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Bootcamp is kicking my bootie

October 16th, 2009 · 19 Comments · breakfast, Cooking Light, shrimp, snacks

Thank you all again for being such a supportive bunch. I’ve really at peace with my decision to postpone racing for a while, and I’m glad you guys agree it’s a good one :mrgreen: I was so pumped about getting back into the old swing of things that I was watching the clock all morning at work before my lunch time bootcamp class yesterday. Wow, the class sure brought me back to reality. I used to take bootcamp classes a few times a week, then it became once a week and in the past few weeks with the race coming up, I was afraid to overtrain or hurt myself so I skipped it all together. I was really feeling the difference! The entire time I was so happy to be there, yet shocked at how out of shape I felt. Apparently running double digits with spinning and lower runs in between is no training for this class. It killed and I loved every minute of it 😉


Food for Life (FFL) cinnamon raising english muffin with Barney Butter and apple




Leftover veggie stir-fry with brown rice:


+ raisins



WEIL chocolada walnut bar


The ingredients list of this bar is stellar: organic dates, organic almonds, organic dried unsweetened coconut, organic walnuts, organic natural cocoa, organic vanilla extract. That’s it! I love it when the ingredients list sounds like a recipe! :) With that said, although I picked up this bar at the grocery to try (before my bar purchasing ban) I wasn’t that excited to try it. I’m a chocaholic and it’s hard for me to satisfy my sweet tooth with anything but real chocolate (and real chocolaty baked goods). I was surprised to be really enjoying the first few bites of the bar – a little firmer than a larabar (good chew), definite coconut flavor and lots of chocolate! I decided to close my eyes and forget that this thing came out of a little package and is date based and enjoy it like a real treat. It worked! I need to start rethinking my idea of healthy bars. Some of them may potentially be used instead of fatty treats. I think so much of it is in the presentation. If it came from a healthy bakery on a pretty plate, I’d probably be willing to pay big bucks for it and start craving it. Who knows?! Are there healthy bars that would satisfy your craving for a cookie or a brownie?



Yesterday was Thursday but I chose to skip CEiMB for a week. I knew my husband would enjoy these shrimp cups much more.


I had some wonton skins left from last week’s chop suey and decided to make some pastry cups with them. Upon a quick search in Cooking Light I came across this recipe for chipotle shrimp cups. The recipe is super easy, which makes it perfect for a weeknight meal. I used regular size muffin pans and doubled up on the skins and the filling since we were eating them for dinner (mini ones would be perfect for a party to serve as finger food!). I had 3 of these with some cabbage/cucumber salad (let me know if you’re interested in a recipe for that. For some reason I feel like people aren’t too much into cabbage 😆 )


The wonton skins got really crunchy in the oven, a little too crunchy for my taste. Something more buttery like puff pastry would put them over the top but of course would be less healthy. The filling was great – shrimp, cheese and roasted red pepper go really well together. The cups kept all the filling juice inside them, which made for very juicy bites (keep napkins close by 😉 ).  Adam LOVED them!! Everything about them. He ate 6 and had to restrict himself from eating the rest. That’s what I call dinner success! :)

Mission accomplished – chocolate covered almonds GONE. Phew! 😀


See you later alligators! I can’t wait for the weekend – we’re getting our place painted. It may be time for some before and after condo pics after that 😀

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  • #1 - sister inna

    i totally hear you on the changing routines excitement. i’m looking at revamping my workout schedule sometime soon. on the one hand — it’s so sad it’s the end of summer and things are changing. on the other — who are we kidding? it’s snowing out! summer is long gone. time to try some awesome new classes 😀

  • #2 - Diana

    I would probably die if I went to that bootcamp ahah
    Those shrimp cups look so good! :)

  • #3 - 24carrot

    I can guarantee that Chris would prefer the wonton cups to the soup. I can just see Adam scoffing at the thought of a veggie soup for dinner…

    The cups are adorable. Good job – I think I’ll make the smaller version for my next dinner party.

