Don’t Look Like a Lineman blog launch party

On Saturday afternoon, after my 9 mile run and before drinks at Sunset, my husband and I had the pleasure of attending a healthy tailgate party of sorts. There was a college football game on, but really – it was all about the food! The party “goal” was to test out healthy recipes for typical game day foods, which would be later featured on the new blog – Don’t Look Like a Lineman, targeting men interested in adopting a healthier lifestyle.

We started out by sampling some nachos, which were made with lean turkey, fat free cheddar and lots of fresh tomatoes and peppers.


I had a cheesy helping with some salsa and nonfat greek yogurt. Delicious!!


Next we tried 3 types of wings and 2 different blue cheese sauces. The simple lean turkey breast tenders in a nice marinade were not very “wingy” but delicious nonetheless. Out of the 2 sauces, everyone agreed that the chunkier nonfat greek yogurt with low fat blue cheese crumbles won over the bottled fat free blue cheese dressing.


The oven “fried” breaded wings in a Frank’s hot buffalo sauce were everyone’s favorite. They weren’t as crispy as their fried counterparts, but the flavor was all there. I’d rather have a few extra wings for less calories and significantly less oil then a crunchy exterior. I suggested that this recipe is tested with a more open broiler pan and EVOO spray on the wings. Maybe it would make them a little crispier after all. :) Saucy…


The third wings were covered in cajun spices and pan fried. I think those were everyone’s least favorite and somehow also escaped my camera. Oops 😳

There there were potato skins with turkey bacon and fat free cheddar.


I had a special serving made with no scallions. Awesome!! 😀 I’ve never actually had potato skins and I’m a big potato fan, so I enjoyed these very much. Others mentioned that a little less potato and a little more filling would be good. I’m looking forward to seeing what the final featured recipe looks like on the blog.


Lastly there were pita pizzas: turkey pepperoni, chicken sausage and pepper and bbq chicken. The bbq chicken was the bomb!! 😆


Guess who brought dessert? I stopped by the Flour Bakery on the way over to the party and asked them to give me 1 of each cookie they had. You know I was looking to sampling these!!


Unsurprisingly the 2 cookies with the most chocolate won me over (double chocolate and oreo). Everyone was happy to end the tasting on a sweet note :mrgreen:

Side note: While at Flour, I also purchased their granola baroats, honey, walnuts, cranberry-apricot-apple jam (don’t be fooled by the healthy name – this is a pastry!). WOW!!!! I’m in love and there was no chocolate in sight.



Adam and I had a great time being guinea pig taste testers! 😉 Don’t Look Like a Lineman was launched yesterday. If you like what you see here, check out Don’t Look Like a Lineman for recipes, and if you know any guys that need to be educated in the healthy foods department and may want to drop a few pounds, let them know there is a new blog tailored to their needs. 😀

What’s your favorite game day food? Do you try to “healthify it” or indulge in the “real thing”?

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12 comments to Don’t Look Like a Lineman blog launch party

  • What a great idea for a blog! I love that it’s for guys!

    Those eats look yummy…but not as yummy as those baked goods! HOLY YUM!

  • What a neat blog idea! I usually can’t help but try to lighten things up a bit :)

    Can you believe I still haven’t made it to Flour? I SO need to go, everything looks amazing!

    Good luck during your last couple days of training!

  • I am all about healthifying. However, I was shocked to see so much f f cheese and turkey bacon on the menu. In my opinion low fat is a much better way to go for cheese – much better texture and flavor and still a good calorie savings over full fat. I would also much rather have a little centercut bacon or Canadian bacon over a turkey bacon since the flavor and texture is better and turkey bacon often has way more salt than the real thing.

  • That’s a great idea! I bet there are a lot of guys that will get into the idea of getting healthier. I usually healthifying because I can’t follow a recipe- ever.

  • On game day I am all about the chips and salsa. I let myself eat a little bit and then I switch to veggies and salsa. Those cookies look insanely good!

  • What fun, that sounds like a great concept!

  • That’s a great idea for a blog. I like how they did some taste testing first. Real-life opinions are a great way to endorse what you’re trying to get across.

  • Elina

    Kerstin – Flour is definitely one of my favorites in Boston. They have great sandwiches too so you can go there for a full meal :)

    Kelly – I’m with you – I prefer low fat cheeses and higher quality cuts because often the fat free stuff has junk in it. That’s how I would lighten up the recipes but I think their target market is different and honestly the taste was really great, even with the ff cheese!

    Madeline – veggies + salsa work? I may have to try that!!

  • I will definitely share this website with my husband! Thanks for telling us about it. :-) Also, I love your Flour purchases.

  • Those cookies look soooo good!

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