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City Table restaurant review

October 21st, 2009 · 9 Comments · Boston, pizza, restaurant reviews

On Friday night, after getting our “first course” at Lucca, Adam and I headed down to Newbury St in search for another restaurant with a nice looking bar and bar food. Apparently on a Friday night, everyone is out and wants to do the same thing. Who knew? 😉 Every place we tried was completely packed, so we made our way down to Boylston St. Somehow we came across an unfamiliar restaurant sign – City Table. What’s that? We soon found out they opened just a few days ago!

There were no seats at the bar, but we decided to get a little table (close to the bar) anyway. This bar hopping idea would work much better on a weeknight :) I started with a glass on Pinot Noir (not sure what kind – the waiter recommended it; it wasn’t on the wine list we were provided) that somehow escaped my camera.

Then it was time to eat – my favorite! 😉 Adam and I decided to each get an appetizer that we’d then share.

I chose the fig and duck prosciutto flat bread pizza


This was really incredible! The dough was so doughy (wow I have my way with words, don’t I? 😉 ) and chewy, the tomato sauce was very subtle but the fresh mozzarella and the sweet figs just made for a perfect match – creamy and sweet. There were a few little chunks of duck prosciutto that were too salty and nearly nonexistent anyway so they didn’t really matter. The dough + cheese and figs made me want to squeal with excitement. Absolutely amazing!!

Adam chose the chicken drummettes – dark rum glaze, lime dipping sauce


These were delicious too. Very sweet and sticky but delicious. The lime dipping sauce actually tasted nothing like limes and was more like a sour cream dip that balanced out the sweetness of the drummettes (fancy, huh?) quite well.

Two great appetizers! We’ll be back to City Table for sure!


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9 Comments so far ↓

  • #1 - Diana

    That flat bread pizza sounds so good! Interesting ingredients :)

  • #2 - Kirsten

    Umm, that flatbread pizza looks amazing!! This is in the Lenox Hotel? Where’s the sign?

  • #3 - Elina

    Kirsten – yes, it’s in the Lenox hotel. The sign and entrance are on Exeter street. The flatbread was amazing!!

  • #4 - Betsy

    Glad you enjoyed it, my friends manage and bartend there!! :)

  • #5 - Tiffany

    I saw an advert for this place in the Improper Bostonian today. I guess I wasn’t overly inspired by the promotion, because when I saw this review, it surprised me; not at all what I was expecting, I think.

  • #6 - Lele

    Your blog is SO convenient for me. I have reviews of all the hot new restaurants on Newbs!

  • #7 - Elina

    Betsy – that’s so cool. Can you tell them to hook us up next time we come? hehe 😉

    Tiffany – really? Well it was good! Let me know if you ever want to check it out “in person.” :)

    Lele – glad I can help! 😀

  • #8 - 24carrot

    That pizza looks very splurg-y. And doughy is def a descriptive word. I know what you mean by it.

  • #9 - Elina

    24carrot – it was worth every calorie! :)