  • #4 - Elina

    Innz – I wore my winter jacket and gloves this morning and was still cold. It feels like winter :(

    Diana – hehe, you may love a class like that – you never know :)

    24carrot – Yeah, I didn’t even mention to him that veggie soup was the recipe of the week. Unless it’s creamy veggie soup, it would be a no-go for sure. I bet these cups would be a success at your next dinner party. The perfect one-bite food!

  • #5 - Husband Adam

    After you went to bed I ate the last shrimp cup. I actually could not control myself!

    And yes – I’m sure that I enjoyed these more than I would have enjoyed veggie soup!

  • #6 - Kelly

    I always find that I experience the same thing when I switch up my exercise. Even though I’m back in my workout routine I’ve been feeling my pilates reformer sessions ALL WEEK.

  • #7 - Anne K.

    I love tough bootcamp classes! I feel so hardcore, haha. Until the crazy soreness kicks in 😉

    That Weil bar looks good! They’re not super healthy, but Clifkids spooky smores z-bars heated in the microwave for a few seconds work perfectly for my brownie cravings! They’re so gooey and delicious :)

  • #8 - One Healthy Apple

    Those shrimp cups look amazing! I love it when a workout kicks me- nothing like being pushed by someone else!

  • #9 - sister inna

    ha ha ha HUSBAND ADAM love it!!!

  • #10 - Shannon

    I love when a workout leaves me feeling that way! It’s a great way to start the day. Especially when the day begins with snow! What’s that about?! I am having serious doubts about my own half marathon plans for Sunday….rain and cold and wind are forecasted. And it’s on the ocean, which means more wind. I’m not sure what to do…I think I’ll have to post about it and get some feedback.

  • #11 - emily

    I like bars a lot, but Balance Bars in particular are straight up dessert. The cookie dough ones are sooooooooooo good.

  • #12 - RunToTheFinish

    oh the shrimp cups look awesome!

    Ok this is awful considering how healthy I try to be…when a craving really strikes for a treat, I often eat one of my husbands quaker granola bars and it actually does the trick for only 90 cals

  • #13 - Meghan@traveleatlove

    Awesome that you are feeling better about not running! I like Pure brownie bars, they really do satisfy a craving for something brownie like. But my sweet tooth has definitely changed, so a bar is sweet enough these days!

  • #14 - chandra

    I also cannot wait to get back to the gym and do some classes again!!

    And for what it’s worth, my 2nd half-marathon was WAY better and WAY more memorable than my first, so I’m sure it will be for you too. :-)

  • #15 - Kerstin

    There’s nothing better than feeling like you got a butt-kicking workout in, glad you enjoyed bootcamp! Love your shrimp cups too!

  • #16 - Hangry Pants

    Z-bars satisfy my cookie cravings most times. Also, have you ever tried the Laura bites? You can get them at Whole Foods in a little plastic tub. They are awesome and pretty healthy for little tiny cookie bites.

  • #17 - Shannon

    so glad you’re at peace! those shrimp cups look fab :) and oh how i wish i could’ve swung a vitamix for me!

  • #18 - Lara (Thinspired)

    Chipotle shrimp cups sound SO tasty! I thought they were from a restaurant first when I was just skimming the photos. Gotta love our Cooking Light!
    Never noticed the little messages on SunMaid boxed before…I’ll have to take a look 😉

  • #19 - Elina

    Adam – that’s pretty hilarious. Glad you liked them :)

    Anne K – I tried your warmed up z-bar idea and it was delicious. Thanks! 😀

    Shannon – you can do it – just layer up and get in the zone!

    Emily – ooh, I think I used to eat those. Are there junk ingredients in them? Gotta do some research… :)

    RuntoFinish – granola bars? You are way healthier than I am. I’m a little jealous right now 😆

    Meghan – I’ve had the Pure bar before and remember liking it. I need to get another one and see if I can trick myself into thinking it’s a real brownie. Haha.

    Thanks, Chandra. I hope my 2nd half will be way better too :)

    Hangry Pants – I’ve never tried Laura bites but I’ve seen them in WF. Maybe I’ll pick up a little container next time I’m there. Good idea… hopefully I can just have a few minis!

    Lara – I love Cooking Light! Healthy does not need to be boring! Oh and I love the little messages on the boxes. Sometimes they’re useless but once in a while, they’re very yogi/inspirational 😀