #4 - Marthe

    Thanks for cooking with me this week, your quesadilla looks very tempting: I’ve got an instant craving for another quesadilla right now!

  • #5 - Marthe

    Ow and that pie…. Yum!!!

  • #6 - sister inna

    just looking at that sandwich made my heart race. i might have to reconsider my lunch choices today….

  • #7 - 24carrot

    I have bread envy. The olive bread looks so good – I want to say I am eating the best bread ever.

    I think I made more modifications to Ellie’s recipe this week than you did…LOL…

  • #8 - RunToTheFinish

    hehe I love it when I am so excited to eat something! makes it taste so wonderful

  • #9 - Nicole (dishin')

    Great food day! Isn’t that chocolate bread amazing? I love When Pig’s Fly!

    I love trying new restaurants so ordering I dish I’ve never had before excites me!

  • #10 - Julie

    When pigs fly bread is the bomb!!! I love it.

  • #11 - Shannon

    I’m not a fan of olives. But there is nothing better than fresh bread! I have heard good things about When Pigs Fly….I need to find some!

  • #12 - Kelly

    Being a major foodie it’s hard to talk about what makes my heart race. It might be simpler to list the things that didn’t make my heart race. Good sushi is always tops on my list though.

  • #13 - emily

    Druken Noodles (with broad rice noodles) makes my heart race!

  • #14 - Valerie (College Girl Eats)

    AHH! I walked right by the When Pigs Fly stand and didn’t buy anything! I’m kicking myself for it now. That chocolate bread seems right up my alley!

  • #15 - Elina

    Shannon – make sure to go to one of their bakeries. They sell their breads at grocery stores but I think it has to be super fresh to be really outstanding like these loaves were :)

    Emily – what are druken noodles (haha, I originally read “drunken noodles”) – please enlighten me (us?) 😀

    Valerie – they are still there next week… and of course there are bakeries around the area. I’m so glad I found out how amazing their bread is because I already love their cookies and bread pudding but felt guilty dragging my husband to the bakery just for those. Now I have an extra excuse 😆

  • #16 - Kerstin

    Mmmm, we have a When Pigs Fly store right across the street from our place and so need to go this weekend! I love that they let you sample everything! Your quesadillas look delicious too!

  • #17 - Diana

    That olive bread looks AMAZING. And chocolate bread?? Omg. Heaven. Yep, I love my bread. 😀
    And that peach pie… Yum. :)

  • #18 - Kayte

    Looks wonderful. I like how you made a half of one by folding over…am sure the flipping would be easier that way also!

  • #19 - Lara (Thinspired)

    Haha—only true foodies will have an answer to that question! 😉 A good piece of bread will definitely make my heart race, so does that moment right when you realize the waiter is bringing your food! :)

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